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Restaurants in Lisbon

La The capital of Portugal is a place that is usually visited for its great charm, for seeing its streets but also for its delicious gastronomy. This is a city that not only has to be seen on foot, but also invites us to stop at the many restaurants it has. In addition, you do not have to spend large amounts if you want to eat well in Lisbon.

Let's see what are the dishes of the Portuguese gastronomy that we can taste in restaurants. You also have to see some of these places that can undoubtedly become a place to visit. Because we must not forget that gastronomy is always an important part of travel.

What to eat in Lisbon


Knowing where to go if we want to eat well is just as important as knowing what we want to eat. Portuguese gastronomy is full of delicious dishes and well-known desserts, so it is worth being clear what things we want to try when we go to restaurants. The dishes that feature cod are many, since it is one of its star ingredients, as well as other fish. Do not forget the kilometers of coastline in Portugal. The bacalhau á bras is shredded cod, the bacalhau á lagareiro is baked and the bacalhau com natas is made with cream. But in fish dishes with sardines, salmon or tuna are also protagonists.

Although fish dishes are very famous and essential, there are also others made with meats. One of their dishes star is the alentejana pork. This meat is made with clams and potatoes, with a very original mixture. Other things that we can try in Lisbon are the roasted vellum, which is roast beef, or the roasted frango, which is grilled chicken, a classic that never fails.

Pasteis de Belem

There are other very popular dishes such as caldo verde, which is cabbage soup. Among their desserts we cannot forget the pasteis de Belem, which are cream cakes with icing sugar and cinnamon powdered. These delicacies must be tried freshly made. Other sweets are Alentejo egg cakes, sweet rice or bolo de bolachas, a cold biscuit cake.

Where to eat in Lisbon

In Lisbon we can find exclusive restaurants but also many places to eat well for twenty euros or less. Also, do not forget about those classic restaurants where you can also enjoy fado, his most popular music. So let's see some of the ones that may be interesting.

Principe do Calhariz

Principe do Calhariz

This is a restaurant of relaxed and very familiar atmosphere in which to eat classic Portuguese food. It is a restaurant that is located near the Chiado neighborhood and also has grilled specialties in case we are fans of meat or fish. In addition, it has an extensive menu in case we do not know very well what we want.

Bacalhau de Molho

This restaurant is located in Casa de Linhares and its name that means cod in sauceAs the most typical Portuguese dish is prepared, it gives us an idea of ​​the restaurant. We are facing a classic place in which to try the best Portuguese dishes. But this place has the peculiarity that in it we can also listen to one of those great Portuguese fados while we taste Portuguese cuisine.



If what we are looking for is a modern restaurant with a sophisticated atmosphereThen we can go to Parque Eduardo VII to have dinner at the Eleven. It was inaugurated in 2004 and today it is a restaurant that is one of the most modern in which to try gourmet Portuguese cuisine made only with seasonal dishes with what are delicious and fresh dishes. In this restaurant it is always better to book in advance.

Shoe Spout

Shoe Spout

This peculiar restaurant is located in a renovated warehouse in which they have not only installed a bar and a restaurant, but also a sushi area and spaces for events, as well as an exhibition hall. A modern place with great views over the river.

Nectar WineBar

Nectar Winebar

This space was an old warehouse that has also been renovated to offer a modern space. In this place you can taste the best selections of portuguese wines and also world wines. That is why it is an ideal place for lovers of this drink that acquires so much importance in Portuguese lands. Wine tasting courses are organized here if we are interested in the subject. Also, in case we go with someone who does not drink wine, there are other drinks such as teas and they also offer toasts and other details.

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