Combarro, a charming town in Galicia


Galicia offers many special corners to enjoy an incredible and unforgettable vacation. Among them is its coastal area, with charming towns that conquer the whole world. They say that one of the most beautiful is the town of Combarro, located in the province of Pontevedra near such touristic places as Sanxenxo or the city of Pontevedra itself.

Let's see what we can enjoy in the small town of Combarro, an enclave that is becoming more and more touristy but that continues to preserve its charm of a fishing village. In addition, there are many things to see very close to this town, so it is a place that we can surely see in a few hours to continue with our routes.

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Streets of Combarro

The town of Combarro was a quiet place until it became popular. Today it does not have the same silence and tranquility as years ago. During the peak summer season can even get too crowded, so it loses charm. It is advisable to visit it better during the winter. The only drawback that we see in that is that the shops and restaurants will not be open but in return we will enjoy the town more.

This town is located in the so-called Rías Baixas, on the road that runs between Pontevedra and Sanxenxo. Either of the two points is touristy, so it is easy for us to pass through Combarro sometime. The visit is not long, as it is a small town. The car must be left in the vicinity, since there is no direct access to the area with the granaries.

The granaries of Combarro


If there is something that has stood out for years in this town, it is its granaries by the sea. It is a fishing and agricultural town, so they not only look for resources with their boats, but also used the granaries to store the crops and keep them well. Today there are many of these granaries in Galicia in a good state of conservation. Those from the town of Combarro are already emblematic, as they offer a peculiar picture in the area that is next to the sea. You will not be able to resist taking a snapshot of the granaries together with the colored boats with the town in the background. These granaries are located by the sea because that way it was easier to transport the material they stored from or to the boats. They are usually built in stone and we can see all its details, with its pillars, doors and crosses at the top. Many have been restored and some even serve today with other more tourist purposes.

Fountain Square

The Plaza de la Fuente is a place to stop at contemplate the panoramic view of Combarro. This place is also close to the Padrón beach, a small beach where you can relax or sunbathe or simply walk to enjoy the views of this beautiful town. Before entering the town this is the best place to take good photos.

old town


Once we enter the old town of Combarro, the good comes. Here we must let ourselves be carried away and discover small corners. These ancient fishing villages have uneven streets, stone stairs, and small houses. Everything is very close to take advantage of the best area next to the water. In the streets you will see crosses, stone constructions with crosses that are very typical in Galicia. You will also see streets decorated with flowers, areas that overlook the sea and houses that have been converted into small shops where you can buy souvenirs. There is also a bar and restaurant where you can try typical dishes of the area, sitting overlooking the estuary. All this is part of the charm of the visit to Combarro. It is a quick visit but you have to enjoy every little place that it offers us. And staying to eat is always a good idea, because Galician gastronomy is famous for its delicious dishes.

What to see near Combarro

Combarro is a small town but it is close to places that were very touristy years ago. From here we can visit many other points of interest such as the city of Pontevedra. In this city we can enjoy its old town with the Peregrina church, as well as the museum and the promenade area along the river. During the summer season the visitors usually go to Sanxenxo, a beach area where you can find a good atmosphere, shops, bars and restaurants to spend the day. If we want to see another charming town, we must not miss O Grove, with the beautiful A Lanzada beach that it shares with the municipality of Sanxenxo. A town where you can try the best seafood in the restaurants located in the picturesque port area.

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