Yukatán typical costume

The typical costume of Yukatán is the result of the miscegenation between natives and Hispanics. It is carried during the jaranas, the traditional dance of the area

Typical food of Veracruz

The typical food of Veracruz combines the best of the native substrate with the products arrived from Spain and with the African influence.

Typical Jalisco costume

The typical dress of Jalisco is linked to the tradition of charrería and mariachi. Therefore, it represents the most genuine of Mexico.

The typical costume of Veracruz

The typical costume of Veracruz combines the autochthonous with what comes from Spain. It stands out for the predominance of white and for its simple fabrics.

South America

South America

We talk about the main tourist spots in South America, with key areas to visit.

Panama Canal

Of great difficulty in its construction, the Panama Canal is a work of pharaonic engineering that unites the sea ...

San Francisco Bridge

The San Francisco Bridge is the postcard of the city that everyone takes home during ...

What to do in Dominican Republic

To think of the Dominican Republic is to imagine its beautiful white sand beaches, its turquoise waters full of corals where they live ...

Hall of Fame

The dream of every movie buff is to travel to Los Angeles to visit every corner of the City of ...

Central American countries

America is a very large continent that goes from end to end of the globe. There are many countries, but without a doubt ...

The Sonoran Desert

Do you like deserts? There are many on every continent and one of the most important in North America ...

What to see in Yucatan

Mexico is a very touristy country, with thousands of years of history and wonderful landscapes. One of its tourist centers ...

What to see in Florida

One of the states that make up the United States is Florida. It is a state where many people live and its geography ...

Trip to cuba

Paradisiac beaches in the heart of the Caribbean, an interesting historical-cultural heritage, a delicious gastronomy and the warmth of its people are ...

Niagara Falls

Creating a natural border between the United States and Canada, Niagara Falls is a natural spectacle composed of three waterfalls ...

Trip to Machu Picchu

One of the most magical places in the world, where the connection between us and the environment is palpable to simple ...

Trip to the Rocky Mountains

They are not as famous as the Andes or the Alps, nor as magnificent, but certainly the world of cinema and ...

Monte Rushmore

Many postcards from the United States have become known for the cinema and today we add one more to the list: ...

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

We tell you what can be seen in the beautiful Torres del Paine Natural Park located in Chile, with glacial lakes, mountains and a glacier.

Colombian food

Colombian food is the result of the fusion of food and gastronomic traditions of the Amerindian, Spanish and…

Silicon Valley

California's Silicon Valley is a mecca for tech and geeks. Precisely, its name means Silicon Valley, ...

Atacama Desert

If you are looking for surprising destinations that make you feel as if you were on another planet, you should head to the Desert of ...

Death Valley, tourism in the United States

As its name suggests, Death Valley looks like a valley of death: it is huge, it is desert, it is gray, it does not seem to harbor life. It is a valley with a Death Valley that is not dead at all but boils with life, night and day? Death Valley National Park does not mind extreme heat, so come to know this tourist pearl of the United States.

Guatemala customs

America is a continent rich in culture and history and the central part has a great Mayan heritage that is not limited to Mexico, like some absent-minded Guatemala is a land rich in traditions and customs, some of pre-Hispanic origin, others inherited from Spain. Surprise yourself with them!

Colombian customs

One of the main reasons why traveling is a very interesting experience is the possibility of knowing different customs ...

Brazil's flag

Brazilian customs

Brazil, one of the largest countries in America, is a place where thousands of tourists decide to travel each ...

Ecuador customs

Latin America is a melting pot of races and its thousands of years of civilizations and cultures have left an important legacy. Maybe, for a non-American, don't you go to Ecuador? Well, it is a beautiful country and it has many customs. How about knowing some of them before visiting? etiquette, typical costumes, food ...

Bolivian customs

If you do not know South America, it is likely that you do not know that Bolivia is a multifaceted country and therefore it is not possible to say that its traditions and. Are you going to Bolivia? What a beautiful destination! It has a lot of cultural customs, a lot of history and a lot of tasty food! Be sure to try a little of everything.

Cuban customs

As a result of the mixture of cultures, in a process that lasted several centuries, a unique culture was born of a great ...

Canadian customs

Are you traveling to Canada soon? Are you planning to study a season there? Canada is one of the highest rated countries ...

Argentina customs

Argentina is basically a country of immigrants, although its geography is so extensive that depending on where you go you will be able to come into contact with customs that you are going to Argentina and want to know a little more? Then get to know some of their customs, foods, typical drinks, attitudes and social customs.


USA traditions

American movies and series have shown us the customs of the American people on countless occasions. We can probably ...

Beaker hill

Statues of Jesus are multiplied throughout the western and Christian world and when they rise on top of mountains or hills they become popular destinations. One of the most popular religious tourism destinations in Mexico is in Guanajato: it is the Cerro del Cubilete and its huge statue of Christ.

Hollywood sign

What to see in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of those cities that you think you've known your whole life thanks to Hollywood cinema. The…

The beautiful Bays of Huatulco

Do you like white sand beaches? Then you can try the beautiful beaches of the Bahías de Huatulco, in the Mexican Pacific.

Discovering Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca has something that captivates those who contemplate it. It is the highest navigable lake in the world ...

Tolantongo caves

Forget Playa del Carmén and Tulúm, visit the fantastic Grutas de Tolantongo. They are unforgettable! Grottos, ponds, hot springs, tunnels, stalagmites and stalactites.

Visit Lake Titicaca, wonder in Peru

Peru is a great destination in South America and Lake Titicaca is one of the most fabulous lakes in the world: totora islands, kayaking, archaeological ruins ...

Huayna Picchu, treasure in Peru

Are you going to Peru? Will you visit Machu Picchu? Then squeeze the heart, scare away the vertigo and climb to Huayna Picchu. You will be rewarded with the best views!

Cheap tourism on Easter Island

Do you think going to Easter Island is expensive? Get rid of that idea. Easter Island or Rapa Nui is an accessible paradise so pack your backpack and be ready.

Enjoy a week in Jamaica

Jamaica is synonymous with beaches and reggae but offers so much more. A week in Jamaica is the best: beaches, waterfalls, jungle, mountains and lots of rum.

Typical Ecuadorian clothing in women

Typical costumes of ecuador

Discover the typical costumes of Ecuador depending on the area. How do foreigners who travel there dress? Find out!

Sunny vacation in Barbados

Do you think of the Caribbean? Well, Barbados is a great destination: beautiful beaches, dreamy sea, colonial history and lots, lots of rum.

Child with typical Brazilian clothes

Typical costume from Brazil

Discover the typical costume of Brazil, and the clothes they wear depending on the time of year and area. What is the dress of Brazil? Discover it here!

Humble woman with peruvian hat

Typical Clothing of Peru

What is the typical clothing of Peru? We show you the clothes of Peruvians in their day to day, both men and women and what the Peruvian hat is like

Northern Alaska, the world's limit

If you like Nature with a capital letter then you cannot miss Alaska. The north is the farthest and most rugged part of the state and it's beautiful.

Santa Lucia, summer all year

Do you want a place where it is summer almost all year round? Then head to the Caribbean and enjoy the beautiful island of Santa Lucia. You will not regret!

Things to do in Jamaica

Are you going to Jamaica? Cool! Write down everything you can and should do in this Caribbean paradise.

Best water parks in the USA

The best water parks in the USA

Compilation with the best water parks in the USA with descriptions and locations so you can plan your vacations in the United States

Chiclayo streets

Chiclayo customs

We will discover the customs of Chiclayo and the secrets hidden by the culture of this coastal-type space located in Peru.

Chiriquí Lagoon

Lakes of Panama

Do you know which are the most important lakes in Panama? We will discover which are the best and what you should bring on your visit to these impressive places.

Cayo largo del sur

The best keys in Cuba

Are you tired of the cold and only think about the summer? Summer is synonymous with beach and sea and many people do not conceive the summer season without a few days and

Nevado Huaytapallana

Nevados of Peru

Discover the 5 most spectacular Nevados of Peru and enjoy the white landscape offered by these huge Peruvian mountains.

South of Argentina

The best of southern Argentina

Discover the best tourist attractions in southern Argentina and the unique places in this area full of surprises for the most travelers.

Chichonal Volcano

Volcanoes in North America

We will discover the most incredible volcanoes in North America, some lively and unique places that will leave you with your mouth open.

Top 3 Beaches in Jamaica

The island of Jamaica is a perfect place to enjoy the beaches. There are three beaches that are considered the best and that you have to visit.

The beaches of Natal in Brazil

The beaches of Natal in Brazil are quite beautiful and different from what we are used to seeing. Will you visit any of them?

The Peruvian Sea: The Sea of ​​Grau

The Peruvian sea is one of the richest on the planet. Two types of seas coexist in it, the tropical one to the north, and the cold waters that bathe the central and southern areas of the country.

Folkloric Masks of Peru

Another of the standards of Peruvian craftsmanship are the masks, used since time immemorial to be used as a connection with ...

Legends about the Colca Valley

According to the findings of cave paintings and stone instruments, the Colca Valley, located in Arequipa, Peru, was inhabited for thousands of years

Dangerous neighborhoods in America

In this post we are going to continue knowing which are the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States so that you have information about what you can find

Volcanic Tourism in Alaska

Today we will practice volcanic tourism in Alaska. Let's start the tour at Cleveland Volcano, a stratovolcano located west of the ...

Neighborhoods in Washington DC

Today we are going to visit some of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city of Washington DC Let's start our tour in ...

Typical Music of Panama

Panama is an extremely musical land, a Central American country that stands out for its tropical, Afro-Caribbean, urban, rural rhythms ...

Mount McKinley in Alaska

Alaska and Hawaii, the separate states

Hawaii and Alaska are the two separate states of the US and although they are very different they share some things in common. In this article we give you a glimpse of what to see on both sites.

What to visit in Alabama?

Today we are going to travel to Alabama, a state located in the southern region of the United States. Let us begin…

Piura customs

Piura is one of the most appreciated destinations in Peru, located in the northernmost part of the country with respect to the coast.

Important Lakes of Central America

Lake Ilopango is located between the departments of Cuscatlán and San Salvador, having a volcanic origin and lending itself to the practice of water sports

Landscapes of Venezuela

Venezuela is a nation of great tourist charm in relation to its nature, which is why there are hundreds of landscapes that would be worth knowing

Honduras customs

Honduras is a nation that in relation to its traditions has an extremely picturesque character

Central America volcanoes

Central America is located in an area considered to be of extensive volcanic activity, which is known as the Volcanic Arc ...

Nudism in Colombia

In the case of Colombia, we are facing one of the few nations in South America that has ...

What to visit in Virginia?

Let's see some of the tourist attractions that the state of Virginia currently offers us. Currently Virginia is home to something ...

Salsa festivals in the world

Salsa is a very danced musical genre in Latin America, but especially in the Caribbean. This sticky beat that has conquered ...

Transportation in Lima

The city of Lima is interconnected with the rest of the country through the Central Highway and the Pan-American Highway. Since…

The best beaches in Venezuela

Do you want to relax and distract yourself? If the answer is affirmative, you cannot stop going to the different beaches that Venezuela ...