El Cañuelo beach

El Cañuelo beach is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful in the Costa del Sol. It is located in the Malaga municipality of Nerja, although it is his last sandy area, already bordering the neighbor province of Granada.

But the highlight of this beach is its impressive natural environment, that of the Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs. Due to this spectacular landscape, it does not have very well-known accesses, although you can get close to it by car. This is precisely what gives it another of its great charms: it has not suffered from the overcrowding of other sandy areas on the Malaga coast. If you want to know El Cañuelo beach better, we encourage you to continue reading.

El Cañuelo beach, a privileged natural environment

Also called cove el Cañuelo, this beach is only about three hundred and fifty meters long by ten wide. As we told you, the imposing cliffs of Maro surround it. These are some elevations that, in some places, reach two hundred and fifty meters in height and that constitute the last foothills of the mountains of Alhama, Tejeda and Almijara.

Therefore, you can also find other beautiful beaches in this area. Among them, that of The Alberquillas or of Cantarriján, the latter destined for nudism. If you have the chance, enjoy this rugged place from the sea. Navigation is allowed up to a distance of two hundred meters from the coast in the beach area and fifty in other parts.

Consequently, from the sea you will enjoy the impressive cliffs and you will also be able to spot species such as the genet or the mountain goat, which comes down from the mountains mentioned. And you will also see kestrels, peregrine falcons y yellow-legged seagulls.

Cliffs of Maro

El Cañuelo beach and Maro cliffs

El Cañuelo beach services

Despite being in an isolated area, this sandy area offers All the services you need to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. It has parking for cars, although it is located at the top of the mountain. As it is a protected area, you must access the beach on foot. However, there is a bus service that does leave you in the same sandy area.

It also has public toilets and showers and lifeguard equipment. In addition, you have two picnic areas in the area where you can recharge your batteries after bathing.

Its waters are crystal clear and allow you to practice scuba diving. Its seabed is truly spectacular. In it, you will see, for example, the coral orange, an endangered species. If you add a moderate swell to this, your bath in this cove will be a pleasure. For its part, the sands of El Cañuelo beach are white although it also has gravel areas.

How to get to El Cañuelo beach

The only way to get to this beach is by road. To do it from Nerja, you have to take the N-340 in the direction of Almuñécar and then take the 402 output. On the other hand, if you travel on the new highway that goes to Almería, you have to exit at Horseshoe and take your own N-340, but in the direction of Malaga.

You will reach the top of the cliff. Leave your car there and take the bus to go down to the beach. Its price is around two euros per person for the round trip.

What to see in the surroundings of El Cañuelo beach?

As we explained previously, this cove is located thirteen kilometers from Nerja, one of the most beautiful towns on the Costa del Sol. Therefore, we advise you to take advantage of your day at the beach to visit it.

The Cañuelo cove

Another view of El Cañuelo beach

The first settlements in Nerja have been dated around forty-two thousand years ago. In fact, one of its great attractions is the cave paintings in its famous cave. We are going to show you everything you can see in this beautiful Malaga town.

Cueva de Nerja

Is found in Maro, precisely very close to the Cañuelo beach. It is A Cultural and it has several rooms with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. In addition, numerous utensils from the Neolithic era have been found there.

But, above all, the cave stands out for paintings that we mentioned to you. In fact, some that represent seals could be the oldest created by Humanity. Among the rooms that make up the Nerja cave, you can visit some with such suggestive names such as the Cataclysm, the Waterfalls or the Ghosts.

The Balcony of Europe

This name is given to a gazebo that offers you unique views of the Malaga coast. His name was proposed by the King Alfonso XII, who was captivated by the landscape during a visit to Nerja in 1885. But more curious will be the statue dedicated to Backgammon, the old fisherman from the series 'Verano azul', which is just below the viewpoint.

Hermitages and churches

In the religious heritage of the Malaga town, the church of the savior, a Baroque and Mudejar construction from the XNUMXth century that houses wall paintings of Francisco Hernández. To the same time belongs the church of wonders, in Maro, although its bill is much simpler. Finally, we recommend you visit the hermitage of Las Angustias, also Baroque and with a cupola adorned with paintings from the Granada school of Alonso Cano.

Balcony of europe

The Balcony of Europe, in Nerja

Civil architecture

It is also interesting that you visit in Nerja the Ingenio de San Antonio Abad, one of the last preserved sugar factories on the Malaga coast. And likewise the Aguila aqueduct, with its four floors spanning the Coladilla ravine.

The History Museum

Finally, we advise you to see this museum, where you will find many of the pieces found in the Cueva de Nerja, but also information about the more recent history from the town of Malaga. It is located a short distance from the Balcón de Europa.

In conclusion, the El Cañuelo beach It is a small sandy area nestled in an impressive natural environment. Not excessively visited by tourism, a day in it will allow you to enjoy unique seabed and also its multiple services. To complement your trip, you can visit the beautiful town of Nerja, with its famous cave. Isn't that a great plan?


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