Colorful beaches, for all tastes

Did you think that there are only white or golden sand beaches? Well no, when you start to find out there are beaches of many colors, although to know them you have to move a little from here to there.

The photos on these beaches are great and the explanation of why they have such fantastic colors will blow you away. Namely, there are white, black, red, pink and even green beaches! Well yes, we are going to discover them all.

Papakolea Green Beach

It is a beach that is in hawaii and is part of the quartet of green beaches in the world. There are three others in the Galapagos and one more in Norway. We found it in a closed bay that was formed about 50 thousand years ago with collapsed material from one of the many volcanoes that Hawaii has. Eruption, explosion and the ring that remained was eroded by the sea from then on giving shape to the bay.

The fact is that this land, called ok, from that pyroplastic explosion of the volcano, contains a mineral called olivine how do you have magnesium and iron it's green. It is one of the first minerals that are formed when magma begins to cool down and in these lands it is known as the hawaii diamond.

Obviously, this mineral is responsible for the Papakolea beach having this lovely green hue that we see in the photo.

Each filtering bag greenish mineral crystals Because of iron, they are denser than glass or volcanic ash, so instead of being washed, it tends to settle and accumulate on the beach. The sea water gradually sweeps it away, but as it is also washed, the land is eroded and new mineral comes to the surface, feeding the coast all the time. A marvel!

You get here walking through a meadow. It is about five kilometers from Ka Lae on the island of Hawaii and you can't get there by car, only on foot. Due to erosion and its dangers, cars have been banned. Once you get to the edge of the caldera, you have to descend so take heart! The hike is hot and humid.

Kaihalulu Red Beach

Since we are in Hawaii we know this other beach: the red beach that is on Maui. It is small and its color is due to the high iron content. The contrast between the deep reddish hue of the sand and the blue of the sea is fabulous.

The beach it is hidden in a small cove, as if it were a pocket beach, and you have to walk carefully since much of the route is somewhat slippery and dangerous. The beach shaped like a crescent moon and it is, again, the beach of a volcanic cylinder that collapsed long ago. It is the surrounding cliffs that have iron and give the beach that blood-red hue.

At times those cliffs are still vertical, as if they had never been eroded, so the landscape is quite dramatic. In addition to two wonderful species of birds, you may see people practicing nudism (the remoteness and privacy of the red beach invite to practice), and during the journey the remains of a abandoned japanese cemetery.

How do you get here? First locate the Hotel Travasa and get to it. You walk across the Hana Community Center grounds to the path on the right, now clear. If you run into the Japanese cemetery, you missed it, so you go back on your feet until you see the path that goes downhill.

The original path was safer but it was eroded so a new one had to be drawn, somewhat slippery. Care and patience.

The black beach of Punalu'u

As well is in hawaii so it's time to recognize that volcanoes give us wonderful beaches, right? This is also on the island of Hawaii, southeast of the Kau coast, and is one of the most famous beaches in the territory. It is located between the cities of Naalehu and Pahala, it has coconut palms almost to the edge of the bay and with luck you can see them sea ​​turtles nesting in the sand.

There is a picnic area and restrooms, even external showersso you can go spend the day. Nothing is highly recommended, yes, because there are many rocks and streams. It may also be that the water catches your attention and it is that there is fresh water that flows from the seabed, very cold and that looks like gasoline and that remains on the surface because salt water is denser than fresh water. They say that the sensation of swimming in waters with different temperatures at the same time is rare.

The black color of this sand is given by the basalt from the lava It flows and flows into the ocean, reaches the water and begins to cool. You can snorkel around here, in Cala Ninole, a short walk south of the main beach. The sea has been enclosed between channels of sand and the water is calm.

The black beach It is accessible from the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The pink beach of Harbor Island, Bahamas

It is not the only pink island in the Bahamas but it is the most famous. It's on the east coast and the local people know her by the name of Briland. It is the most exquisite pink beach in the world, soft sand and calm waters since the coast is protected by a coral reef.


The resorts here are of all prices but without a doubt the most luxurious are the best to feel in paradise. The pink beach at sunset is the best postcard. Going to the Bahamas is recommended from December to May since the rest of the year you can experience a tropical storm.

The shimmering beach of California

This strange beach is the Pfeiffer beach and it's in California, USA. It is not easy to find it but obviously, it is worth the effort to find it. Have a purplish, purple tone at times, depending on the light.

Sometimes it looks iridescent and sometimes when the sun goes down it turns deep purple. They charge you $ 10 to park and don't be scared by the rain because that is precisely when the beach has the most purple hue. If you go by car you leave it in the parking lot, cross the grove of trees and arrive at the open beach. The views are wonderful. There are rocks and over there you will even see a cave.

The strange color of the beach is due to the erosion of the rocks around it.



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