Travel to Portugal by car

Traveling to Portugal by car is one of the most interesting ways to get to know the neighboring country. Is about…

The Alps

There is an extensive mountain range that crosses much of Europe: the Alps. Its mountains are majestic and many of them ...

Holidays with dog

For many people, their pets and traveling are two passions that it is very difficult to choose between. In the past,…

Geek travel

The word geek is a neologism and a term of daily and informal use that has come to designate ...


International travel insurance

We tell you how you can choose international travel insurance and when it is essential to purchase one of these insurances.

When is it better to go to Mallorca?

When is it better to go to Mallorca? If you are not sure what is the most recommended time, come in and take note of our tips to have an unforgettable trip.

Tickets to the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a tourist classic in Paris. Almost impossible to visit the French capital and not climb it ...

Paris Pass, the tourist keys to the city

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world at any time of the year. A romantic getaway, a week visiting its museums or going to a bar in Are you going to Paris? Are you thinking of investing a few euros and buying the Paris Pass? Well then read carefully, maybe it suits you or maybe not ...

Egypt customs

Egypt is the destination of every traveler. Once in your life you have to see the pyramids and their ancient temples live. All of Egypt If you go to Egypt and plan to socialize, you should know some of their customs and traditions so as not to be rude and have a good time.

The Pedriza

Located in the southern area of ​​the Sierra de Guadarrama, northwest of the Community of Madrid and within the ...

Beaker hill

Statues of Jesus are multiplied throughout the western and Christian world and when they rise on top of mountains or hills they become popular destinations. One of the most popular religious tourism destinations in Mexico is in Guanajato: it is the Cerro del Cubilete and its huge statue of Christ.

Apply for passport and visa

How to renew your passport

A passport is an official document with international validity issued by a certain country so that your ...

Cala Turqueta, a beautiful corner in Menorca

A good summer destination is the Balearic Islands, an autonomous island community of Spain that is in the Mediterranean Sea and whose capital is Palma. Inside Do you want to enjoy a beach this summer? Head to Menorca and spend the day in Cala Turqueta: white sands, blue waters, pine trees, sun ...

Volunteers around the world

Travel for free as a volunteer

Traveling for free as a volunteer while we see the world is possible, since there are volunteer programs in many countries and with different missions.

Tips for traveling alone

Although at first it may give some qualms, especially to inexperienced travelers, the truth is that traveling alone can become ...

Japan Rail Pass, Japan in your hands

Getting around Japan is easier with the Japan Rail Pass. Do not hesitate! Trains, buses, ferries, everything to come and go through this great country.

Hakone, excursion from Tokyo

Are you going to Tokyo and want to see Mount Fuji? Then head towards Hakone, less than 100 km: forests, valleys, craters, hot springs, mountains and of course, the Fuji.

What to visit in Algeria

Do you like Africa? Then you must visit Algeria and its wonders: archeology, history, national parks, deserts, mountains and beautiful beaches.

The coolest bars in Buenos Aires

When you go to Buenos Aires do not stop going out to bars so write down the list of coolest bars in Buenos Aires, do not miss them!

Cheap tourism on Easter Island

Do you think going to Easter Island is expensive? Get rid of that idea. Easter Island or Rapa Nui is an accessible paradise so pack your backpack and be ready.

5 good coffee shops in Bruges

When you go to Bruges take a break for breakfast or tea in one of these 5 great and cute cafes: coffee, tea, cakes, chocolates, chocolates.

Excursions from Bangkok

Are you going to Bangkok? Then reserve a couple of days for excursions from Bangkok: ruins, markets, temples and great beaches.

Travel by Emirates, Fly Emirates

Did you fly or will you fly or would you like to fly with Emirates? It is one of the best airlines in the world so discover what it is like, the good and the bad.

Passport or VISA number

What is my visa number?

Guide to find the Visa number in the passport or visa, an essential document to travel to other countries. Do you know how to get it?

5 summer getaways from London

Are you going to London this summer? If you want to enjoy it, you can escape the city to Brighton, Portmouth, Salisbury, Whitstable ...

Reasons to travel more often

In today's Sunday article we give you 5 reasons to travel more often, how many more do you need? Where are you going next?

Best excursions from Seville

If you go for a walk to Seville, do not forget to discover its surroundings. There are many cities to visit within walking distance! Córdoba, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera ...

Languedoc, summer in France

Summer is coming. Did you think of the south of France? Languedoc offers culture, history and exceptional beaches. It will be the perfect summer.

San Francisco Attractions

Don't hesitate to get to know San Francisco! Crossing the Golden Gate, visiting the Chinatown and City Hall or touring its streets by tram will be fantastic.

Traveling with your pet is possible

Traveling with your pet is possible today that we already find many facilities in terms of procedures and accommodation that are provided for it.

Types of migrations

Migration is the displacement of a population, which takes place from one place of origin to another destination. What types of human migrations are there?

Devon, an English summer

Do you want to have an English summer vacation? Then visit Devon: castles, cliffs, beaches, medieval towns, beer.

Travel alone

Tips and ideas for traveling alone

We give you some useful tips for traveling alone around the world, something that more and more people do and that can be an incredible experience.

Cheap trips

Practical tips to travel cheaper

Discover some practical tips to learn how to travel cheaper this year. How to find accommodation and destinations at a good price.

Savings when traveling

Keys to saving traveling

In this article we present some keys to saving traveling, specifically the 5 ways most used by travelers to do so.

Cheap options for traveling

In this article we tell you how to travel more economically with these cheap options to travel: train or plane, hotel or living with others, etc.

Cinegetic tourism in africa

What is hunting tourism?

  Do you know what hunting tourism is? It is something difficult to deduce from the name but if I speak to you ...


Asian currencies: Yen and Shekels

We show you the different currencies of Asia in the current current course so that you can differentiate and classify them without problems.

Monarch Cruise

Baltic Sea Cruises 2016

You still have time to book a cruise on the Baltic Sea! I leave you some offers and tips to get to know these wonderful destinations.

Fly for the first time

There is always a first time for everything, even flying. If you are catching your first flight soon, this article can be of great help.

Information Eastern Europe

Basic Information on Eastern Europe

Do you want to travel and need to have as much information as possible about Eastern Europe? Enter our article where we reveal all its secrets.

Air passenger rights

If you do not know the rights of the passenger by plane, you are at the mercy of the airlines to claim any type of problem. Find out about your rights here.

Apps to travel

The best apps for traveling

Discover the best Apps to travel, from apps to find flights to others to help us in the destination, looking for places to visit.

Objects allowed in airplane luggage

What can be carried in the luggage?

Are you going to travel by plane? Can you bring food on the plane? Find out what you can or cannot carry in your luggage and which ones can set off alarms.

Travel more, purpose for 2016

Write down the following on your list of resolutions: "Travel more, purpose for 2016." Only in this way will you grow as a person and gain experiences.

Dangerous neighborhoods in America

In this post we are going to continue knowing which are the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States so that you have information about what you can find

Top Applications to Travel to Rome

This time we are going to introduce you to the most outstanding applications to travel to Rome. Let's start by mentioning Katie Parla's ...


Snakes in Bali

In Bali there are snakes, we may find one or not everything is a matter of luck.

Means of Maritime Transport

Maritime transport is one that will precisely allow us to be able to move over bodies of water, with which ...

Best Online Travel Organizers

On this occasion we are going to mention some useful online tools for travelers. Let's start by recommending to Tripit that no ...

Salsa festivals in the world

Salsa is a very danced musical genre in Latin America, but especially in the Caribbean. This sticky beat that has conquered ...

Customs of Italian society

One of the most popular aspects of Italians is their temperament, they are passionate and very expressive. They are persons…

Transportation in Lima

The city of Lima is interconnected with the rest of the country through the Central Highway and the Pan-American Highway. Since…