Customs of Italian society


One of the most popular aspects of Italians it is their temperament, they are passionate and very expressive. They are very direct people and tend to express themselves with gestures that are usually exaggerated. These characteristics can be accentuated or minimized depending on the region of Italy that we visit. Possibly in Rome we meet more refined Italians, for this reason the Romans present numerous analogies with French.

While most of the restaurants belonging to the hotels in Rome include within their catalog of specialties a great variety of Traditional dishes, no tourist should miss the opportunity to dine at a traditional pizzeria or a restaurant Specialized in pasta. Traditionally these establishments surprise diners with some Show improvised where the italian humor is always the great host.


Historically the Italians were popular for expressing their most flattering compliments to foreign women in order to conquer her (that's why they were always considered in love). However, women of their own family as sisters or cousins, they were forbidden to date unknown men or wear provocative clothing. This custom is currently only maintained in small towns and among the elderly.

Family unity is a basic premise for Italian society, the mother is incredibly respected, although historically the father has always been the main reference (for many years it was considered that the Italians sound macho).

If you have had the opportunity to know ItalyTell us which were the most striking customs that you have observed.

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