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Are you thinking of making a getaway with your partner? It is a plan that unites a lot because experiences are shared, unique places are discovered together while we stay in a charming hotel and carry out activities that make us get out of the routine. Thus unforgettable moments are guaranteed! What destinations for a romantic getaway would you choose? Next, we propose several very different ones. 


Near the Mediterranean, on the border between Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon and hidden between the Maestrazgo, Bajo Aragón and the south of Tarragona The Teruel region of Matarraña is located, a territory that is reminiscent of the famous Italian Tuscany because of its landscapes of almond, olive and pine trees as well as its medieval towns with influences from Gothic, Mudejar and Renaissance art.

The historic center of Calaceite is one of the best preserved in Teruel, for this reason it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site. The route to visit the town is woven from its Plaza Mayor, through its charming streets where you can see stone manor houses decorated with wrought-iron balconies, some churches or squares such as Los Artistas.

The Plaza Mayor is the epicenter of the town. Its beautiful arcades and its accesses under covered steps stand out. Under the arcades of the square was the market and it was also the place where public trials were held, heifer shows and where neighbors met in assembly.

The town hall building dates from the 1613th century and is in the Renaissance style. On the ground floor it has a jail and a fish market and on the first floor the municipal offices and the plenary hall with an oratory from XNUMX. It also preserves a large number of scrolls and other documents from the XNUMXth century. In the courtyard there is a Gothic key from the old parish temple, the old Gothic cross that was moved from the Plaza Nueva and a relief from the second half of the XNUMXth century.

In Calaceite, the 2001th century parish church of La Asunción is also a must, one of the most relevant baroque works of Matarraña that was built on the remains of the old Gothic church of Santa Maria del Pla from the early XNUMXth century and of dimensions smaller. On the outside, the tower and the facade with three doors stand out from which Solomonic columns stand out. It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in XNUMX.

Gates of Fez


200 kilometers east of Rabat is located Fez, the cultural and religious capital of the Alhauite country and a World Heritage city. It is the ideal place for a romantic getaway and to discover the authentic Morocco, having managed to preserve its traditions and lifestyle compared to other more touristy Moroccan cities such as Marrakech or Casablanca.

Palaces, temples, madrasas and walls testify to the glorious past of Fez, an ancient imperial city since the Qarawiyn, a Koranic university and mosque, was founded in the 789th century. A town in which a million and a half people already live and which is divided into three parts that reflect its history: Fez el Bali (the old city founded in XNUMX by Idrís I) Fez el Jedid (built in the XNUMXth century by the Merinis ) and the New Town (built by the French with Hassan II avenue as the main axis.)

The one in Fez is the best preserved medina in the Arab world and the largest living monument in Morocco. This huge network of alleys dates from the XNUMXth century and it highlights the cobalt blue of the Bab Bou Jeloud gate through which you access the oldest part of the city and a place where there is no traffic, no asphalt, or skyscrapers.

The most advisable thing is to hire a guide to show us all the secrets of Fez because it is not the same to walk through its labyrinthine streets aimlessly than guided by someone who knows the medina perfectly.

River in Porto


In 2017 it was chosen as the best European destination by the European Best Destination tourist institution also for a romantic getaway. A city that falls in love with its old town, which in 1996 was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996 by UNESCO. The image we all have of Porto is that of its riverside, with the typical boats and those picturesque old houses. An unforgettable memory.

This is undoubtedly one of the liveliest areas of the city to taste a fabulous Port wine and some typical dishes of this Portuguese city. However, a walk through the center will allow us to discover the Stock Exchange Palace, the Cathedral or the famous San Bento train station, among many other places of interest.

Prague Castle


The capital of the Czech Republic has practically everything: it is beautiful and it is cheap. In fact, it is so beautiful that you will think you are dreaming a fairy tale, more than enough reason to make a romantic getaway to Prague.

The history of this city is reflected in the great diversity of emblematic buildings and monuments scattered throughout its corners. What activities can be done as a couple? From classics like crossing the famous Charles Bridge to getting lost in amazing surprising cafes and beautiful unique gardens. Also visit the Jewish quarter, Wenceslas Square, the monumental complex of Hradcany Castle and the other great symbol of Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral, among others.

In short, Prague is a true open-air museum on the evolution of European architecture for almost a millennium: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, 'art nouveau', cubism ... Art lovers will enjoy this city like never before.

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