The most beautiful castles in Spain

What a selection! The truth is that it is quite difficult to make a list of the most beautiful castles in Spain ... There are so many! And by what criteria could Spain have many beautiful castles, is it possible to make a list? We have tried so see if you like the same ones.

Lake Bled

Slovenia is a country that is slowly gaining ground among European tourist destinations. Is beautiful! Among its medieval cities and its One of the tourist pearls of Slovenia is Lake Bled. It looks like a fairy tale! Island, picturesque church, medieval castle ...


What to see in Trujillo

Trujillo is an Extremaduran city that has a great history, which is why it has palaces, churches and an interesting Plaza Mayor.

Strasbourg Cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral is one of the most beautiful jewels of Gothic art in Europe. Its construction began ...

Oberammergau, a fairy tale town

There are many towns in Europe that seem taken from those fairy tales that we read as children. Germany has several and one of them is a small town. Do you like fairy tale towns? So when you travel to Germany visit Oberammergau, the pastel and baroque town.

The Cistercian Route

There are roads and paths, routes that take us through beautiful landscapes and others that plunge us into the history of architecture and religion. The latter One of the most beautiful tourist routes in Spain is the Cistercian Route: it combines religion, architecture and history in a few kilometers.

The Tower of Pisa

Man has always liked to build upwards and the world is full of constructions that try to scratch the sky or reach the clouds. In If you go on a trip to Italy, don't miss the Tower of Pisa. Sñi, the famous leaning tower. It is super close to Florence.

Mad king castle

Like many other countries in Europe, Germany is a land of castles. In the south of Bavaria we find the famous three ...

Mallos de Riglos

The world has strange places, places that seem to be carved by the skillful, style-laden hand of someone unknown. This is the case of the Mallos de If you like to climb or climb mountains then go to Huesca and do it in the fantastic Mallos de Riglos. Soaring rocks, oddly shaped!


What to see in Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and has a lot of history behind it, but it also has a lot to offer tourists.

City of Salamanca

What to see in Salamanca

The city of Salamanca is an ideal place for a weekend getaway, a World Heritage Site and full of monuments.

The Monastery of Guadalupe

Europe is full of churches and monasteries and some of the most beautiful are in Spain. This is the case of the Monastery of Guadalupe, one of the World Heritage Sites of Spain is in Extremadura and it is the beautiful Guadalupe Monastery. Do not miss it!

City of Zamora

What to see in Zamora

Discover everything you can see in a weekend in the city of Zamora, with its well-known Romanesque route full of churches.


What to do in Tenerife

The island of Tenerife is a very touristy place and offers everything from the beach to beautiful historic centers, cliffs or ancient caves.

Customs in Greece

Greece customs

Discover some interesting customs of Greece to learn more about this interesting European country next to the Mediterranean.

German customs

German customs

The customs of Germany tell us a lot about their lifestyle and the character of the Germans, something important to travel there.

Torre Eiffel

Customs of France

When we prepare a trip there are many things we have to think about so that everything goes as ...


Irish customs

The customs of Ireland are very rich and varied, mixed mainly with the ancient Celtic culture that still survives.

Gastronomy of Italia

Gastronomy of Italia

The gastronomy of Italy has dishes that have gone around the world with their popularity and with others that are just as delicious.

The gastronomy of France

France has a legendary gastronomy, more than willing to welcome you as you taste it. From the finest pastry to a simple and rustic one. Are you going to France? In addition to the museums and castles there is its gastronomy. Fracnese cooking is wonderful in the sweet and the salty. To eat!

Traditional costumes

Typical costumes of Germany

The typical German costumes come from the Bavarian region and are used in national holidays such as Oktoberfest.

Typical italian costumes

Typical costumes of Italy

There is a large selection in typical Italian costumes, with pieces from the Renaissance, Roman inspirations, and Venetian costumes.

What to see in Garganta la Olla

Summer in Extremadura? Then take a walk through Garganta la Olla, walk its streets, get to know its old houses and refresh yourself in its waterfalls and natural pools.

Walls of Fog

What to see in Niebla, Huelva

The town of Niebla in Huelva offers a great cultural and historical heritage, with its well-known walls and other places of interest.

What to see in Évora

This summer you can go to know one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe: Évora, in Portugal: churches, Roman temples, menhirs.

What to do on the island of Tavira

Summer is coming! If you cross into Portugal you can visit the Algarve coast and there visit the Island of Tavira with its beaches. And you can even practice nudism.

What to see in Morella

This summer you can visit Morella, a town that is among the most beautiful towns in Spain: aqueduct, medieval castle, black truffles ...

What to see in Dinant, Belgium

What do Gothic saxophones, caves, and cathedrals have in common? Dinant, a beautiful little town in the Wallonia region of Belgium.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

In the Krakow metropolitan area there are the Wieliczka salt mines, which are considered to be the ...

Cap de Creus, land, sun and sea

How about knowing the easternmost point of Spain? It is Cap de Creus., In Catalonia, a place that combines land and sea like few others.

Segóbriga, archaeological park in Spain

Why don't you travel this weekend to see the Segóbriga Archaeological Park? It's a great site, with well-preserved ruins and even the opportunity to hike around it.

Town Hall Square in Leuven

What to see in the city of Leuven

The city of Leuven is located just a few kilometers from Brussels and is a perfect visit to get to know this university city that has a lot to offer.

What to see in Volendam

What to see in the city of Volendam

The town of Volendam is very close to Amsterdam and it is a picturesque visit to enjoy a beautiful fishing village that has become very touristy.

Get to know Bran Castle

If you like the story of Count Dracula, you can visit Bran Castle in Romania ... and even spend an unforgettable Halloween night!

A walk through the Wall of Lugo

Easter is coming and you can take advantage of it to make a getaway to Lugo. Do you know its Wall? It's a World Heritage Site and it's huge!


What to see in Verona

The Italian city of Verona is not only the place where Romeo and Juliet were supposed to live, but it offers a great selection of monuments and churches to visit.

Palace of Pena

Visit the Palacio da Pena in Sintra

Discover the spectacular Palacio da Pena in Sintra, just half an hour from Lisbon, a palace in a natural area that offers very original architecture.

Visit the ruins of Herculaneum

Are you going to Italy? Do you like ruins? Will you visit Pompeii? Then don't leave out the ruins of Herculaneum. They are fabulous and very close!

Dona Ana

The best beaches in Portugal

We tell you which are the best beaches in Portugal, a country with hundreds of kilometers of coastline to enjoy beautiful sandy beaches.

Travel to Malta

Plan a great trip to Malta

Plan a great trip to Malta, a Mediterranean island that offers wonderful landscapes, beaches and ancient cities with a lot of history.


Visit to the beaches of Dubrovnik

Discover the best visits to the beaches of Dubrovnik and its surroundings, peaceful corners near the city to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Island of crete

What to see on the island of Crete

Discover everything you can see and know on the beautiful island of Crete, a place full of archaeological sites, history and beautiful beaches.

Tropea, the Italian jewel

At Actualidad Viajes we like to get to know new and beautiful places, like this one in Tropea, the Italian jewel that you will want to visit after reading this.

Strolling through San Marino

If you go on vacation to Italy, take a tour of San Marino, one of the smallest countries in the world: castles, medieval villages and landscapes.


Visit cities near Porto

We show you some interesting ideas to make trips to cities near Porto, places of great interest that can be visited in one day.

Languedoc, summer in France

Summer is coming. Did you think of the south of France? Languedoc offers culture, history and exceptional beaches. It will be the perfect summer.

Devon, an English summer

Do you want to have an English summer vacation? Then visit Devon: castles, cliffs, beaches, medieval towns, beer.

Croatian beaches

The best beaches in Croatia

Discover some of the considered best beaches in Croatia. Urban beaches or idyllic beaches on the islands, some very peculiar.

5 Museums to visit in Germany

In today's article we bring you 5 museums to visit in Germany. If you plan to travel to the Germanic country soon, be sure to visit them.

Outdoor tourism in Luxembourg

Do you know Luxembourg? It is a small country but it has everything to enjoy outdoor tourism: routes for cyclists and hikers, valleys and castles.


Visits to do near Rome

Discover five visits near Rome that you can do if you go to the city, from Pompeii to the beautiful Villa del Este or Herculaneum.

Visit to the Vatican City

If you are going to visit the Vatican City soon, here we leave you some general advice and, most importantly, its dress code.

Cinque Terre

5 Visits near Florence

Discover five interesting visits near the city of Florence, to get lost in small towns in Tuscany or along the coast.

Things to do in Belfast

Do not give up visiting Belfast, it is a city that today lives off the Titanic and the War of Thrones. Do not miss it!

Malta 2

What to do when visiting Malta

Are you going to Malta? They are three islands of landscapes, history, ancient temples and tasty gastronomy. Do not miss it!


8 Magical places in Spain (II)

Discover the eight magical places in Spain where it is almost obligatory to get lost and enjoy the enchanting surroundings.

Cuevas de los Verdes

8 Magical places in Spain (I)

Discover eight magical places in Spain, special and natural spaces in which to lose yourself to enjoy a different environment.

What to do in winter in France

Not sure what to do in France during the winter? With this guide you will make the most of your trip through Gallic lands. Promised!

Most visited Spanish cities

The 10 most visited Spanish cities

Find out which are the 10 most visited Spanish cities according to the Kayak portal, which is based on its searches to find out the most popular cities.

Dunnottar Castle

Follow the Scottish Castle Route

Scotland is famous for its castles and you can follow the Scottish Castle Route to see the best, the most beautiful, the unforgettable


Recommended destinations in Portugal

A trip through Portugal is not complete if you do not visit these cities. Combine history, landscapes, culture and gastronomy and it will be unforgettable!

Algar de Benagil

Algar de Benagil in Portugal

The Algar de Benagil is a unique and spectacular space in the Algarve de Potugal. You cannot miss this hidden beach.

Branderburg Gate

Summer 2016, what to see in Germany

We suggest you get to know Germany this summer: write down its best tourist destinations! You will discover beautiful cities, museums, castles and palaces!

La Toja, a paradise for relaxation

La Isla de la Toja, you can consider it as a vacation destination if in addition to disconnecting and resting from the routine you want to heal your body.

nude beach in Denmark

Nude beaches in Denmark

Do you want to visit the best nude beaches in Denmark? Don't miss our compilation with all the information and locations in Denmark.

flag wales dragon

Wales: Language and Religion

Do you want to know how language and religion work in Wales? Here you have all the details to plan your trip to Wales.

Information Eastern Europe

Basic Information on Eastern Europe

Do you want to travel and need to have as much information as possible about Eastern Europe? Enter our article where we reveal all its secrets.


10 things to see in Lisbon

There are many things to see in Lisbon, a capital steeped in history, with great and picturesque neighborhoods and many monuments.

Gjirokastra in Albania

Important Cities of Albania

Discover which are the 6 most important cities in Albania, destinations that you cannot miss during your trip to Albania.


Summer 2016, what to do in Norway

Do you think Norway is a beautiful but expensive destination? Do not stop, write down this information on costs and attractions and travel to enjoy.

Wales flag

Wales flag

Why is there a dragon on the flag of Wales? We tell you the story behind the symbol of the Welsh people. What does it mean? Find out!

Canals of Amsterdam

8 things to see and do in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has very interesting places to see, such as the Red Light District or the popular squares. An interesting visit to a European city.


Data and Basic Information about Spain

Do you know everything about Spain? Discover some information about this European country such as its population, location on the map, weather or main tourist destinations.

The most beautiful villages in Spain

Discover the 5 most beautiful towns in Spain, worthy of their unique landscapes. Do you know them all? Discover which are the most charming Spanish towns

Stockholm views

Travel to Stockholm in winter

We travel to Stockholm in winter to see what can be visited in the city during this time and check its atmosphere, it is incredible.


Things to see in Milan

The city of Milan has beautiful monuments and many places to visit, so it can also be a good tourist destination.

Longest covers in the world and Europe

The longest beaches in Europe

Discover the longest beaches in Europe and the world. Are there any in Spain? Enter and enjoy these beaches where you will want to sunbathe and the sea.

Carlsberg bottle

The Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen

We travel to Copenhagen to visit the Carlsberg Beer Factory, a guided tour knowing its production process, its history and, finally, tasting its flavor


Florence, a city full of art

Florence is one of the most famous Italian cities, a place with art and history in its streets. Discover the essential visits that you must see.

Cap d'Adge nudist beach

Cap d'Agde, the capital of nudism

Cap d'Adge beach attracts thousands of tourists looking to practice nudism, do you want to know their accommodation, advice and available activities?

Cathedrals of Spain

The most beautiful cathedrals in Spain

Discover the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain, which represent different styles and periods, but which have their own particular charm, history and secrets.

London skyline

London also has modern architecture

Do you like modern architecture? We show you the most current architectural pieces in London that you cannot miss if you are going to travel there.