Plans with children in Madrid

Those who are going to spend a few days with the family in Madrid will surely want to make plans with the children, since ...

Best water parks in the USA

The best water parks in the USA

Compilation with the best water parks in the USA with descriptions and locations so you can plan your vacations in the United States


Attractions and Activities in India

Discover the best destinations and activities that you can visit in India, magical places and unique attractions that you will remember forever. You know which one is?

Chichonal Volcano

Volcanoes in North America

We will discover the most incredible volcanoes in North America, some lively and unique places that will leave you with your mouth open.

Montauk, a place to relax on Long Island

Montauk, located at the end of Long Island, is a perfect destination to escape the bustle of New York, and see some of the most picturesque natural sites in the state.

The bats of Austin, Texas

In Austin, Texas, live between the months of March and November the largest urban community in the world of bats, which go out every night in search of insects

Sakurajima, the most active volcano in Asia

Sakurajima is one of the most active volcanoes in Japan and probably the world and the symbol of the city of Kagoshima, whose inhabitants have struggled for a hundred years between love and fear of its great mountain of fire. If there is a living volcano on the planet, it is undoubtedly Sakurajima

The Great Salt Lake, Utah

The Great Salt Lake is in the state of Utah is one of the great natural attractions of the United States

No boring teenager in New York

Breathe freedom and vitality in New York, the ideal city to be visited by teenagers who want to have fun and be surprised by ...

Cebu nightlife, Philippines

We have always said that a trip is not complete if we do not know the nightlife of the place, right? You are right…

Top 3 Hotels in Aruba

Aruba has a wide variety of hotels, which can make your choice difficult; so we provide you with ...