The world celebrates the 2018 Chinese New Year in style

Last Friday the Chinese community celebrated the new year, specifically 4716 according to its calendar, the most important traditional holiday in the Asian country. In 2018, the sign of the dog is the central figure, to which virtues such as fidelity, empathy, courage and intelligence are attributed.

Although each sign has a different year, in 2018 the Chinese foresee a year of personal and professional fortune especially for those people who have a greater capacity to adapt to the events of life.

The celebrations for the Chinese New Year will last until March 2, a total of 15 days where, through rituals, Chinese families make the transition from the year of the fire rooster to the year of the earth dog in order to attract happiness and joy. good luck.

In Spain, the Chinese community is large and cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Valencia are also preparing to celebrate and welcome the Year of the Dog.

Happy 4716 year!

The Chinese calendar is based on ancient counts of time based on observing the phases of the Moon to determine the cycles of agriculture, the engine of the economy in ancient times.

According to this calendar, the appearance of the first new moon is the one that coincides with the change of year and with the festivities, something that usually occurs between January 21 and February 20.

How is the New Year celebrated in China?

In China, it is a national holiday where most workers have a week-long vacation. The New Year is marked by family reunions, causing millions of displacements in the country.

At the beginning of the festival, Chinese families open the windows and doors of their homes to let out all the bad things that the previous year brought with them. Meanwhile, in the open spaces, the streets are filled with red lanterns and there are parades of dragons and lions to drive away evil spirits. In addition, on the occasion of the year of the dog, all kinds of objects related to its figure are sold in stores.

The traditional acts culminate with the festival of lanterns that are thrown into the sky to illuminate it as they rise and with a fireworks display. However, in Beijing this year there will be no firecrackers or fireworks as a law was passed that prohibits them within the fifth ring road due to high pollution.

Other curiosities of this celebration is that nobody usually talks about the past, since it is considered that it attracts bad luck and children are not punished, and they have a certain freedom to do mischief.

Image | London in Spanish

And in the world?

The arrival of the Chinese New Year 2018 was celebrated in many parts of the planet. In the United States, an impressive fireworks display was organized in New York City, although the beginning of the new year was also celebrated in Seattle, San Francisco or Washington.

London claims to be the city that most celebrates the Chinese New Year outside the Asian continent. There the acts are carried out in the West End passing through Chinatown to Trafalgar Square, which hosts the most important events. Free activities organized by the London Chinatown Chinese Association and attracting hundreds of visitors each year.

Other countries that celebrate the Chinese New Year are the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada or Australia, among others.

Is the Chinese New Year celebrated in Spain?

Spain is also involved in the events for the celebration of the Chinese Year 2018. For example, Madrid has organized activities of all kinds until February 28 so that visitors and locals can learn more about and enjoy Chinese culture. Concerts, fairs, dances and gastronomic routes are just some of the scheduled events.

The Chinese New Year is also celebrated in Barcelona with parades, musical shows and a gastronomic and cultural fair on the Paseo de Lluís Companys. Other cities such as Granada, Palma or Valencia will also organize activities related to the Year of the Earth Dog.

So wherever you are, you are sure to find a place to partake in the New Year's celebrations and have a great time!

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