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For those of us who like to travel, any season is good to do so, be it winter or summer, we don't care. What does not give us quite the same is the way to do it and the cost that it may entail go from one place to another. Let's be honest, traveling is not what is said to be a cheap whim, and much if you do not know the ways to reduce expenses on them.

For those who still do not know the possibilities that exist to make more economical and profitable trips, we present this article today: Cheap options for traveling. Your pockets will thank you.

Collaborative consumption platforms


Airbnb is a platform where registered users they offer their houses (full) or rooms for much less price than what you can find in many hotels and / or hostels.
Something very good about this platform is that users who are visiting accommodations usually do later an appraisal (positive or bad) along with comments, which gives you great reliability of the veracity of the data, the kindness of the person who rents, etc.

I have used this platform twice and both times I was quite happy. You can find it on the web and also in the mobile app.


En Staydu you can stay for free together with other travelers in exchange for work or money. Staydu on its website offers you very different sections: a travelers forum to exchange experiences, a space where you can find travel companions (you can register your travel plans with dates and destinations), visit a local backpacker in the destination country that you choose or invite him to your city on another occasion to exchange in this way the help offered.

It is one of the cheapest ways to travel that we have seen on the net. It is also a fairly active platform with a large number of registered people.

Low cost airlines


Some airlines like Easy Jet o Ryan Air, compete with each other to offer the cheapest flight rates in Europe. From time to time they take out flight offers for just over 25 euros a ticket: a joy for the eyes of any traveler! Of course, try to read the fine print before buying anything, since that is where those travel requirements usually appear that if you do not look it could even be more expensive than any normal flight in any other company.

The train, as a great possibility

If you want to travel around Europe, for example, the train it can be your perfect means of transport. It is by train where you meet more travelers like you, people who go to the same place and who already have established routes and plans that could well serve as a guide if you do not know the area, etc.

It goes without saying that train tickets are usually more affordable than those offered by airlines and you don't have to worry so much when carrying a suitcase, two or three ...


Cheapest places in Europe to travel

If you want to travel through Europe and you don't know which are the cheapest places to do it, here we bring you a list that will be of great help when choosing a possible destination for your next getaway or vacation:

  1. Saint Petersburg (Russia).
  2. Sofia (Bulgaria).
  3. Belgrade (Serbia).
  4. Sarajevo (Bosnia).
  5. Riga (Latvia).
  6. Bucharest (Romania).
  7. Krakow (Poland).
  8. Ljubljana (Slovenia).
  9. Tallinn (Estonia).
  10. Lyon (France).

Lyon (France)

The cheapest destinations in the world to travel

And if you want to leave the European border, these may be some of your possible future destinations:

  1. Thailand.
  2. Indonesia.
  3. Malaysia.
  4. Laos.
  5. Vietnam.
  6. India.
  7. Nepal.
  8. Morocco.
  9. Egypt.
  10. Jordan.
  11. Guatemala.
  12. Honduras.
  13. Nicaragua.
  14. Bolivia.
  15. Peru.
  16. Ecuador.
  17. Argentina.

These places are cheaper in relation to the lodging and food that we can find there. Although the most expensive thing, if we leave from Spain, without a doubt is the flight.

We hope that with this article, money will not be any more impediment to you when it comes to traveling to your chosen destination. Or at least, do not suppose so much effort to be able to go from one place to another.

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