Where to eat well and cheaply in Mérida

Roman Theater of Mérida

The offer of restaurants where eat well and cheap in Mérida It is wide and varied. There are many places in the historic city where you can enjoy good food at affordable price.

Among them, you have them dedicated to magnificent Extremaduran gastronomy, but there are also those that offer international or specialized cuisine. There is also no shortage of tapas and fast food places. But all of them allow you to eat well and cheaply in Mérida. Next, we are going to propose some of these sites. However, first we want to talk to you about the typical city cuisine.

The gastronomy of the city of Mérida

Extremadura-style crumbs

A delicious dish of migas that you can eat well and cheaply in Mérida

The first thing that draws attention in the Emeritus cuisine is the quality of its raw materials. As you know, Extremadura is a land of magnificent Iberian pig, which provides delicious sausages, with ham leading the way. But it also has wonderful cheeses like the famous Casar cake, which is made with sheep's milk through a process that is kept secret.

Likewise, he has international fame paprika, which is dried by smoking and made in three ways: sweet, spicy and sweet and sour. And all this without forgetting wines like those of the designation of origin Guadiana River.

Moving on to the preparations of Emeritus cuisine, we recommend trying dishes such as salmorejo or gazpacho, which are also common in Andalusia. The same happens with the crumbs, although the Extremaduran ones have torreznos and peppers. It is also a strong recipe. pestorejo. In this case, it is grilled or grilled pork cheek with French fries. It is so popular in Mérida that there is a chain of bars that bears this name.

Also with meat the Lamb stew, which is prepared over low heat in a clay pot and includes vegetables and potatoes. We can tell you the same about the chanfaina, which is also prepared with lamb, cooked blood, onion, bay leaf, garlic and a touch of chilli. Likewise, the cachuela It is fried pork liver with butter, garlic or paprika and the rabbit in the style of Merida It is made with mushrooms and white wine.

Casar cake

Torta del Casar, a typical cheese that is found in all the places to eat well and cheaply in Mérida

A more curious name is a hash of tomato, peppers, cucumber, onion and bread called cojodongo. It is similar to the Andalusian pipirrana, but some ingredients change. Another salad also has a peculiar name, the zorongollo, which is made with tomatoes, roasted peppers, garlic and olive oil.

As for fish, common are pickles with river fish, but also ratatouille and fish garlic. Finally, Emeritus pastries in particular and Extremadura in general offer you delights such as perrunillas and repapalos. The first are cookies that are made with lard, egg, flour, sugar and almonds, while the second or sapillos consist of hard bread soaked in milk and eggs and flavored with cinnamon and lemon.

However, perhaps the most typical sweet of Mérida is the moñitas, so called because of their shape, which are prepared with eggs, flour, sugar and olive oil to achieve a spongy texture. As for the baker's buns, are similar to the Swiss. And finally, you have the sponge cakes and pestinos.

Good and cheap places to eat in Mérida


Perrunillas, one of the typical preparations of Extremadura pastries

Once we have explained to you the secrets of Extremaduran gastronomy, you already know what you can order in the places to eat well and cheaply in Mérida that we are going to propose to you. However, this city in the province of Badajoz, like all those in our country, also has restaurants with international cuisine, fast food and even specialized in Italian (for example, the Sapori d'Italia), the oriental or the Arab.

Likewise, there is no shortage of fast food places like MacDonald's, nor the shops with tasting of the delicious Extremaduran sausages. For example, Iberian Nico Jiménez, where you can enjoy a flea of ​​local ham with a drink for just three euros. But, of all the places to eat well and cheaply in Mérida, we want to recommend the following.

Casa Benito Restaurant


Casa Benito Pstorejo

You will find this typical place on San Francisco Street, number 3, very close to the National Museum of Roman Art . It is one of the oldest in the city, since it opened in 1870 and stands out for its traditional decoration and bullfighting aesthetic. The dining room, also, is like a wine cellar, although it has two floors and a small terrace.

As for what you can ask for, they stand out their tapas. For example, the Iberian board or the Casar cake. But it also offers you delicious local dishes such as the pestorejo, the Extremaduran stew, the potatoes with ribs o the chickpea. On the other hand, it also has peculiar toasts for breakfast and, on hot days, it prepares excellent refreshing slushies.

Via de la Tapa


Restaurant dining room

As its name indicates, this place has specialized in tapas, so much so that many of the ones he prepares have won awards in different competitions. You will find it on José Ramón Mélida street, number 48, also near the museum mentioned above and just in front of the famous Roman Theatre.

It is the perfect place to have a refreshing beer or a local wine with a portion of Iberian ham or a bit of Torta del Casar when you leave visiting the old Latin coliseum. But you can also order a delicious grilled Iberian sirloin and, to finish your meal, order one of their special coffees or teas.

A of Arc

A of Arc

Salón de A de Arco, one of the best places to eat well and cheaply in Mérida

It owes its name to the fact that it is located right next to the Trajan's arch, precisely, on the street of the same name. Even part of the monument is in the dining room and, from its terrace, you have magnificent views of the city. Likewise, it stands out for its simple and elegant decoration.

In front of the kitchen is Enrique Frias Roman, who has received several gastronomic awards and recommendations. For example, that of the Extremadura Gastronomy Association. Your dishes They combine regional tradition with an innovative touch.

Thus, on your menu you have dishes such as cherry gazpacho Jerte valley, the scrambled blood sausage from Extremadura with candied pepper or the grilled Iberian acorn-fed pluma. But also other more original ones such as Risotto Extremadura or tataki red tuna loin. However, if you prefer, you can also eat at A de Arco in the form of tapas and portions. Among these, you have a delicious Charolais beef tartar and a no less tasty Extremaduran ratatouille with fried egg. All this without forgetting unique burgers like broccoli with green mojo.

Chamorro Restaurant

Chamorro Restaurant

View of the Chamorro Restaurant

It is another place to eat well and cheaply in Mérida. It is located on Calle de la Legua, number 17, near the Town hall and the Albarregas park. In this spacious establishment, you have menu of the day for less than thirteen euros, but also a good letter. The latter, by the way, offers you some surprises such as, for example, Santoña anchovies, Catalan cream made following the traditional recipe or Iberian lamb with Corderex designation of origin.

You can also taste in Chamorro abundant breakfasts at very reasonable prices. A good example of this is the coffee with special plus toast, which only costs about three euros. And, furthermore, it has a interesting winery in which there is no shortage of wines from Extremadura, but neither are Rioja or Ribera de Duero.

Agallas Gastro & Food, a fun proposal where to eat well and cheaply in Mérida


Interior of a restaurant

We finish our recommendation of places to eat well and cheaply in Mérida by telling you about Agallas. You will find it on Suárez Somonte Street, number 2, near the Columbarium interpretation center and the bullring. His cook is Antonio Falcon, which offers you a fun and original proposal. A good example of this are such bold combinations as carabineros cream on potato omelette or Old cow's tail with cocoa and mozzarella sauce.

But it also offers you other delicious recipes such as sour apple salmorejo with arugula, scallops with roasted garlic emulsion cream or Thai-garlic shrimp. Already the letter itself is an invitation to smile, since it is not divided into meats, fish or starters, as is traditionally done. They have separated it under such curious headings as "eat, dance and enjoy that the world is going to end" or "the salad, salty, oiled and shaken by the hand of the madman." As you can see, Agallas offers you a different and original proposal that is accompanied with a good wine list and whose prices are around thirty euros.

In conclusion, we have recommended some places where eat well and cheap in Mérida. But, inevitably, we have left many others behind. For example, The Milanesa, which is near the bus station and stands out for its rice dishes, or Guts Heart, which is right in front of the Temple of Diana. Also, you have the Sybarite, with its grilled cod taco and its impressive homemade flan or The Carbonería, specialized in grilled dishes. Come and visit these restaurants and enjoy their exquisite dishes.

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