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Cambodian food

When people travel, it is normal for them to want to try the gastronomy of the place, it is a way of knowing the customs and the people who live in a specific place. Cambodia is a tourist place where many people travel annually to get a great vacation.

If you plan to go to Cambodia, this article will interest you.

Food in Cambodia

Cambodia typical food

Although it is not as spicy or varied as the rest of the food of Thailand or Vietnam, the food in Khmer is tasty and inexpensive and of course, it is accompanied by rice.. Thai and Vietnamese characteristics can be found in Cambodian cuisine. or Khmer, even though Cambodians love intense flavors in their dishes, especially adding prahok, the famous fish paste. In addition to Khmer food, there are numerous Chinese restaurants, especially in Phnom Penh and the central provinces.

Regarding the appearance of Cambodian food they have learned things from French food, I am referring above all to the presentation of the food. They are capable of making a simple meat salad look like something tremendously delicious (and we don't doubt for a second that it really will be).

Cambodian salad plate

Another aspect that Cambodians have been influenced by the French is because of the famous baguette. Baguettes are thin loaves of bread that are intended for breakfast and are one of the best-selling items for street vendors who sell baguettes on their bikes. It is the people who do not have time to eat a good breakfast at home due to lack of time who most often buy this product from street vendors.

Chinese food also influences Cambodian food, it can be clearly seen in foods that use noodles and dumplings.

As a general ruleCambodians tend to eat a diet rich in fish and rice. There is a recipe for catfish curry, which is steamed wrapped in banana leaves, it is a dish that all tourists often recommend when they eat it in Cambodia for its exquisite flavor. If you are a vegetarian, fresh vegetables can be served in a soy bean sauce. And for dessert you can order a rice or pumpkin flan. But if you want to know other typical dishes, do not hesitate to continue reading.

The typical dishes of Cambodia

Cambodian food plate

Next I am going to talk about some typical Cambodian dishes, so that when you spend a few days there on vacation or when you have to go to visit it, you know what to order in restaurants and that you also know what each dish has. This way you can enjoy the menu much more.


The tastiest typical dishes in Khmer include Amok, Cambodia's most famous dish among travelers. It is a dish prepared with coconut milk, curry and few spices that is only prepared in Thailand. Amok is made from chicken, fish or squid, as well as including some vegetables. Sometimes it is served with coconut milk and rice on the side.


On the other hand we also have the K'tieu, a noodle soup usually served for breakfast. It can be prepared with pork, meat or marine products. Flavorings are added in the form of lemon juice, hot pepper, sugar, or fish sauce. Somlah Machou Khmae is a sweet and sour soup made with pineapple, tomatoes, and fish.

Bai Saik Ch'rouk

Another typical dish of the place is Bai Saik Ch'rouk, also served for breakfast. It is a mixture of rice with grilled pork. On the other hand, Saik Ch'rouk Cha Kn'yei is a kind of fried pork that you can find in most places.

Lok Lak

Rice dish in Cambodia

Lok lak is half-cooked chunky meat. The latter is probably one of the remains of the French colonization. It is served with lettuce, onion and sometimes potatoes.

Chok Nom Bahn

Chok Nom Bahn is a much loved Cambodian dish, so much so that in English it is simply called "Khmer noodles."

Chok nom Bahn is a typical food for breakfast, the dish consists of painstakingly pounded rice noodles, topped with a curry sauce Green based fish made from lemongrass, turmeric root and kaffir lime. Fresh mint leaves, bean sprouts, green beans, banana blossom, cucumbers, and other greens pile on top and give it a luscious flavor. There is also a version of red curry that is generally reserved for wedding ceremonies and festivities.

Chaa Kdam: fried crab

Fried crab is another specialty of Cambodia's coastal town of Kep. Its live crab market is well known for making it fried with a green preparation, Kampot pepper, all locally grown. The aromatic Kampot pepper is famous all over the world, although you can only taste the green peppercorns in Cambodia. Many say that it is worth traveling to this city just for this dish.

Red tree ants with meat and basil

Cambodian ant dish

Even if you are not used to it, there is a reality and it is that you can find all kinds of insects on the menu in Cambodia ... tarantulas are also included in the most exotic dishes. But the most attractive dish for foreign palates is red ants sautéed with meat and basil.

Ants are of different sizesSome ants are so small that they are barely visible and others can be several centimeters long. They are sautéed with ginger, lemongrass, garlic, onions and thinly sliced ​​meat.

The dish can be accompanied with chili peppers to give an aromatic touch but without removing the bitter taste of the ants' meat. Ants are also often served with rice, and if you are lucky they can accompany you with a few ant larvae in the bowl.

Desserts in Cambodia

Do not think that we have forgotten about desserts, because we already had Pong Aime (sweets) in mind. These are available in most places and without a doubt, their flavor is exquisite. You can choose between different varieties of sweet meats served with rice, condensed milk and sugar water.. Something you can't stop trying is Tuk-a-loc, a fruit-based drink, raw egg, sweetened with condensed milk and ice.

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