5 good coffee shops in Bruges

When you go to Bruges take a break for breakfast or tea in one of these 5 great and cute cafes: coffee, tea, cakes, chocolates, chocolates.

Excursions from Bucharest

If you go to Romania don't stay in Bucharest, go on an excursion! There are fantastic sites very close between Dracula's castle, palaces, forests and cities.

Excursions from Kyoto

The surroundings of Kyoto are wonderful so be sure to visit them: Arashiyama, Kokedera, Katsura and the thousands of red toris of Fushimi Inari.

Excursions from Bangkok

Are you going to Bangkok? Then reserve a couple of days for excursions from Bangkok: ruins, markets, temples and great beaches.

Enjoy a week in Jamaica

Jamaica is synonymous with beaches and reggae but offers so much more. A week in Jamaica is the best: beaches, waterfalls, jungle, mountains and lots of rum.

Sunny vacation in Barbados

Do you think of the Caribbean? Well, Barbados is a great destination: beautiful beaches, dreamy sea, colonial history and lots, lots of rum.

Aberdeen, a pearl in Scotland

Aberdeen is a great destination in Scotland: churches, beaches, castles, whiskey distilleries, William Wallace. What else do you want?!

Visit the Rock of Gibraltar

Would you like to make a getaway to Gibraltar? With a few days it is enough to go up and down the rock, eat, walk and enjoy.

Travel by Emirates, Fly Emirates

Did you fly or will you fly or would you like to fly with Emirates? It is one of the best airlines in the world so discover what it is like, the good and the bad.

Passport or VISA number

What is my visa number?

Guide to find the Visa number in the passport or visa, an essential document to travel to other countries. Do you know how to get it?

5 places to visit in Lima

Lima is one of the most beautiful and complete cities to visit: colonial history, art and pre-Columbian history, parks, palaces and much more.

Summer days in Bratislava

Are you interested in Bratislava? Does it sound like mystery and the Middle Ages? So, visit it because you will not be disappointed: castles, churches, lakes and medieval fairs.

Summer in Tunisia

What do you think of the Tunisian beaches for this summer 2017? They are a true paradise and you have everything: history, ruins, food, beaches and fun.

Nightlife in Dubai, how to have fun

Are you going to Dubai? Well, it is much more than desert and shopping, it has a fantastic nightlife! Pack clothes to go out because you are going to have a great time.

What to eat in summer in Tokyo

If you go to Tokyo in summer, be sure to try the best summer dishes in the capital of Japan. You will be surprised by how tasty they are!

5 summer getaways from London

Are you going to London this summer? If you want to enjoy it, you can escape the city to Brighton, Portmouth, Salisbury, Whitstable ...

Reasons to travel more often

In today's Sunday article we give you 5 reasons to travel more often, how many more do you need? Where are you going next?

5 mysterious places in Paris

Paris is an ancient city and it has many mysterious corners. Some are known and others not so much. The Museum of Vampirism, the courtyard of the tombstones?

What to do 3 days in Havana

Are you going to Cuba? Do not jump directly to its beaches. Spend 3 days in Havana and discover its history, culture and heritage. You will not stop surprising you!


Things to see in Fuerteventura

Discover many of the things you can see and do on the island of Fuerteventura, from beaches to natural landscapes and cozy towns.

Best excursions from Seville

If you go for a walk to Seville, do not forget to discover its surroundings. There are many cities to visit within walking distance! Córdoba, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera ...

Languedoc, summer in France

Summer is coming. Did you think of the south of France? Languedoc offers culture, history and exceptional beaches. It will be the perfect summer.

San Francisco Attractions

Don't hesitate to get to know San Francisco! Crossing the Golden Gate, visiting the Chinatown and City Hall or touring its streets by tram will be fantastic.

Traveling with your pet is possible

Traveling with your pet is possible today that we already find many facilities in terms of procedures and accommodation that are provided for it.

Types of migrations

Migration is the displacement of a population, which takes place from one place of origin to another destination. What types of human migrations are there?

The 5 best panoramic views of Paris

When you go to paris, do not stop walking through its streets and climbing its tallest buildings. Get to know the 5 best panoramic points of Paris!

Devon, an English summer

Do you want to have an English summer vacation? Then visit Devon: castles, cliffs, beaches, medieval towns, beer.

Kawagoe, Little Edo near Tokyo

If you are in Tokyo and you find it very modern and cosmopolitan, travel to Kawagoe, Little Edo, very close, and discover medieval Japan.

Croatian beaches

The best beaches in Croatia

Discover some of the considered best beaches in Croatia. Urban beaches or idyllic beaches on the islands, some very peculiar.

5 Museums to visit in Germany

In today's article we bring you 5 museums to visit in Germany. If you plan to travel to the Germanic country soon, be sure to visit them.

Outdoor tourism in Luxembourg

Do you know Luxembourg? It is a small country but it has everything to enjoy outdoor tourism: routes for cyclists and hikers, valleys and castles.

Northern Alaska, the world's limit

If you like Nature with a capital letter then you cannot miss Alaska. The north is the farthest and most rugged part of the state and it's beautiful.

Mongolia, exotic tourism

Mongolia is an exotic and beautiful tourist destination at the same time. If you want to live an adventure these lands of deserts, mountains and steppes await you.

Travel alone

Tips and ideas for traveling alone

We give you some useful tips for traveling alone around the world, something that more and more people do and that can be an incredible experience.

5 recommended hostels in Tokyo

If you go to Tokyo and you don't want to sleep in a hotel, do it in a hostel. You will meet people from all over the world and a lot of the kindness and courtesy of the Japanese!

5 tourist activities in Auckland

Auckland is a great destination in New Zealand. A beautiful city, if there are any, offers us many outdoor activities. Discover them!

Visit Belfast and Dublin

Are you in Belfast? You can make a trip to Dublin, it is close and has a lot to see. Write down how to unite both cities and what to see in each one.

Visit London and Edinburgh

How about visiting London and then traveling to Edinburgh? Here you have information on how to do it and what to visit in both cities.

Cheap trips

Practical tips to travel cheaper

Discover some practical tips to learn how to travel cheaper this year. How to find accommodation and destinations at a good price.

What to see in Shiraz, Iran

Discover the wonders of Shiraz, one of the oldest cities in Iran. Gardens, mausoleums, mosques, bazaars, walks.

More sightseeing in Iran

Iran continues to amaze us with its wonders. Isfahan is a large, cultural and World Heritage city. Do not think about not visiting it!

Savings when traveling

Keys to saving traveling

In this article we present some keys to saving traveling, specifically the 5 ways most used by travelers to do so.

What to do in Lima, capital of Peru

Will you know Machu Pichu? So take advantage and spend a few days in Lima, the capital of Peru. It's a big city! Incas, colonizers, cuisine, art, culture.

A guide to visiting Moscow

In 2017 the hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution is celebrated and you can schedule a trip. Therefore, write down this guide of what you can not miss in Moscow

Cheap options for traveling

In this article we tell you how to travel more economically with these cheap options to travel: train or plane, hotel or living with others, etc.

Four museums in Buenos Aires

Are you visiting Buenos Aires? Be sure to visit these four special sites: the Colón Theater, the Evita Museum, the Immigration Museum and the Barolo Palace.

Cinegetic tourism in africa

What is hunting tourism?

  Do you know what hunting tourism is? It is something difficult to deduce from the name but if I speak to you ...

Santa Lucia, summer all year

Do you want a place where it is summer almost all year round? Then head to the Caribbean and enjoy the beautiful island of Santa Lucia. You will not regret!

Things to do in Belfast

Do not give up visiting Belfast, it is a city that today lives off the Titanic and the War of Thrones. Do not miss it!


Asian currencies: Yen and Shekels

We show you the different currencies of Asia in the current current course so that you can differentiate and classify them without problems.

Cape Verde Holidays

Do you dare to go to Cape Verde? Follow this guide and you will have a great time!

Things to do in Jamaica

Are you going to Jamaica? Cool! Write down everything you can and should do in this Caribbean paradise.

Best beaches in Galicia

The best beaches in Galicia

We tell you which are some of the best beaches in Galicia, a paradise where we can find beautiful sandy areas.

Malta 2

What to do when visiting Malta

Are you going to Malta? They are three islands of landscapes, history, ancient temples and tasty gastronomy. Do not miss it!

Spain, a movie set

The television series, so fashionable in recent times, and the cinema have become the best advertisement ...

Cies Islands

6 magical corners in Galicia

Discover a few magical corners in Galicia, a place that continues to grow in tourism thanks to everything it offers.

best beaches melbourne

Melbourne's best beaches

We traveled to Melbourne, in Australia, to see some of the best beaches in Melbourne and enjoy the best places in this place

The best beach in mijas

Beaches and coves in Mijas

Today we know the beaches and coves that we can find in Mijas, one of the main tourist destinations on the Malaga Costa del Sol

Dunnottar Castle

Follow the Scottish Castle Route

Scotland is famous for its castles and you can follow the Scottish Castle Route to see the best, the most beautiful, the unforgettable


Recommended destinations in Portugal

A trip through Portugal is not complete if you do not visit these cities. Combine history, landscapes, culture and gastronomy and it will be unforgettable!


The best excursions from Nice

If you visit Nice this summer, do not miss the charming villages of the French Riviera that are around. They are old and beautiful!

Monarch Cruise

Baltic Sea Cruises 2016

You still have time to book a cruise on the Baltic Sea! I leave you some offers and tips to get to know these wonderful destinations.

Branderburg Gate

Summer 2016, what to see in Germany

We suggest you get to know Germany this summer: write down its best tourist destinations! You will discover beautiful cities, museums, castles and palaces!

Take your dog to the beach

In this article you will find many of the Spanish beaches where you can go without problems with your dog. Take your dog to the beach!

Czech Republic

Three cities to visit from Prague

If you go to Prague this summer, don't miss Pilsen, Ceské Budejovice and Frantiskovy Lázne. These are three unforgettable walks from the Czech capital!

Fly for the first time

There is always a first time for everything, even flying. If you are catching your first flight soon, this article can be of great help.

Information Eastern Europe

Basic Information on Eastern Europe

Do you want to travel and need to have as much information as possible about Eastern Europe? Enter our article where we reveal all its secrets.

La Seu Cathedral

7 things to do in Mallorca

Discover seven essential things to do in Mallorca, an island that has more than just beaches and coves with crystal clear waters.