London skyline

London also has modern architecture

Do you like modern architecture? We show you the most current architectural pieces in London that you cannot miss if you are going to travel there.

Boat trip on the canals of Birmingham

One of the best ways to discover Birmingham is with a boat trip through its old canals. And it is that the historic center of this English city is crossed by hundreds of these waterways that in other times played an important role as transport routes for heavy materials at the time of the Industrial Revolution, when they communicated the city with the rest of the the West Midlands.

Shell Grotto, the mysterious English cave of shells

In the surroundings of the English town of Margate, in the county of Kent, there is a mysterious cave decorated with more than 4 million seashells. Its name is The Shell Grotto and it is a tourist attraction shrouded in enigmas: nobody knows who built it, or when, or for what purpose.

Exeter Cathedral in England

We traveled to the city of Exeter, in the southwest of England, to visit its cathedral, one of the most beautiful in the country