Egypt with children

Is it possible to travel with children to any part of the world? It may be, there are really adventurous families, but there are also families who are not looking for risks. Still, there are wonderful destinations that any child would be fascinated by… For example, Egypt. Do you dare to travel to Egypt with children?

When I was 10 years old, I loved pyramids and temple ruins. I dreamed of them, I read everything I could about that African country and I dreamed of being an archaeologist. So yes, many children love Egypt and yes, there are people who travel to Egypt with children. Let's see how, when and in what way.

Egypt with children

The first questions that come to mind when we think of Egypt with children have to do with where to stop, if we can walk around calmly, what not to miss, the best climate, documents, vaccinations ...

To begin with you have to choose the date and travelers agree that the best time to go is between October and April. In October the weather is still warm but not overwhelming in most of the country, while December and January are the most touristy months and there are too many people to be comfortable. Summer is just muggy, especially in the middle of August, so avoid it.

To travel to Egypt in general visa is needed and valid passport so you must check how the agreement with your respective country is. There is a visa that is processed at the airport and in general for most European countries it lasts 30 days and is paid in cash, but beware, on the one hand this facility is only open to some countries, and on the other, if you arrive by land or sea the visa must be processed in advance.

Speaking of money Egypt is a super touristy country so credit cards are widely accepted, but still, do not stop having Egyptian liras on hand because you do not have to trust. Now, we also wonder if Egypt is a safe country to travel or if the mother can move alone with the children. It is a Muslim country and I have friends who have not had a very good time, even with their husbands by their side.

But there are experiences and experiences so there are no excess precautions (especially in relation to clothes, that is, cover the legs, shoulders, nothing very liberal things). And is that Egypt is a bit more conservative than other North African countries.

You should not expect great security measures in transport, seat belts, for example, or child seats. It is also advisable that you have be careful with the food since there is not as much hygiene as in other countries. If you don't want the little ones to suffer from diarrhea or vomiting, then be careful with that.

This with respect to care or considerations, but in truth there is a job for you, this one, but another for the children. What I want to say is It is highly recommended that the little ones learn about Egypt before visiting the country: readings, documentaries, even cartoons. Even visiting a museum in your country that has Egyptian treasures is also recommended. You have to arouse curiosity and give them information so that, even with their limitations, they can contextualize the future visit.

What to visit in Egypt with children

Well, we can start by talking about regions: Cairo, the Valle del Niño to the south, the Desert to the west, along the Red Sea coast. Each one offers its own and when traveling with children the idea is make a mix so as not to overwhelm to children with too much history, too many museums, too much culture. We can encourage and satisfy a child's curiosity and at the same time make him have a good time.

In the Nile Valley there are temples and walks along the river, in the desert huge and golden dunes and camel rides, and on the Red Sea coast the options pass to the watersports. Here you should only go with registered instructors, check what the insurance covers and what does not, have plenty of sunscreen on hand and not go diving within hours of arriving in Egypt.

In the desert is the Siwa oasis, a perfect place for the little ones, and also the ancient fossils of a whale that can be seen in Wadi Al Hittan or camel rides from the west coast of Luxor. Can you imagine your little ones doing all this?

Well imagine them strolling down the Great Pyramid, inside if you are not claustrophobic, touring the halls of the magnificent Egypt museum with all its treasures or seeing the mummies of the Mummification Museum, something that without a doubt they will not forget. Of course, when you visit the pyramids it is best to go in a group and with a guide Since there are so many vendors, it is overwhelming, and you can get nervous controlling the children and trying not to pay anything to everyone who asks you for money. All at the same time.

Doing the guided tour ensures that they can arrange the photo or the camel ride for you. Yes, you pay for everything, but you pay and don't worry about haggling. The hot air balloon flights They are the order of the day when you visit Luxor. They're safe? What do I know! My in-laws have done it last year, a friend a few years ago ... but it is also true that not long ago one fell apart, what a stone ... It depends on you.

You can also add them to a ride on felucca, the Nile boat, potentially accessible in Cairo, Luxor or Aswan, better in the afternoon, at sunset; or the first class train to Tanta or the tram to Alexandria. On the Red Sea coast the whole family can walk, snorkel, go boating or get to know the Suez Canal from Port Said and see those huge, gigantic, freighters crossing it.

All these activities can be done quietly with children and as you can see, I'm not talking about squares or amusement parks or shopping centers. As you can see, a trip to Egypt with children is something else. It is not Disney, it is different. Finally, the question about whether Is it safe or not to travel to Egypt with children? three concrete answers: yes, no, it depends. It is true that there are terrorist attacks, yes, in December of last year a bomb exploded on a very popular tourist route, for example, but people come and go all the time, so I think the answer is depends.

It depends on what you want to experience and it depends on the political moment in the country. Considering this, it is your decision. I have been to Japan five times and my sister always tells me that Tokyo is waiting for a graaannnn earthquake. I go the same. I cross my fingers, take precautions, and cheer myself up. What do you think?

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