Cheap tourism on Easter Island

Small and remote from everything, this island is well known throughout the world. Its strange and wonderful statues have been installed with force and today hundreds of tourists go to visit or dream of visit Easter Island.

But it is a distant destination and somewhat expensive, or so we always think. Of course there are options so if you dream of visiting Easter Island and you have a tight budget, don't despair. It's possible!

Easter Island

Its autochthonous name is Rapa Nui And although today it belongs to Chile, it has little to do with the culture and history of this South American country. It is part of Polynesia and since 1995 UNESCO has awarded it as World Heritage.

The official version that archaeologists repeat is that the Polynesian people arrived here thousands of years ago and developed a great culture, of which the statues o moais They are the consequence, but due to overpopulation and deforestation, civilization ended. Diseases brought from Europe in the mid-XNUMXth century and the slave trade from Peru did the other part.

The thing is that there are different theories because the construction of these statues is evident that it has required a Herculean force and at least it is striking size effort for the people of one of the most remote islands in the world. A town so in connection with nature that its own island has already been deforested ... or simply that it has been able to move those super heavy statues throughout the island is still an enigma.

Easter Island it was annexed by Chile in 1888 and currently they live around 6 a thousand people with a high percentage of descendants of the Rapa Nui.

Travel to Easter Island

It is not cheap because it is a remote island. It is about 3700 kilometers from Santiago de Chile, the capital of the Andean country. Also, it is an expensive site because almost everything is imported with the consequent expense that is incorporated into the prices of the merchandise. Being in Chile then you must take a flight of Latam that offers a per day service. It is best to book in advance and go in low season, in addition to organizing a long stay, of a week at least, because that also lowers the price of the air ticket.

Would you like to arrive by boat? Well, it is not easy because although there are boats that come from New Zealand or other destinations in the South Pacific, they are scarce and very expensive. And from Chile there are no boats either. No cruises around here, the island has no port that can accommodate them.

Staying on Easter Island

There is everything and today luckily there are options within Airbnb. If you have some money hotels they are always better because staying in a good place on this island is priceless. But, as I said above, for a tight budget there are other options: camp, flat and house rental and hostel with bedrooms.

There is the Hostel Petero Atamu with free breakfast, bedding included and cared for by a family. We also have the Fatima Hotu's house just ten minutes from the center of the village, with a communal kitchen and a bedroom with bunk beds and clean sheets. There is no WiFi here but the Public Library offers Internet for tourists and the site is very close. A somewhat more expensive option is Kona tau which is in the center of the island and close to the airport and the beaches.

This hostel has rooms with private bathroom and communal kitchen where free breakfast is served. Includes sheets and towels and offers free WiFi. Even the airport transfer is free. The Hotel Rapa Nui It is another option, in the center of Hanga Roa and steps from the beach. Obviously, it is more expensive although it does not reach 100 euros. Actually there are many options and I think that in all of them you should read the comments of the users so as not to be surprised.

If you have little money then the best are the hostels. The price for sleeping in a bedroom does not exceed $ 20 much But if you go in low season you can always stay in a hotel or rent an apartment or a house for a comfortable price. And if you like the carp then there are camps to set up the tent, for example the popular Tipie Moana.

Eat, travel, discover

As we said before, eating here can be expensive because everything is brought from Chilethen what they do many backpackers is bringing some food. Cans, coffee, tea, sugar, cookies, rice, noodles. If you stay in a hostel or in a flat, you have a kitchen and that's it. Problem solved. The most organized even bring vegetables such as onions, potatoes, cauliflower, peppers, fruits, garlic, bread, lentils, powdered milk, wine.

If you travel with someone, it is a matter of making a shared list and distributing the purchase in the backpacks. When you are on the island you will be grateful to share with all this. And if you don't put everything in, it's a handbag and you dispatch it with your luggage. Latam allows you two suitcases with a total of 25 kilos so there is space. Once on the island you can always buy empanadas, fish, fruits ...

To get around Easter Island there are two good options: rent a taxi or rent a bike. Taxis are inexpensive and bikes are great when it comes to traveling long distances. Going from one side of the island to the other takes 90 minutes so if you are in good shape it is nothing that cannot be done by bike. You can too rent a car or motorcycle on your own and you're going to save some money because tours are expensive.

Renting a motorcycle is around $ 40 a day and gives you a lot of freedom. If you prefer a car or a taxi with a driver, prices can be negotiated. However. What should we know on Easter Island?

The visit to National Park it is a must. The entrance is around 60 dollars for the tourist but since the entire island is a park, it opens doors for you everywhere. The famous moai are scattered everywhere and within sight of the world so you can see them as many times as you want, except for the quarry that is excavated in the Museum in Rano Kau. Here you can only enter once with the ticket, which you should buy as soon as you get off the plane.

Know the moaiThe ones that barely peeked out of the ground and the ones that have been excavated to reveal a formidable height and shape take time but provide the best photos. But the island offers more: you can diving and snorkeling and see the moai that is submerged, surfing, sunbathing, walking.

The truth is that a week on Easter Island is a great experience and one of the most entertaining things you can do if you travel to Chile. So, don't miss it even if you don't think the money is going to be enough!

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