Culture of egypt

In africa is Egypt, a land whose name immediately awakens images of huge and mysterious pyramids, ancient tombs and pharaohs buried with treasures. I believe that no one can miss Egypt, at least once in your life you have to go and see, touch and feel what this wonderful country has to offer to the history of our civilization.

But how is the culture of egypt today? What about tourists, what about women, what is well seen to do and what is not? That's what our article is about today.

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It in Africa and Asia, although mainly in the first continent. The famous Sahara Desert occupies a large part of its territory, but it is the Nile River that, forming a valley and a delta, until it empties into the Mediterranean Sea, generates fertile lands, populated, for thousands of years.

One of the cradles of Western civilization, Ancient Egypt is super important to our species and today, the remains of this incredible civilization still decorate its surface and have become a tourist magnet.

Egypt's climate is subtropical, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Winter is, in fact, the best time to go sightseeing in Egypt without being burned to death in the attempt.

Culture of egypt

Egypt is a cosmopolitan country where various cultures converge. Within the Arab countries it is more open and liberal, especially in the treatment or consideration with foreigners who come to visit. There are certain words to keep in mind: modesty, pride, community, loyalty, education, and honor. Egyptian society is quite homogeneous, with more than 99% ethnic homogeneity. Almost all are Muslims, belonging to the Sunni community, and Islam is the indelible mark.

Egyptian society is stratified and depending on the place that people occupy in it they receive different treatment. Therefore, knowing that place is important. If the person studied at the university it is very valuable, as much as in which university he did it. Families invest a lot of money in their children's education because it is a tool for social mobility.

Now, speaking of family, Egyptians attach great importance to the inner core. The family must behave with integrity to be respected and that is why women are protected by the male members of their family until they marry. There are people more Muslim than others, or who comply more with religious conventions, so you will see women or young girls with a scarf and others more covered.

Egypt claims of itself to be a safe country for women And it is true that there are groups of female tourists who choose to travel to this country and have no problems. Obviously, being respectful of dress customs and behavior. The only thing to consider is not to travel at parties because some buildings and places may be closed, otherwise you can. An observation: men look very intensely at foreign women, even if they are accompanied by their husbands, boyfriends or friends. It is quite uncomfortable.

Business and life in general00 are run with the Gregorian calendar, but there are other calendars that are taken into account. For example, him islamic calendar which is based on the observation of certain religious formalities on the 12-month lunar calendar with between 29 and 30 days each. A Muslim year then has 11 days less than the Gregorian year.

Another calendar used in Egypt is the Coptic or Alexandrian calendar. This respects a solar cycle of 12 months with 30 days each and a month of only 5 days. Every four years a sixth day is added to that shorter month.

With respect to fashion You will see various styles that have to do with the environment and the cultures that reign in this country. On the one hand there is the Bedouin style, more represented in the oases of Sinai and Siwa, with highly embroidered and colorful fabrics, belts, brocade and masks with a lot of silver and gold. There is also the Nubian style, typical in the Nubian villages on the southern banks of the Nile: colors, embroidery ... Obviously, everything is dyed in Western fashion that is found in T-shirts, pants, shoes, international brands ...

How should we behave in Egypt? You have to dress modestly and know how to introduce yourself to the other, with a gift included if the meeting is more formal, young people must show respect towards the elderly, we cannot walk in front of someone who is praying (this applies if you are Muslim, but it should be known and apply it), you don't have to stay for a long time making a visit, we may not be punctual ...

Of course It is not the same if one is a woman or a man. If you are a man and you meet an Egyptian for the first time, a handshake corresponds with the right. If you are a woman and you greet a woman for the first time, it is enough to bow your head a little or exchange a light handshake. If the greetings are mixed, sometimes a handshake is worth it, although the woman should be the one who extends her hand first if you are a man, if she does not, she only shakes her head.

As we see, gestural communication is important. Egyptians are quite expressive and passionate people when it comes to conversation, so you will always see great gestures. Joy, gratitude, and sorrow are openly displayed, but anger less because it is misinterpreted as an insult. It seems that they are quite direct but it is not so, like other cultures being frontal in their desires is not something common. The egyptians avoid saying no directly so they take long, like the Japanese.

With regard to physical contact, everything depends on the degree of relationship that people have. As tourists we will not get to that point, unless we have friends or work with local people, but let's say that the unwritten rules of physical contact depend on the degree of familiarity and gender, obviously. An arm's length as a typical personal space is what to take into account.

Final considerations: if you are invited to an Egyptian house to eat, bring a gift, expensive chocolates, sweets or cakes, never flowers because they are reserved for weddings and the sick; If there are children, a gift for them is also well received, but everything you give, remember well, you must give it with the right hand or with both hands. And don't expect gifts to be opened as soon as they are received.

Basically, do not forget that Egypt is a Muslim country in which you have to be very respectful of customs that are not ours. We must not lose sight of that question: we are not at home, we must have respect. From experience, being a woman is not the most comfortable thing in Egypt, and walking through the streets of Cairo can be somewhat annoying because they look at you a lot, too much. It has even happened to me to walk accompanied by my husband and to be told things to me, regardless of their presence. My short hair? It may be, because he was wearing long pants and a shirt, nothing flashy.

But what I want to say is that while Egypt is a more liberal country than other Muslim countries, it is not at the other extreme either. With patience, respect and more patience, the truth is that you can enjoy all the historical and cultural wonders of this great country.

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