Excursions from Bangkok

While Bangkok is a city that has everything at all times of the day It may be that we want to take advantage and do some excursions around. Those famous day trips that oxygenate us a bit and give us more knowledge about our destiny.

Without having to travel long distances, just one or two hours, we have incredible destinations between ancient ruined cities, national parks and destinations where you can play sports outdoor. Are you going to Bangkok soon and want to schedule excursions?


Is the capital of thailand And as it is a port city located almost at sea level, going during the heavy rainy season is not recommended. Have a humid tropical climate and if you go in the summer you literally go to cook. Write it down.

The city is lined with canals, although today the vast majority have been piped and turned into streets. Bangkok has a metro, train and bus service and an international airport. For the excursions you will surely use the long and medium distance buses.

Ko Kret

We started with a very close destination, only 15 kilometers. Here, between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries AD the Mon people lived and have left their dominant mark. There is a ancient artificial island, a colorful market on weekends from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and a temple huge, the Wat Poramaiyikawas.

You rent a bike and you embark on an adventure then there are no cars on the island. If you want to buy souvenirs this is a great place as they sell bronze and terracotta objects.


It is a historic city and the farthest destination as It is 123 kilometers from the city of Bangkok. The trip should start as early as possible because there is so much to see. Here there is the bridge over the river kwai, the one from the movie of the same name.

There is also the Dead Train Museum and Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum. It is impossible to ignore the story here but if you like nature you can walk through it Erawan National Park.

Let's go by parts: the Museum of the Dead Train or Death Raiway, in English, recalls the years in which Thailand was occupied by the Japanese and this army forced its prisoners to build the Burma railway and a bridge.

Those are the facts that the movie recounts A bridge over the Kwa Riveri from the late 50s, although not the only one because the traumatic experience has returned to the cinema on more occasions.

On the other hand, just five kilometers from the city there is a Buddhist temple, the Wat Tham Phu Wa Temple with many grottos and tunnels with statues of Buddha. You can go by train from Hua Lamphong Station and also from Thonburi Station.

The trip is nice and very cheap, although it takes about three hours and the cars do not have air conditioning. You can also take a bus from the South Terminal.

Ayutthaya Ruins

A little closer, 70 kilometers from Bangkok, is Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of the kingdom. Most tourists arrive on a cruise ship and it is a excursion that you can arrange at the hotel or at an agency. The buses usually leave early, like 6:30 am, and spend a couple of hours loading passengers at different hotels.

Note the name of River Sum Cruises and Chao Phraya Express, more luxurious. Since 1991 they are World Heritage and the best way to visit the ruins, there are quite a few, is to rent a bike or motorbike or pay a tuk tuk. Visiting all the temples and all the ruins takes time and is exhausting because the heat never gives a break but you can't go through Thailand without stepping on Ayutthaya.

Nakhon Pathom Chedi

It is said to be the oldest city in the country and it is an hour away from Bangkok. It is not a half day excursion but a all day to make it truly unforgettable. You can start in the morning, have lunch there and come back in the afternoon. In general, it is an excursion that is completed with a trip to the Floating Market or to the city of Kanchanaburi.

El DamnoenSaduak Floating Market It is about 40 minutes from Nakhon Pathom and is the most beautiful and most photographed of all these Thai markets. Colors, fruits, vegetables, people everywhere. It is great.

The trip can be done by train or bus and the photo with the tallest Buddhist monument in the world, the Phra Pathom Chedi can not be missing from your scrapbook.

Ancient Siam

Muang Boran is his name and he is a historical park located an hour's drive from Bangkok. It contains many, almost a hundred, replicas of many of Thailand's most iconic structures. If you are not going to travel the whole country and you want to know them, it is an opportunity ...

The good thing is that all the replicas were built following the advice of the National Museum so there are successes and it has been tried that all the structures and monuments are surrounded by landscapes that are as similar to those of their original location.

You can go by taxi, by air-conditioned bus, the 511, the one on the Pinklao-Paknam route, until the end of the route. From there you take a minivan, the 36, to the park. If you visit the website you will see that there are vans leaving from the BTS station. Admission is 700 bht per adult.

This site is open every day from 9 am to 7 pm. Inside you can move around in golf carts for two, four and six people for 150, 300 and 450 Baht per hour.

National parks and landscapes near Bangkok

About two hours from Bangkok is the Khao Yai National Park dating from the '60s. It is crossed by a long network of trails that range from 500 meters to eight kilometers long, so if you like outdoor activities, it is a good destination.

The paths link picnic and camping areas with waterfalls and vantage points. For example, there are 20 meter high Haew Suwat Falls, the one that appears in The beach, the film by Leo Dicaprio. It is World Heritage and you can hire a taxi to take you or take a bus from the Victoria Monument.

Another destination under the sun is the Otzi Wake Camp, for wakeboarding fans. There are bungalows on the shore of the lake and also a resort so if you like it a lot you can stay a couple of days. Another park for sports fans is the Bung Sam Ran Fishing Park.

It is a lake on the outskirts of the city with private guides who take you fishing. The taxi ride is 40 minutes and you can calmly close the deal with a fixed rate with the driver.

Kho Larn is a coral island with six beaches in which you can practice many water sports. You arrive by ferry from the Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya and you can go snorkelling, diving, paragliding and fun banana rides. There are restaurants, stalls, you open and an emerald green water that is a dream.

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