Tourism in the Black Forest

The name «Black Forest» refers either to a delicious dessert or to a very beautiful area of ​​Europe….

Nerja caves

In front of the Maro cliffs and from the blue of the Alboran Sea, nothing suggests that under the ...

Tourism in the Dead Sea

One of the strangest places in the world is the Dead Sea. Surely you've heard of him and have ...

Mountains in Lanzarote

Timanfaya National Park

We show you what the Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote is like, a park of volcanic origin of great tourist and geological interest.

London Eye, a must in London

Many cities have great attractions, thought, designed and built with a tourist point of view. An example is the London ...

Paradores in Galicia

Paradores in Galicia

We are talking about the Paradores in Galicia, a network of accommodations that are located in historic buildings or buildings of special cultural interest.

Caves of Drach

Caves of Drach

We tell you how to get there and everything that can be seen in the well-known Drach Caves on the island of Mallorca, located in Porto Cristo.

Visit Mount Fuji

The symbol of Japan is Mount Fuji. Any fan of manga, anime or Japanese cinema knows it ...

The Warsaw Ghetto

The capital of Poland, Warsaw, is today a vibrant city of almost 2 million inhabitants where the ...

Florence Cathedral

Florence is one of the most charming cities in Italy. A lot of people go two or three days on a more extensive trip around the country, but really I, are you going on a trip to Florence? Well, visit the Cathedral of Floerncia and even if you are tired, climb the more than 400 steps to its dome. The views are great!

St Paul's Cathedral, London

Europe is full of churches and England is no exception. For example, in London, you can see the beautiful St. Paul's Cathedral, an Anglican temple. Are you going to London? Don't forget to visit the Cathedral of Saint Paul and its treasures: the galleries, the dome, the crypt, the choir, the chapels. Absolutely everything!

National Parks

National parks of the world

We are talking about some of the best national parks in the world, with natural spaces of incomparable beauty and ecological value.

The Tower of Collserola

There are many towers in the world that basically fulfill communication functions. We must connect the planet after ...

The Dome of the Rock

In the Esplanade of the Mosques of Jerusalem is the Dome of the Rock, a sacred Islamic temple that receives ...

The beautiful Gili Islands

Southeast Asia has landscapes worthy of Paradise and some of them are provided by the Gili Islands, near Lombok, ...

Tickets to the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a tourist classic in Paris. Almost impossible to visit the French capital and not climb it ...

The Channel Tunnel

There are many ancient monuments that leave us in awe and make us wonder, how on earth did they do it? But what ...

The World Trade Center

The twin towers of the World Trade Center were inaugurated in 1973 and succumbed in the famous terrorist attack of 2011….

The Millau Viaduct

Nature offers us many wonders, but the truth is that man also creates his own and so on ...

What to see in Biarritz

  If you are one of those who are already thinking about next summer because you do not tolerate winter, then you can ...

What to see in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the best-known cities in England and is just over eight hundred years old. Did you know? In addition, it has many places. Are you going to England? Visit Liverpool to learn more about The Beatles, for example, or enjoy its completely renovated port area.

The temples of Angkor, wonder in Cambodia

One of the most popular and beautiful tourist attractions in Cambodia are the Angkor temples, a stone complex almost swallowed up by the rainforest. If you go on a trip to Cambodia you cannot miss the Angkor temples, as much or more beautiful than the Pyramids Of Egipt!

The magical Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland's tourist wonders and yes, they are magical. It is incredible the abrupt cut of the earth in its encounter with Do you like cliffs? Then do not miss the Cliffs of Moher, in Ireland: a fantastic meeting of land, sea and sky.

What to see in Florence

Florence is the capital of the beautiful Italian Tuscany, an ancient city, beautiful, picturesque and full of culture and history. Everything here is interesting and Florence is a great tourist destination in Italy and you cannot miss it. Art and history museums, medieval streets, squares, rivers, hills and, of course, food!

Paris Pass, the tourist keys to the city

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world at any time of the year. A romantic getaway, a week visiting its museums or going to a bar in Are you going to Paris? Are you thinking of investing a few euros and buying the Paris Pass? Well then read carefully, maybe it suits you or maybe not ...

Death Valley, tourism in the United States

As its name suggests, Death Valley looks like a valley of death: it is huge, it is desert, it is gray, it does not seem to harbor life. It is a valley with a Death Valley that is not dead at all but boils with life, night and day? Death Valley National Park does not mind extreme heat, so come to know this tourist pearl of the United States.

Tour the Châteaux of the Loire

If you are going to be in Paris for a few days, you can always sign up for a tour of the Loire castles. By no means will you know all of them, they are quite a few, Europe is full of castles, but there is nothing like the beautiful and elegant Loire castles in France. Do you sign up to meet them?

Selva de Oza, nature and tourism

  We continue with our outdoor tourism plan, under the sky, in contact with nature and between mountains. Today is the turn of the Jungle. Do you like hiking, zip lines, climbing, walking among firs and beech trees? Then visit the Selva de Oza and its natural beauties.

Lacuniacha, nature that shines

Lacuniacha is the name of a special and perfect destination for all nature lovers. It is a wildlife park, so if you like them, do you like animals but not zoos? Then visit the Launiacha wildlife park, in Aragon. A natural paradise!

La Molina

Ski fans have surely ever set foot in La Molina, a sports resort located in Cerdanya, a region ...

Castillo de Colomares, a very modern castle

Europe is full of castles of all types and ages, and in Spain there really is a lot to choose from. But today we do not have a medieval construction or If you are interested in strange things or you like kitsch, then take a walk around Malaga and get to know the Castillo de Colomares, a crazy place.

Caves of Zugarramurdi, treasure in Navarra

Navarra seems to be on the route of Actualidad Viajes lately, and it has many historical, cultural and natural treasures. Today we are summoned by the Do you like witches and bonfires? Well, go to Navarra and get to know the Caves of Zugarramurdi, famous for their pagan rituals.

Dalt Vila

Ibiza with children

When we think of Ibiza, the first thing that comes to mind is an island full of discos, pubs and coves ...

The Monastery of Leyre

This same week we are talking about a charm between Aragon and Navarra, the Yesa Reservoir. Among the tourist attractions of this destination we name Do you like medieval monasteries? Take a tour of the most beautiful in Navarra: the Monastery of Leyre, where the first kings of Navarre rest.

Yesa reservoir

Between Navarra and Zaragoza is the reservoir that you see in the photograph: the Yesa Reservoir. You like? It is a beautiful landscape that also has its history, as well. If you like nature, abandoned villages, medieval monasteries and the sun, then do not miss the Yesa Reservoir.

7 shocking world dances

Folklore is the set of cultural traditions of a people that form its identity and are transmitted from generation to generation ...

What to do in Benidorm

Is winter time to think about summer? Of course! It is when we miss the sun and heat the most, so it makes you want to plan your holidays. Benidorm is a great beach and nightlife destination in Spain and all of Europe. Golden sands, crystal clear waters, lots of sun, lots of parties.

Journey to the Valley of Nuria

Spain has incredible destinations and if you like nature and outdoor tourism then you can go to the province of Gerona, in Catalonia, winter is coming so you can plan a ski trip. Do you know the Valley of Nuria and its station? It is cool, beautiful and familiar.

Getaways with children

Are you planning a family getaway? Haven't you decided the destination you want to visit yet? With the ideas that ...

The Jutland peninsula

The Jutland Peninsula is a beautiful neck of land shared by two countries. One part is German and the other is Danish. It has very beautiful landscapes. Denmark! You went? Well, it has many incredible landscapes and some of the most beautiful are on the Jutland peninsula.

Middle East capitals

Middle East. This region of the world has been in the news very frequently for just under fifty years. Partly because it is a Middle East area, it has very old cities and rich in history and culture. They are not always the safest but if you like adventure ...

Royal Monastery of San Juan de la Peña

If Spain is full of something, it is churches and monasteries, isn't it? Well, in Aragon we find this one that we see in the photograph: the Royal Monastery of Spain has many monasteries and one of the most particular, due to its location, is the Royal Monastery of San Juan de la Peña.

Komodo National Park

  Our planet has a long and varied history and although we believe the cusp of creation, the truth is that at some point we don't even know Komodo dragons? Gigantic reptiles that live on Indonesian islands. The site is beautiful if you like nature.

The most beautiful castles in Spain

What a selection! The truth is that it is quite difficult to make a list of the most beautiful castles in Spain ... There are so many! And by what criteria could Spain have many beautiful castles, is it possible to make a list? We have tried so see if you like the same ones.

Fushimi Inari, the temple of a thousand doors

Japan has wonderful destinations and my advice is to visit it many times because just one is not enough. I'm going for my fourth time and there are still so many left! Are you going to Japan and planning to visit Kyoto? Then travel only 5 minutes and visit the Shrine of Fushimi Inari, the one with a thousand doors.

The Bardenas Reales

Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Las Bardenas Reales is a natural park of wild beauty and landscape ...

Lake Bled

Slovenia is a country that is slowly gaining ground among European tourist destinations. Is beautiful! Among its medieval cities and its One of the tourist pearls of Slovenia is Lake Bled. It looks like a fairy tale! Island, picturesque church, medieval castle ...

What to see in Oslo

Today crime novels and television series that come from northern Europe are in fashion. On Netflix there are many Swedish productions, Oslo is a fantastic city and in a couple of days you can visit its most important tourist attractions: fortresses, museums, Viking ships ...

Oberammergau, a fairy tale town

There are many towns in Europe that seem taken from those fairy tales that we read as children. Germany has several and one of them is a small town. Do you like fairy tale towns? So when you travel to Germany visit Oberammergau, the pastel and baroque town.

The Cistercian Route

There are roads and paths, routes that take us through beautiful landscapes and others that plunge us into the history of architecture and religion. The latter One of the most beautiful tourist routes in Spain is the Cistercian Route: it combines religion, architecture and history in a few kilometers.

Infantado Palace

The Palace of the Dukes of Infantado, in Guadalajara, is the most beautiful building in the Castilian-La Mancha city. Declared monument ...

The Tower of Pisa

Man has always liked to build upwards and the world is full of constructions that try to scratch the sky or reach the clouds. In If you go on a trip to Italy, don't miss the Tower of Pisa. Sñi, the famous leaning tower. It is super close to Florence.

The Valley of Nuria

The Valle de Nuria is a valley in the Pyrenees located 2.000 meters above sea level in the ...

Mallos de Riglos

The world has strange places, places that seem to be carved by the skillful, style-laden hand of someone unknown. This is the case of the Mallos de If you like to climb or climb mountains then go to Huesca and do it in the fantastic Mallos de Riglos. Soaring rocks, oddly shaped!

Sanctuary of Fatima

In Portugal there are many interesting and beautiful destinations and we have been talking about some of them here in Actualidad Viajes. Today it is his turn. If you go to visit Lisbon, do not forget to take an excursion to Santaurio de Fátima, it is very close, it is beautiful, huge and full of mysticism.

The Tower of Belém

  If you like architecture there are many buildings and structures that deserve to be known in person. Portugal has, for example, many buildings. Are you going on a trip to Lisbon? Then do not forget to visit the beautiful Torre de Belém. It is beautiful outside and inside and from its terrace the views are the most.

The Monastery of Guadalupe

Europe is full of churches and monasteries and some of the most beautiful are in Spain. This is the case of the Monastery of Guadalupe, one of the World Heritage Sites of Spain is in Extremadura and it is the beautiful Guadalupe Monastery. Do not miss it!

The Petronas Towers

One of the most iconic buildings in Malaysia is the Petronas Towers. You may not know its name but surely you have seen the double profile many times and One of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world is the Petronas Towers of Malaysia. They are the crown of Kuala Lumpur and you cannot miss them.

The Anne Frank House

We have all heard the story of Anne Frank. In some way or another, for having read the book, for the film, for a documentary or simply because One of the most visited museums in the Netherlands is the Anne Frank House, the house where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis in WWII

Ecuador customs

Latin America is a melting pot of races and its thousands of years of civilizations and cultures have left an important legacy. Maybe, for a non-American, don't you go to Ecuador? Well, it is a beautiful country and it has many customs. How about knowing some of them before visiting? etiquette, typical costumes, food ...

Bolivian customs

If you do not know South America, it is likely that you do not know that Bolivia is a multifaceted country and therefore it is not possible to say that its traditions and. Are you going to Bolivia? What a beautiful destination! It has a lot of cultural customs, a lot of history and a lot of tasty food! Be sure to try a little of everything.

Egypt customs

Egypt is the destination of every traveler. Once in your life you have to see the pyramids and their ancient temples live. All of Egypt If you go to Egypt and plan to socialize, you should know some of their customs and traditions so as not to be rude and have a good time.

Game of Thrones map

Medieval fantasy is a great genre that can contain in the same story from magic and political intrigue, through romance to heroism and Do you like Game of Thrones? Well, in Ireland and Spain you have many natural settings where several episodes of the series have been filmed.

The Pedriza

Located in the southern area of ​​the Sierra de Guadarrama, northwest of the Community of Madrid and within the ...

Cala Mitjana, summer destination

Menorca again, again this beautiful island with its beautiful beaches is presented as a super popular and recommended summer destination. Haven't you gone on vacation yet this summer? Then head to Menorca and here do not stop sunbathing in Cala Mijtana.

Beaker hill

Statues of Jesus are multiplied throughout the western and Christian world and when they rise on top of mountains or hills they become popular destinations. One of the most popular religious tourism destinations in Mexico is in Guanajato: it is the Cerro del Cubilete and its huge statue of Christ.

Apply for passport and visa

How to renew your passport

A passport is an official document with international validity issued by a certain country so that your ...

Cala Turqueta, a beautiful corner in Menorca

A good summer destination is the Balearic Islands, an autonomous island community of Spain that is in the Mediterranean Sea and whose capital is Palma. Inside Do you want to enjoy a beach this summer? Head to Menorca and spend the day in Cala Turqueta: white sands, blue waters, pine trees, sun ...

What to see in Rome

One of the most touristic cities in the world is undoubtedly Rome. With thousands of years of history it has something for everyone: ancient ruins, buildings Rome is an eternal city: discover what to see, what not to miss, where to walk, what routes to follow, how to take advantage of the Roma Pass, etc.

What to see in Garganta la Olla

Summer in Extremadura? Then take a walk through Garganta la Olla, walk its streets, get to know its old houses and refresh yourself in its waterfalls and natural pools.

Santa Cruz neighborhood, in Seville

How about a walk through the Santa Cruz neighborhood, in the heart of Seville? Old houses, the cathedral, patios, squares and many places for tapas.

Walls of Fog

What to see in Niebla, Huelva

The town of Niebla in Huelva offers a great cultural and historical heritage, with its well-known walls and other places of interest.

What to see in Évora

This summer you can go to know one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe: Évora, in Portugal: churches, Roman temples, menhirs.

Leon Cathedral

What to do in León

León is one of those tourist destinations in Spain that, although perhaps less known than other cities in the country, leaves ...

What to see in Marbella

Marbella is one of the most charming cities in Malaga and is considered the capital of the Coast ...

What to do on the island of Tavira

Summer is coming! If you cross into Portugal you can visit the Algarve coast and there visit the Island of Tavira with its beaches. And you can even practice nudism.

What to see in Morella

This summer you can visit Morella, a town that is among the most beautiful towns in Spain: aqueduct, medieval castle, black truffles ...

What to see in Ronda

Ronda is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Spain. It is located in the province of Malaga and ...

What to see in Dinant, Belgium

What do Gothic saxophones, caves, and cathedrals have in common? Dinant, a beautiful little town in the Wallonia region of Belgium.

Source of the Cuervo River

Spain is a fascinating country. Not only speaking in cultural or gastronomic terms but also natural. From north to south…

The Garden of Words, a must-see in Tokyo

Are you going on a trip to Tokyo? One of the most beautiful gardens in the city is the Shinjuku Gyoen, the same one that is displayed in the anime The Garden of Words.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

In the Krakow metropolitan area there are the Wieliczka salt mines, which are considered to be the ...

Volunteers around the world

Travel for free as a volunteer

Traveling for free as a volunteer while we see the world is possible, since there are volunteer programs in many countries and with different missions.

The beautiful Bays of Huatulco

Do you like white sand beaches? Then you can try the beautiful beaches of the Bahías de Huatulco, in the Mexican Pacific.

Thailand Beaches

Visit the best beaches in Thailand

Discover which are the best beaches in Thailand that you should not miss on your trip to this beautiful country, from the busiest to the unspoiled ones.

Where to travel in October

Image | Asturias Tourism Are you going to save a few days of vacation and want to take advantage of them in October? Wise choice! When the…

Cap de Creus, land, sun and sea

How about knowing the easternmost point of Spain? It is Cap de Creus., In Catalonia, a place that combines land and sea like few others.

Berlin in three days

What can you know in Berlin in three days? Well, quite so, points out our 72-hour guide in Berlin: museums, squares, the Wall ...

Discovering Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca has something that captivates those who contemplate it. It is the highest navigable lake in the world ...

The wonderful temples of Ayutthaya

Thailand is wonderful and that's why if you like culture, don't forget to visit the Ayuttahaya ruins, very close to Bangkok. Palaces, temples, statues of Buddha.

The catacombs of Rome

To think of Rome to think of the cradle of Western civilization, its seven hills, its spectacular architecture, ...

Get to know Bran Castle

If you like the story of Count Dracula, you can visit Bran Castle in Romania ... and even spend an unforgettable Halloween night!

Tips for traveling alone

Although at first it may give some qualms, especially to inexperienced travelers, the truth is that traveling alone can become ...

Asturian beaches

The best beaches in Asturias

Discover the best beaches in Asturias, beaches located on the beautiful Asturian coastline, surrounded by natural spaces, some unique in the world.

Visit the ruins of Herculaneum

Are you going to Italy? Do you like ruins? Will you visit Pompeii? Then don't leave out the ruins of Herculaneum. They are fabulous and very close!

Dona Ana

The best beaches in Portugal

We tell you which are the best beaches in Portugal, a country with hundreds of kilometers of coastline to enjoy beautiful sandy beaches.

Tolantongo caves

Forget Playa del Carmén and Tulúm, visit the fantastic Grutas de Tolantongo. They are unforgettable! Grottos, ponds, hot springs, tunnels, stalagmites and stalactites.

Red Square of Russia, must see

Are you going to Russia to see the 2018 World Cup? Then go all over the Red Square: museums, palaces, monuments, mausoleums. It has everything.


What to see in Almería

Discover everything you can see in Almería, from the tourist places of the city to the highlights in the province, such as the famous Tabernas desert.

Japan Rail Pass, Japan in your hands

Getting around Japan is easier with the Japan Rail Pass. Do not hesitate! Trains, buses, ferries, everything to come and go through this great country.

5 very bizarre restaurants in Tokyo

Eating in Tokyo is always a party but in these 5 places it is also the most bizarre thing in the world: vampires, psychedelic dreams, ninjas ...

5 attractions in Kiev

Kiev perfectly combines medieval and modern history: cathedral and walls, caves, Soviet buildings, Russian tanks and the memory of Chernobyl.

Tourism in Tel Aviv

Planning a trip to Israel? Do not leave Tel Aviv in the pipeline, with its history, its neighborhoods, its beach, its excursions to the Dead Sea or Masada.

What to visit in Hanoi

Vietnam is the capital of Hanoi and has more than a thousand years of history so do not miss any of its tourist attractions.


Visit to the beaches of Dubrovnik

Discover the best visits to the beaches of Dubrovnik and its surroundings, peaceful corners near the city to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

3 ecological and luxury resorts

If you have money, you can access luxury resorts, places of incomparable beauty that will make you live unforgettable experiences. Write down these three names and start dreaming.

Sapporo, in the far north of Japan

Northern Japan is less frequented but very beautiful. Sapporo awaits you with its mountains, its snow sculptures, its forests and its lavender fields.

Visit Lake Titicaca, wonder in Peru

Peru is a great destination in South America and Lake Titicaca is one of the most fabulous lakes in the world: totora islands, kayaking, archaeological ruins ...

Huayna Picchu, treasure in Peru

Are you going to Peru? Will you visit Machu Picchu? Then squeeze the heart, scare away the vertigo and climb to Huayna Picchu. You will be rewarded with the best views!

5 hostels in Berlin

Are you going to Berlin and want to get to know the city, meet people, have fun and not spend a lot of money? So, sleep in a hostel.

5 hostels in Paris

Are you looking for accommodation in Paris? What is cheap? Then hostels for backpackers and simple travelers are the best: list these 5 hostels in Paris.

Hostels in New York

Are you backpacking New York and want to save? So stay in a hostel, there is a bit of everything but some are really very good and stylish.

5 hostels in Dublin

If you are going on a trip to Dublin, maybe for Saint Patrick? Look no further: here are 5 good hostels in Dublin. Well located, cheap.

Hakone, excursion from Tokyo

Are you going to Tokyo and want to see Mount Fuji? Then head towards Hakone, less than 100 km: forests, valleys, craters, hot springs, mountains and of course, the Fuji.

The best museums in Tokyo

Are you going to Tokyo but don't want to fall into the classic museums? Then jot down this list of weirdest museums: samurais, sewers, origami, criminals.

What to visit in Algeria

Do you like Africa? Then you must visit Algeria and its wonders: archeology, history, national parks, deserts, mountains and beautiful beaches.

The best skyscrapers in Tokyo

Are you going to Tokyo? A good and unforgettable postcard of Tokyo is its skyscrapers and towers. Be sure to visit the Mori Tower, the Tokyo Skytree and the Tokyo Tower.

The coolest bars in Buenos Aires

When you go to Buenos Aires do not stop going out to bars so write down the list of coolest bars in Buenos Aires, do not miss them!

Ghostbusters Tour in New York

If you go to New York and you like the movies there is a lot to go, but if you are a fan of The Ghostbusters you can see their locations. Take the Ghostbusters tour!

Cheap tourism on Easter Island

Do you think going to Easter Island is expensive? Get rid of that idea. Easter Island or Rapa Nui is an accessible paradise so pack your backpack and be ready.

Seoul Attractions

Why don't you discover South Korea starting with Seoul? The city is modern, cosmopolitan and has everything: culture, history, art, music.

Airbus A380, the largest of all

Do you know which is the largest commercial airplane in the world? It's the Airbus A380, the double-decker plane with a bar and shower. Get to know it!

What to visit in Egypt

Don't give up on Egypt and its beauties: the pyramids, the temples, the Nile, the museums, the market, the old town. Egypt continues to shine.

Strolling through San Marino

If you go on vacation to Italy, take a tour of San Marino, one of the smallest countries in the world: castles, medieval villages and landscapes.

5 things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Rio is the tourist capital of the south so if you plan to go do not miss these 5 things: the hills, beaches, favelas, football and of course, the Christ.

What to do three days in Shanghai

Shanghai is a populous city but don't be alarmed, you just have to order the tour. Therefore, point out what to do 3 days in Shanghai so as not to miss the best.

Vanuatu, a distant paradise

Less known than Tahiti or Bora Bora but just as beautiful is Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. The islands offer beaches, volcanoes, jungles, and even cannibals.

Cheapest holidays in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is synonymous with holidays in paradise and luxury vacations, but believe it or not, there are cheaper hotels to enjoy paradise.

Hong Kong escalators, a very fun tour

Are you going to Hong Kong? Cool! Do not miss its escalators, the longest in the world: they go up and down and pass through shops, bars and restaurants.