Calas of Cadaques

One of the most beautiful coasts of Spain is the Costa Brava. It runs 214 kilometers to the border with France and it is here, in Cap de Creus, where there is a picturesque and very touristy town called Cadaqués.

The creeks of Cadaques They are wonderful, so today we are going to get to know them because the cold will end soon and we will all want some sun and sea.


The Costa Brava begins in Blanes and ends in Portblou, on the border with France. As we said, there are 214 kilometers of marine coastline and Cadaqués is located here, at the point where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Pyrenees.

Cadaqués it is 170 kilometers from Barcelona and 80 from Girona, and the border with France is only 20 kilometers away. Until the XNUMXth century, Cadaqués was somewhat isolated, but at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the well-to-do people of Barcelona began to set their sights on this part of the coast and thus, over time, the coastal villages began to be summer holiday destinations.

There are many things to see and do in Cadaqués: visit the Salvador Dalí Museum and his statue, the Church of Santa María on the hill with its panoramic terrace over the bay, the Cap de Creus National Park with the lighthouse, the tourist trains of April to October… and of course, the beaches.

What are the beaches of Cadaqués?

Playa Grande

It is the main beach of the town which is accessed by a boardwalk. the coastal tongue it is 200 meters with a width of 20 meters, mixture of sand and pebbles. If we talk about infrastructure This is the best of all the beaches in Cadaqués because you will find everything: showers, toilets, rental of umbrellas and sunbeds, bars, cafes, restaurants. Everything is very popular.

There is also a sailing center where you can rent kayaks or you can sign up for cruises along the Costa Brava. In summer there are many people here, especially families since the access to the sea is calm.

Nearby is Es Portal, separated only by the San Vicenç stream.

Playa des Calders and S'Alqueria Gran

Calders is two or three kilometers from the village. It is a sandy beach made up of stones and It is not so visited. It's in a residential area so you can get there by car and then walk down. There are usually people doing water sports.

S'Alqueria is one kilometer north of the center, next to the cove of S'Alqueria petita. It is surrounded by a lot of vegetation and it is a super calm place. Nudism is also accepted.

Sa Sabolla

This beach is a little further, about 4 or 5 kilometers away but heading south. Nudists and couples visit it alike. It is recommended to access by sea and then walk following the path that comes from the Cala Nans Lighthouse.

It's Llaner

It is a beach near the center, a kilometer nothing more, and very famous for Salvador Dalí and his wife since they used to spend their summers here. There is his family home, where a frequent visitor used to be Federico García Lorca.

The beach is made of rocks and sand and has two parts making a total of Meters long 150. Llaner Gran is quite popular with couples and families because the area is residential and easy to access by car, boat or on foot.

There is parking, showers and bars near. The other end, Es Llaner Petit, is the one chosen by the fishermen and their boats, but it has a beautiful postcard formed by those boats, the sea and a tower from the XNUMXth century.

Llane-Gran and Llane-Petit

Is two beaches, one next to the other. The first is, as its name implies, the largest with 130 meters long and 12 meters wide. The other is smaller. Both are pebble beaches and although the entrance to the sea is quite smooth, the depth increases rapidly. Yes indeed, They are clean beaches with clear waters.

They are also beaches with showers, nearby parking and lockers. The large beach can only be accessed by the boardwalk and from there you can access the small beach. From this other little beach you can go to Es Surtel island since there is a little bridge.

The island is overgrown with pine trees but there are no beaches. If you dare, you can always dive from the cliffs.

Cala Seca and Cala Torta

It is a small cove which is about 5 kilometers north of the town, in Cap de Creus. It has stones and it is not easy to enter since you can only enter by walking or by boat. It is a cove close to the previous one, close to Cala Seca. So it has similar characteristics and few people.

Cala Portalo

It's a little further 6 and a half kilometers north of town, past the lighthouse. It is a cove of stones that can be accessed directly on foot from certain paths. In other words, it is quite inaccessible and that is why it does not usually have many visitors.

The natural environment is beautiful.

Cala Bona Beach

It is a Cap de Creus beach located 8 kilometers away, also made of stones, but visited mainly by couples. Nudism is allowed and there are also many walkers because it is a beach that is only accessible on foot or by boat.

If you go on foot, access is from the famous Cala Playera. Usually there are a lot of people.


It's in the center very close to Playa Grande. It is a small and beautiful beach very visited by local people. It is recommended to arrive on foot, leaving the car in a parking lot. The beach has showers and a bar area. Boats can also be rented.

Actually, the list of coves and beaches of Cadaqués is very extensive and to those named above we must add the following: Cala Nans, Sant Pius V, Es Sortell d'En Ter, Cala Portaló, Cala Bona Beach, Playa del Ros, Playa des Jonquet, Ses Ielles, Ses Noues, Ses Oliveres , S'Arenella, Sant Lluís Beach, Es Caials. Sa Conca, Es Pianc, Sa Confiteria, Playa D'en Pere Fet, Es Poal, Es Sortell, Cala Fredosa...

Finally, How do you get to Cadaqués? You can go from Barcelona by train or by bus. By bus it is cheaper and simpler and takes just over two and a half hours. Calculate around 25 euros the ticket. By train it is not direct, you must go to Figueres and from there take a bus that takes about 50 minutes to reach the town.

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