Dangerous neighborhoods in America

Crime in some cities in the United States is alarming

Crime in some cities in the United States is alarming

Although in United States There are a good number of highly recommended places, we have passed the halfway point of this series of posts dedicated to knowing a little more about some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in this country, highly recommended to visit, although always with precautions, as practically in all corners of the world.

This time we are going to go to Indianapolis, one of the most visited corners when it comes to seeing an authentic show of motor, gasoline and speed, a show that attracts tens of thousands of people to enjoy this event, although this destination has other less recommended places such as the neighborhood of North Indianapolis.

This area is not too far from the famous Indianapolis 500 race track. This neighborhood is full of weapons, drugs, gangs and highly recommended people that you surely would not like to meet. The crime rate is 69,2 per 1.000 residents and the chances of having problems is 1 in 14.

In the state of Maryland it is Baltimore. In this city there is an area divided between North Avenue and Bel Air Road, which is known as “Bodymore”, Due to the many corpses that are usually found every so often on the outskirts of the city. Although Baltimore has quite a few dangerous neighborhoods, none like this one and violent crime stands at 149,98 per 1.000 inhabitants and the possibility of becoming victims will be one in seven.

As we are seeing in this series of posts, we realize the dangers that come together in this country that attracts so much travelers from all over the world and that if there is no certain information, we could end up in a highly undesirable neighborhood.

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