Curiosities of Paris that will leave you speechless


Paris is a city that has much to offer. Places full of charm in which to lose yourself in the crowd or the incredible monuments that decorate the capital, while enjoying a pleasant climate throughout the year.

With an area of ​​105 square kilometers, and with so many wonders to see in any corner, surely the 10 curiosities of París that I'm going to tell you, you didn't know them.

A corner of Egypt in the capital

Louvre pyramid

The Louvre Museum Pyramid was designed by architect Ieoh Ming Pei, and was inaugurated in 1989. It is 20,1m high and has a total of 673 laminated glass panels. With a weight of 180 tons, inside the temperature is identical to that registered in the pyramid of Cheops, in Egypt: 51 degrees Celsius. What's more, has the same dimensions.

There are three Statues of Liberty!

The best known is in the United States, south of the island of Manhattan, but there are two replicas that are in France: one in Colmar, inaugurated in 2004, and the other in Paris. on Swan Island. The latter was designed by the Italian-French artist Auguste Bartholdi, and was inaugurated on July 4, 1889.

For breakfast, bread and cheese. And for lunch, and for dinner ...


If you have ever heard someone say that Parisians eat bread and cheese every day and you have not believed it, you were wrong. For them, these two foods are basicSo much so that they even follow very strict rules to get the best baguettes and the best cheese. And how good they are freshly made ...!

Can you imagine Paris with a huge guillotine?

Little was left to build it. And it is that, for the Universal Exhibition of 1889, a competition was held to design a monumental work, which would have to end up being the footprint of the city. Among other proposals, there was that of build a 274 meter high guillotine, to commemorate France's contribution to this practice. Luckily, in the end, it was decided to build the Eiffel Tower, which has nothing offensive and can boast of having a high ornamental value.

The Latin Quarter, the place with the most atmosphere

It is located south of the Ile de la Cité, and is one of the liveliest neighborhoods. During the Medieval Era, it was inhabited by students who spoke Latin. It must be said that this was one of the hot spots during the 1968 May Revolution, although today it is a quiet neighborhood, with pleasant restaurants and cafes that invite you to sit and rest.

Kilometer zero, in the square of Notre Dame

Point Zéro

It is not the center of France, but it is of Paris. from this point, from the Point Zéro that they call it, you can calculate the distance of all roads in the city. In the region it is often said that those who step on it will most likely return, as good luck will accompany them during their stay.

We do not know if it is true or not, but the place is certainly charming.

Paris avoided having 13 districts

The number 13 was (and is, still today, by many cultures) considered the number of bad luck. During the French Revolution of 1795, 12, and 48 subdivisions were established, but they did not want to establish one more for fear that the city would fall from grace. Something that obviously did not happen, because today it has 20 districts and is more alive than ever.

Spiral staircase of the Louvre Museum

In the Louvre Museum we can see and use a beautiful spiral staircase. But, did you know that there are different types and that they have different functions? They are elements that attract a lot of attention, so much so that a well-known architect has spent 10 years studying them. Now he has done an impressive job, in which he tells his story, the importance they have, the reason for his success, and much more. For more information, we recommend you read the doctoral thesis of the architect Alberto Sanjurjo.

Mysteries of Notre Dame Cathedral


It is the most famous Gothic cathedral in the world, and the most visited monument in Paris. You can find it on the Ile de la Cité, where the gargoyles that evacuate the water from the roofs, from which it is believed that they woke up the night that Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

Greet, an art

It is not enough to say Bonjour or Bonsoir (as the case may be) in a normal tone of voice, but rather practice a lot so that it comes out as natural as possible. Parisians love their language, so if you greet them with a -almost, since absolute perfection does not exist- perfect greeting, I assure you that you will enjoy the conversations you have with them much more.

Paris is a city where getting lost is always a pleasure, especially after reading these curiosities, don't you think?

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