Chocolate Museum, a classic in several countries

Chocolate Museum

Who is not attracted to the idea of ​​approaching the Chocolate Museum? Although we are not interested in the history of this food, it may be that a snack is attractive to us. That is why we can find around the world several places that are known as the Chocolate Museum, because there is not just one, but several that are very famous and interesting.

In Spain we have a couple of museums dedicated to delicious chocolateBut the truth is that there are some in other countries that have become well-known places, such as Cologne. So we are going to review some of these museums, just in case you travel to some of these places and want to visit them.

Cologne Chocolate Museum

Chocolate Museum in Cologne

Also know as Imhoff-Stollwerck Museum, this space is located near the beautiful cathedral of the city, a must-see, so it is almost impossible not to visit the museum. This museum was inaugurated in 93 and is located in a modern building next to the Rhine. The museum is entirely dedicated to the world of chocolate and inside you can learn about this product in depth. From the cultivation of cocoa beans to the elaboration or its history over time. On the two floors you can see how they make from chocolates to chocolate figures or delicious bars full of flavor.

Xocolata Museum of Barcelona

Chocolate Museum in Barcelona

This museum is located in the city of Barcelona, ​​and it is one of the few in our country dedicated to chocolate. It is a private museum and is located in a Historic building of the old Sant Agustí Convent. Inside you can see authentic works of art and figures made of chocolate, and also a journey through the history of chocolate. One of the fun points of this museum is that the tickets you buy to enter are edible and are made, of course, in chocolate. In this museum it is also possible to sign up for fun cooking classes and other activities.

Astorga Chocolate Museum

Chocolate Museum in Astorga

In Spain we have another museum dedicated to rich chocolate in Astorga, with a slightly more historical style. This city has a wonderful chocolate tradition and that is why they decided to create this museum in 94. Inside the museum there are four rooms and in them you can see the processes and the tools or machines that are used to create the precious chocolate. There is a set of writings that have been compiled in which the protagonist is chocolate. In addition, if so much talking about this product whets your appetite, we have a store where you can buy all kinds of chocolates.

Gourmet Chocolate Museum in Paris

Chocolate Museum in Paris

The Choco-Story chocolate museum is located in Paris, on the boulevard Bonne Nouvelle. Another great museum that can become a fun stop on any visit to the city. Inside the museum you can learn in depth the history of cocoa, the different ways of manufacturing and tasting chocolate. In addition, this is a museum oriented to the whole family, for which specific animations have been installed to entertain children. It is possible to participate in a chocolate manufacturing workshop to make our own products as a family.

Choco-Story in Bruges

Choco Story in Bruges

In the Belgian city of Bruges we find another interesting chocolate museum where they tell us everything from the beginning, starting with the production of chocolate by the Mayans to this day. This is another family-oriented museum, as children can enjoy learning with a search path designed for them within the museum. As it cannot be otherwise, the museum produces chocolates that visitors can taste. The museum is located on Wijnzakstraat and is open every day from 10 am to 17 pm.

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory in Australia

Chocolate Museum in Australia

If you look for the website of this chocolate factory, Charlie's book and the chocolate factory will surely come to mind. Inside the factory it is possible to find many surprising spaces and activities. You have to stop to see the largest chocolate waterfall in the world, enjoy driving a small toy train through a chocolate town or climb the great weight to move the ton of chocolate that is on the other side. This place is fun for children and adults, with lots of color and lots of fun things to do. There is also a cafeteria to taste the star product, chocolate. Other things that can be done is to see the statue of David by Michelangelo in chocolate, play with the great machine to make chocolates, attend the chocolate workshops to see how the delicacies are made with this product, play in the machines , see the animatronics or buy in stores. A whole large factory located in Newhaven, Australia.

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