Things to do in Seville

Seville is known for its hot summers and cultural treasures, making it a highly recommended destination to visit in Spain. Maybe not in In Seville there is much to do and see as it is a centuries-old city: Roman ruins, Arab palaces, medieval churches, bullfighting and flamenco.

What to see in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small country in the Balkans, mountainous and full of treasures for the traveller. The territory has been inhabited for thousands of years so Bulgaria has very old cities, full of architectural and archaeological treasures, as well as unforgettable mountainous landscapes.


What to see in Elche

What to see in Elche? Discover monuments and traditions of the beautiful Levantine city such as the Basilica of Santa María, the Alcázar and the Mystery

What to see in the south of France

The best postcards are from the south of France. This part of the country brings together everything one can expect from a French vacation with beaches. The verb is coming and it's time to schedule a vacation with sun and beautiful landscapes. For that, how about the south of France with Saint Tropez, Nice, Saint Remy, Arles, Avignon...?

Caves in Asturias

Asturias is an autonomous community of Spain, on the northern coast of the country. It is inhabited by around a million people and it is a very region. Asturias is the capital of caves and rock art in Spain. Meet the most beautiful and valuable caves.

Towns in Germany

Germany has many attractive places for tourism but beyond the cities, the museums and everything related to the Second World War there is Discover the most picturesque towns in Germany: Görlitz, Tübingen, Füssen, Bacharach and many other medieval gems.

What to see in Saint Malo, France

France has beautiful destinations where art and history are combined. One of them is Saint Malo, the most popular tourist spot in Brittany Saint Malo is a tourist pearl in French Brittany, somewhere between Roman and medieval, with beautiful beaches and great walks.

History of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

One of the most classic postcards of Turkey is the famous Blue Mosque that stands out against the sky of Istanbul. Imposing, beautiful, curvaceous, it will Discover the wonderful Blue Mosque, one of the great treasures of Istanbul, a World Heritage Site and a tourist magnet.

History of the Roman ruins on the beach of Bolonia

There is a village in southern Spain called Bolonia. Here, on its beach, on the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, there is a set of Roman ruins. Meet Baelo Claudia, the most spectacular Roman ruins in the entire Iberian Peninsula.

Lanzarote: what to see

Lanzarote is an island of the Canary Islands, and since 1993 all of it is a Biosphere Reserve. Imagine then its beauties! It is the fourth most island Discover the wonders of the island of Lanzarote: beaches, caves, art, wines, surfing ...

What to see in Madrid in one day

Can you get to know a city in one day? Of course not, or at least you can't get to know it completely and how the city deserves ... but there are times when you don't. If you only have one day to get to know Madrid then you have to concentrate on its most popular attractions.

What to see in Andorra in 2 or 3 days

The Principality of Andorra is between Spain and France and is a small sovereign state whose territorial extension is barely 500 square kilometers. Take a walk around Andorra: you can go hiking, visit museums, ski and do some great shopping.

What to see in Portocolom

In Mallorca there is a town with the name of Portocolom, an old fishing town, very touristy, which rests on a beautiful bay and is a great Portocolom is a fishing town in Mallorca that is a great summer destination for its coves, its turquoise sea , its caves, its kitchen ...

Lavender fields in France

When summer looms in the south of France, certain parts of the countryside turn lavender and put on a marvelous spectacle. This is how beautiful they are Summer is blowing up in Provence and the French countryside is flushed with lavender.

The most beautiful cities near Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the most touristic cities when visiting Europe. More than 70 years have passed since the end of the Second If you go to Berlin you have to know the beautiful cities and destinations that are around: medieval villages, beautiful valleys, canals ...

What to see in Okinawa

A complete trip to Japan cannot be thought without knowing Okinawa. It is one of the prefectures that make up the country but it is about three hours or so in Okinawa it is the gateway to tropical Japan.

What to do in Cuenca's old town

  Cuenca is a beautiful Spanish city, with a millenary history, although its tourist and historical attractions begin with the occupation Cuenca is an old Spanish city whose historic center is a World Heritage Site. Palaces, churches, squares, castle, walls and much more.

Kiev Caves Monastery

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, but it is also the heart of the country, an ancient city, with centuries of history and cultural richness. Here is the famous Kiev cave monastery is amazing: catacombs, tunnels, churches, chapels, museums, many treasures!

What to see in Limoges

In the Limousin region, France, there is a beautiful city internationally recognized for the quality and beauty of its porcelain: Limoges. It is a city Limoges, the cradle of the most famous porcelain in the world, has much more charms to offer you.

What to see in Jaipur

India is a huge country and one of the states that compose it is Rajasthan, whose capital is the beautiful and attractive city of Jaipur. We will talk about it today Jaipur is one of the most beautiful and touristic cities in India: palaces, temples, forts, gardens and museums, everything is waiting for you.

What to see in Mexico City

The capital of Mexico is an old, vibrant, populous, fun, historical, interesting city. There are no adjectives for the most important city in the Museums, parks, castles, canals, art, history, pyramids ... all this and much more you can know in Mexico City.

What to see in Nepal

Nepal is a small landlocked country in Asia, on the Indian subcontinent. It is in the Himalayas and its neighbors are China, India and Bhutan. In Nepal you can visit where Buddha was born, Everest, temples, shrines and payments and also enjoy the most beautiful nature.

Temples of egypt

If you like history, ancient civilizations and mysteries, Egypt must be on your route of travel destinations. Once in your life you have to go to Discover which are the temples of Egypt that you cannot miss if you travel to this ancient and mysterious country.

Malta's megalithic temples

The world has many mysterious places, of those that little is known and much is presumed. Malta is one of them or, more specifically, the temples. Get to know the mysterious megalithic temples of Malta.


Badalona stands out for its many remains from Roman times. But also for its wonderful beaches and its beautiful parks.

What to see in Extremadura

Extremadura is one of the autonomous communities of Spain and is made up of two provinces, Badajoz and Cáceres. It is a land ...

Panama Canal

Of great difficulty in its construction, the Panama Canal is a work of pharaonic engineering that unites the sea ...

Timisoara, with Romanian charm

Eastern Europe is a charming destination. Centuries of history and political systems have left their mark and there are ...

Welcome to samoa

If I think about how life in paradise should be, I don't know why, but I always imagine an island ...

Sudan trip

Sudan is an African country of wonderful landscapes. It is not a tourist destination per se, it is more for adventurers ...

Goa, paradise in India

Goa is one of the most popular tropical destinations in India. It is the goal of many backpackers looking for good ...

Phuket trip

  This terrible 2020 is ending. We can now begin to hope that we will leave the pandemic behind and in ...

What to see in Montevideo

  In South America, in the estuary of the Río de la Plata, there is a small country called Uruguay. His…

Vladivostok trip

Vladivostok is a Russian city very close to the border with China and North Korea. It is a…

Trip to the Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains are considered the natural border between Europe and Asia. They are beautiful mountains that run ...

Guadalupe Island

A landscape that many travelers seek has beaches, sun and turquoise waters. There are several destinations with these characteristics, but ...

Travel to Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a city with a lot of green, which is in a valley surrounded by ...

Hall of Fame

The dream of every movie buff is to travel to Los Angeles to visit every corner of the City of ...

London with kids

There are cities that are very friendly to visit with children as they offer tours, museums, activities, an easy-to-navigate design ...

Central American countries

America is a very large continent that goes from end to end of the globe. There are many countries, but without a doubt ...

Asian countries

The world is huge and when planning a trip, how we would like to have time and money to ...

What to do in Dresden

Dresden is a German city, capital of the state of Saxony. It is an old city, very cultural, great if you like ...

The Suez Canal

There are artificial channels that mankind has built the world and that are world famous. One of them is the ...

Trip to Ethiopia

I like atypical destinations, off the most popular routes. And it is because more than a tourist I like to feel ...

The Nile River

One of the most famous rivers in the world is undoubtedly the Nile River. Don't tell me it doesn't have ...

What to see in Lima

One of the most interesting capitals to visit in South America is Lima, capital of Peru. It's the heart ...

What to see in Mongolia

Mongolia. Only the name takes us immediately to distant and mysterious lands, with millenary charm. It is a huge country, without ...

Agadir, destination in Morocco

When it passes, everyone will still be there waiting for visitors. How about taking a short trip to Morocco? How about traveling ...

What to see in Bologna

Italy is one of the great tourist destinations in Europe. History, culture, landscapes ... One can wander many days through its ...

What to see in Yucatan

Mexico is a very touristy country, with thousands of years of history and wonderful landscapes. One of its tourist centers ...

Alcalá del Júcar

Declared a historical-artistic complex since 1982, Alcalá del Júcar is one of the most beautiful municipalities in Spain. Is about…

Trip to Lake Baikal

The largest freshwater lake in the world, by volume, is Lake Bailkal. Contains more water than ...

Villanueva of the Infants

One of the most beautiful municipalities in the province of Ciudad Real together with Almagro is Villanueva de los Infantes, ...

Nuremberg Tourism

One of the cities with its own weight in history is Nuremberg. I think we know her more from books ...

What to see in Florida

One of the states that make up the United States is Florida. It is a state where many people live and its geography ...

What to see in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a diverse destination, rich, generous with the visitor, super interesting ... It is worth visiting this city for a few days or ...

What to visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is a great travel destination. It has many interesting places and for that reason it requires a totally separate trip ...

What to see in Australia

One of the most wonderful countries to go on a trip is Australia: it has all kinds of landscapes, it is modern, with ...

What to see in Zurich

The largest city in Switzerland is Zurich, its economic, financial and university center. You can get there by plane, by road ...

What to see in Madagascar

The Republic of Madagascar is an island country that is in the beautiful and warm Indian Ocean. It's the island ...

Colombo in Sri Lanka

Known as "the island of a thousand names" because throughout history it has been known with many ...

View of Las Hurdes

The Hurdes

Las Hurdes are no longer the backward territory that Buñuel portrayed. Today they offer you impressive landscapes and very good gastronomy.

Hue, destination in Vietnam

One of the most picturesque destinations in Vietnam is Hue, an ancient city that was once the capital of the country ...

View of Jaca

What to see in Jaca

If you have wondered what to see in Jaca, we will tell you that the Aragonese city is rich in monumental heritage and has beautiful Pyrenean landscapes.

Trip to iceland

If you like thermal baths and wild nature, always challenging, then you must visit Iceland. The Prime Minister announced ...

The Arab baths of Granada

Taking a good bath is relaxing, for the body and for the soul. Many cultures understand it that way, although there were ...

Niagara Falls

Creating a natural border between the United States and Canada, Niagara Falls is a natural spectacle composed of three waterfalls ...

A trip through Cappadocia

One of the most popular postcards of Turkey is Cappadocia, a historical region that spans several provinces and has ...

The tower of London

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK capital is the Tower of London. When I come back…

Cambodia Tourism

Cambodia is a kingdom that is in Southeast Asia and one of the tourist pearls around here, along with ...

Delphi, in Greece

Greece is the destination that no traveler should miss. It has everything: incredible gastronomy, a lot of history, a lot of culture and ...

What to see in Bergen

If you are visiting Norway, then Bergen will be on your list as it is the second largest city in ...

What to see in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey divides its territory between Europe and Asia, and is a land rich in ...

Visit the Namib Desert

Our planet has beautiful and contrasting landscapes alike. There are coral reefs, tropical forests, dream beaches, mountains that rip ...

Ézaro waterfall

Ézaro waterfall

We tell you everything that can be seen and how to get to the well-known Ézaro Waterfall of the Xallas River in Galicia.

Monte Rushmore

Many postcards from the United States have become known for the cinema and today we add one more to the list: ...

Image of the Plaza Mayor de Chinchón

What to see in Chinchón

There are many who define Chinchón as the most beautiful town in Madrid as it is one of the towns ...

Tourism in Finland

For a long time progress was elusive for the countries of Northern Europe, but since the end of the…

Naples and its charms

One of the largest cities in Italy is Naples, the capital of Campania. It is also a great tourist destination already ...

Photo of the Royal Palace


Turin was the capital of the Kingdom of Paimonte-Sardinia, responsible for the Italian unification. It offers you numerous monuments and an exquisite gastronomy.


Cape Town is one of the most important cities in South Africa and therefore one of its destinations ...

What to see in Kyoto

Today Japan is in fashion. Two decades ago it did not have so much tourism but in the last fifteen years that has ...

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

We tell you what can be seen in the beautiful Torres del Paine Natural Park located in Chile, with glacial lakes, mountains and a glacier.

View of the Caldes de Montbui Town Hall

Caldes de Montbui

Very close to Barcelona, ​​the town of Caldes de Montbui is known for its thermal waters. But it also offers you monuments and rich gastronomy.


What to see in Calaceite

Discover what we can see in the town of Calaceite, a place where you can find a beautiful old town and important heritage.

The Valporquero Cave

This week is special for those who enjoy underground wonders, trips with children or landscapes that ...

View of Bárcena Mayor

Barcena Mayor

Bárcena Mayor is a small town in rural Cantabria that seems anchored in time. It offers you mountain routes, tranquility and rich gastronomy.

Visit San Pedro Alcántara

Spain has many tourist destinations that may not be as popular with foreign visitors. Well, it's time to ...

What to see in Bali

One of the most popular and famous tourist destinations in the world is the island of Bali. If we talk about beauty, ...

Disney Land Paris

Disneyland is a multinational company and has built "branches" in other parts of the world, so people don't have ...

Castles of the Loire

There was a time in history when France was full of castles. Literally. Not all have survived the passage ...

View of Buitrago del Lozoya

Charming towns near Madrid

Madrid is one of the great cities of Europe. But, very close to the big city, you will find charming towns that you must visit.

What to see in Écija

What to see in Écija

We show you what can be seen in the city of Écija in Andalusia, a place with a great history, beautiful buildings and archaeological remains.

What to see in Copenhagen

Today the countries of Northern Europe are in fashion. Cinema, series, gastronomy ... everything makes us want to ...


What to see in Tortosa

Discover what we can see in the city of Tortosa located in Catalonia, a town with a lot of history and monuments to visit.

What to do in Tenerife

How about knowing Tenerife today? We start the week with the largest of the seven Canary Islands, a great ...

What to see in Berlin

  Berlin is one of the most visited capitals of Europe and although a priori it does not shine like Paris or ...

What to see in India

India is a country that can hardly be described in words and does not leave you indifferent. It is necessary to travel there ...


What to see in Santander

We are going to show you all the places of interest in the city of Santander, in Cantabria, with the bay area and its old town.

Tourism on Lake Garda

The lakes are vacation destinations of choice in both winter and summer, and one of the most beautiful ...


What to see in Cádiz

We tell you everything you can see and do in the beautiful Andalusian city of Cádiz, one of the oldest in Europe.

What to see in Mallorca

We are already in November and the cold is seriously coming. If you don't like it and you are one of those who ...

5 beautiful natural landscapes

Our planet has beautiful natural landscapes that, hopefully, will be preserved over time. It depends on us so we have to ...

Trip to Equatorial Guinea

There are only two countries in Africa that have Spanish as their official language and one of them is Equatorial Guinea….

The Madrid cable car

If you go for a walk to the capital of Spain and you want to experience a good walk in the heights and good ...

Dusseldorf, the most popular German city

Tourism in Düsseldorf

One of the chicest cities in Germany is Düsseldorf. Here historical sites are combined with green parks, with churches ...

What to see in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the great capitals of the world. It is a city that vibrates with people, activities, possibilities ...

The Wax Museum, in Madrid

If you don't like classical museums but rather rare, original, peculiar ones, then on your next trip to Madrid don't ...


What to see in Alquézar

We tell you what can be seen and done in the town of Alquézar, located in Huesca, with a beautiful old town and hiking trails.


What to see in Cuenca

We show you everything that can be seen in the city of Cuenca, with its famous hanging houses, museums and natural spaces.

Fun in Jameos del Agua

Lanzarote Island, one of the most populated in the Canary Islands, is a Biosphere Reserve so its nature is ...

Krakow Jewish Quarter

One of the most interesting areas of Krakow is its Jewish quarter, also known as Kazimierz, it was founded in by ...


What to see in Covarrubias

We tell you everything that can be seen and done in the town of Covarrubias, in the province of Burgos, a beautiful medieval town.

The Golden Temple, in India

India is an amazing destination. It is not for everyone, although many say that a trip to India changes life….

Riga, Latvia

What to see in Riga, Latvia

We tell you what can be seen in the city of Riga, the capital of Latvia, a city that has beautiful squares and monuments.

One week in Corsica

The Mediterranean has many islands but only three are large and among them is Corsica, a natural paradise ...

Krka National Park, Croatia

Croatia, a new pearl on the European tourist map, has many destinations of great natural beauty and one of them ...

Black Périgord

What to see in Périgord Noir

The Périgord Noir area is located in France and offers us everything from prehistoric caves to charming medieval-looking villages.

The charm of Nepal

Asia is an amazing travel destination. It has everything, history, landscapes, culture, religion ... a trip to any corner of ...

Sierra de Gata

What to see in the Sierra de Gata

We tell you everything that can be seen or done in the natural area of ​​Sierra de Gata, an unknown space with towns full of charm.

La Alberca

What to see in La Alberca

We tell you everything that can be seen and done in the town of La Alberca, a charming place located in the province of Salamanca.

A walk through Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the smallest countries in Europe and also one of the most beautiful that you can find ...

Medina Azahara

At the foot of Sierra Morena and 8 kilometers from Córdoba is located Medina Azahara, the mysterious city that ...

Visit the British Museum

Europe has a handful of museums that are very important for the value of their collections, and one of them is the ...

Arribes del Duero

Arribes del Duero natural park

We show you everything that can be seen and done in the Arribes del Duero natural area in the autonomous community of Castilla y León.


What to see in Zumaia

We tell you everything you can see in the Basque town of Zumaia, a town with a historic center and beautiful natural landscapes.


What to see in Strasbourg

We tell you everything there is to see in the beautiful French city of Strasbourg, with its old cathedral, the squares and the Petite France.

Castle Orbaneja

Castle Orbaneja

We tell you everything we know about the town of Orbaneja del Castillo, a small town located in a beautiful natural environment.

Nerja caves

In front of the Maro cliffs and from the blue of the Alboran Sea, nothing suggests that under the ...

The Warsaw Ghetto

The capital of Poland, Warsaw, is today a vibrant city of almost 2 million inhabitants where the ...

Florence Cathedral

Florence is one of the most charming cities in Italy. A lot of people go two or three days on a more extensive trip around the country, but really I, are you going on a trip to Florence? Well, visit the Cathedral of Floerncia and even if you are tired, climb the more than 400 steps to its dome. The views are great!

St Paul's Cathedral, London

Europe is full of churches and England is no exception. For example, in London, you can see the beautiful St. Paul's Cathedral, an Anglican temple. Are you going to London? Don't forget to visit the Cathedral of Saint Paul and its treasures: the galleries, the dome, the crypt, the choir, the chapels. Absolutely everything!

National Parks

National parks of the world

We are talking about some of the best national parks in the world, with natural spaces of incomparable beauty and ecological value.

The Tower of Collserola

There are many towers in the world that basically fulfill communication functions. We must connect the planet after ...

The Dome of the Rock

In the Esplanade of the Mosques of Jerusalem is the Dome of the Rock, a sacred Islamic temple that receives ...

The Channel Tunnel

There are many ancient monuments that leave us in awe and make us wonder, how on earth did they do it? But what ...

The World Trade Center

The twin towers of the World Trade Center were inaugurated in 1973 and succumbed in the famous terrorist attack of 2011….

The Millau Viaduct

Nature offers us many wonders, but the truth is that man also creates his own and so on ...

What to see in Biarritz

  If you are one of those who are already thinking about next summer because you do not tolerate winter, then you can ...

What to see in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the best-known cities in England and is just over eight hundred years old. Did you know? In addition, it has many places. Are you going to England? Visit Liverpool to learn more about The Beatles, for example, or enjoy its completely renovated port area.

The temples of Angkor, wonder in Cambodia

One of the most popular and beautiful tourist attractions in Cambodia are the Angkor temples, a stone complex almost swallowed up by the rainforest. If you go on a trip to Cambodia you cannot miss the Angkor temples, as much or more beautiful than the Pyramids Of Egipt!

The magical Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland's tourist wonders and yes, they are magical. It is incredible the abrupt cut of the earth in its encounter with Do you like cliffs? Then do not miss the Cliffs of Moher, in Ireland: a fantastic meeting of land, sea and sky.

What to see in Florence

Florence is the capital of the beautiful Italian Tuscany, an ancient city, beautiful, picturesque and full of culture and history. Everything here is interesting and Florence is a great tourist destination in Italy and you cannot miss it. Art and history museums, medieval streets, squares, rivers, hills and, of course, food!

Tour the Châteaux of the Loire

If you are going to be in Paris for a few days, you can always sign up for a tour of the Loire castles. By no means will you know all of them, they are quite a few, Europe is full of castles, but there is nothing like the beautiful and elegant Loire castles in France. Do you sign up to meet them?

Selva de Oza, nature and tourism

  We continue with our outdoor tourism plan, under the sky, in contact with nature and between mountains. Today is the turn of the Jungle. Do you like hiking, zip lines, climbing, walking among firs and beech trees? Then visit the Selva de Oza and its natural beauties.

Castillo de Colomares, a very modern castle

Europe is full of castles of all types and ages, and in Spain there really is a lot to choose from. But today we do not have a medieval construction or If you are interested in strange things or you like kitsch, then take a walk around Malaga and get to know the Castillo de Colomares, a crazy place.

Caves of Zugarramurdi, treasure in Navarra

Navarra seems to be on the route of Actualidad Viajes lately, and it has many historical, cultural and natural treasures. Today we are summoned by the Do you like witches and bonfires? Well, go to Navarra and get to know the Caves of Zugarramurdi, famous for their pagan rituals.

Dalt Vila

Ibiza with children

When we think of Ibiza, the first thing that comes to mind is an island full of discos, pubs and coves ...

The Monastery of Leyre

This same week we are talking about a charm between Aragon and Navarra, the Yesa Reservoir. Among the tourist attractions of this destination we name Do you like medieval monasteries? Take a tour of the most beautiful in Navarra: the Monastery of Leyre, where the first kings of Navarre rest.

Yesa reservoir

Between Navarra and Zaragoza is the reservoir that you see in the photograph: the Yesa Reservoir. You like? It is a beautiful landscape that also has its history, as well. If you like nature, abandoned villages, medieval monasteries and the sun, then do not miss the Yesa Reservoir.

7 shocking world dances

Folklore is the set of cultural traditions of a people that form its identity and are transmitted from generation to generation ...

The Jutland peninsula

The Jutland Peninsula is a beautiful neck of land shared by two countries. One part is German and the other is Danish. It has very beautiful landscapes. Denmark! You went? Well, it has many incredible landscapes and some of the most beautiful are on the Jutland peninsula.

Royal Monastery of San Juan de la Peña

If Spain is full of something, it is churches and monasteries, isn't it? Well, in Aragon we find this one that we see in the photograph: the Royal Monastery of Spain has many monasteries and one of the most particular, due to its location, is the Royal Monastery of San Juan de la Peña.

Fushimi Inari, the temple of a thousand doors

Japan has wonderful destinations and my advice is to visit it many times because just one is not enough. I'm going for my fourth time and there are still so many left! Are you going to Japan and planning to visit Kyoto? Then travel only 5 minutes and visit the Shrine of Fushimi Inari, the one with a thousand doors.

The Bardenas Reales

Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Las Bardenas Reales is a natural park of wild beauty and landscape ...

Lake Bled

Slovenia is a country that is slowly gaining ground among European tourist destinations. Is beautiful! Among its medieval cities and its One of the tourist pearls of Slovenia is Lake Bled. It looks like a fairy tale! Island, picturesque church, medieval castle ...

What to see in Oslo

Today crime novels and television series that come from northern Europe are in fashion. On Netflix there are many Swedish productions, Oslo is a fantastic city and in a couple of days you can visit its most important tourist attractions: fortresses, museums, Viking ships ...

Oberammergau, a fairy tale town

There are many towns in Europe that seem taken from those fairy tales that we read as children. Germany has several and one of them is a small town. Do you like fairy tale towns? So when you travel to Germany visit Oberammergau, the pastel and baroque town.

The Cistercian Route

There are roads and paths, routes that take us through beautiful landscapes and others that plunge us into the history of architecture and religion. The latter One of the most beautiful tourist routes in Spain is the Cistercian Route: it combines religion, architecture and history in a few kilometers.

Infantado Palace

The Palace of the Dukes of Infantado, in Guadalajara, is the most beautiful building in the Castilian-La Mancha city. Declared monument ...

The Valley of Nuria

The Valle de Nuria is a valley in the Pyrenees located 2.000 meters above sea level in the ...

Sanctuary of Fatima

In Portugal there are many interesting and beautiful destinations and we have been talking about some of them here in Actualidad Viajes. Today it is his turn. If you go to visit Lisbon, do not forget to take an excursion to Santaurio de Fátima, it is very close, it is beautiful, huge and full of mysticism.

The Petronas Towers

One of the most iconic buildings in Malaysia is the Petronas Towers. You may not know its name but surely you have seen the double profile many times and One of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world is the Petronas Towers of Malaysia. They are the crown of Kuala Lumpur and you cannot miss them.

The Anne Frank House

We have all heard the story of Anne Frank. In some way or another, for having read the book, for the film, for a documentary or simply because One of the most visited museums in the Netherlands is the Anne Frank House, the house where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis in WWII

What to see in Rome

One of the most touristic cities in the world is undoubtedly Rome. With thousands of years of history it has something for everyone: ancient ruins, buildings Rome is an eternal city: discover what to see, what not to miss, where to walk, what routes to follow, how to take advantage of the Roma Pass, etc.

What to see in Garganta la Olla

Summer in Extremadura? Then take a walk through Garganta la Olla, walk its streets, get to know its old houses and refresh yourself in its waterfalls and natural pools.

Santa Cruz neighborhood, in Seville

How about a walk through the Santa Cruz neighborhood, in the heart of Seville? Old houses, the cathedral, patios, squares and many places for tapas.

Walls of Fog

What to see in Niebla, Huelva

The town of Niebla in Huelva offers a great cultural and historical heritage, with its well-known walls and other places of interest.

What to see in Évora

This summer you can go to know one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe: Évora, in Portugal: churches, Roman temples, menhirs.

Leon Cathedral

What to do in León

León is one of those tourist destinations in Spain that, although perhaps less known than other cities in the country, leaves ...

What to see in Marbella

Marbella is one of the most charming cities in Malaga and is considered the capital of the Coast ...

What to see in Morella

This summer you can visit Morella, a town that is among the most beautiful towns in Spain: aqueduct, medieval castle, black truffles ...

What to see in Dinant, Belgium

What do Gothic saxophones, caves, and cathedrals have in common? Dinant, a beautiful little town in the Wallonia region of Belgium.

Source of the Cuervo River

Spain is a fascinating country. Not only speaking in cultural or gastronomic terms but also natural. From north to south…

The Garden of Words, a must-see in Tokyo

Are you going on a trip to Tokyo? One of the most beautiful gardens in the city is the Shinjuku Gyoen, the same one that is displayed in the anime The Garden of Words.

Where to travel in October

Image | Asturias Tourism Are you going to save a few days of vacation and want to take advantage of them in October? Wise choice! When the…

Cap de Creus, land, sun and sea

How about knowing the easternmost point of Spain? It is Cap de Creus., In Catalonia, a place that combines land and sea like few others.