Ézaro waterfall

Ézaro waterfall

We know that traveling to Galicia is traveling with the idea of ​​seeing incredible natural landscapes, something that we can undoubtedly do in the coastal area. There are places that over time have become increasingly popular, either because of social networks or because they deserve it. One of them is the impressive Ézaro Waterfall or Xallas Waterfall, since this is the river that flows directly into the sea with this waterfall.

This natural phenomenon is undoubtedly worth admiring, not only because it is something unique but also because it is a really beautiful landscape. We will tell you how to get there and also what can be done near the waterfall, since there is much to see on the Galician coast.

What to know

There are written testimonies from the XNUMXth century that already speak of the waterfall, as a phenomenon that can be appreciated from the sea. This waterfall is one of the few that falls directly into the sea, which is why it is so peculiar. But beyond the curiosities, it is one of the great attractions of the small town hall of Dumbría in which it is located. The height of the waterfall is 155 meters and its biggest drop is 40 meters. It falls on the walls of the foot of the so-called Mount O Pindo, which is also quite striking. For seven years it has had a minimum ecological flow, which means that we can enjoy it all year round. But without a doubt when it is most spectacular is during the winter, especially in winters in which there is rain, since it falls with more force.

How to get to the waterfall

Ézaro waterfall

To get to the waterfall, we will normally have to follow the coastal road that leads to Muros and Carnota, places we will pass through. It is a road that is somewhat long, with many curves, but that passes through really beautiful places, so it is worth taking this route. So we can perfectly see the Noia estuary and the beaches in the area. We pass Carnota and head to the O Pindo town hall. Mount Pindo can be seen perfectly in the distance. We will finally arrive at the small town of Ézaro, where the waterfall is. To the pass a small bridge over the Xallas river We will then be able to see a small road on our right, which is the one that leads to the waterfall. This road is narrow and not everyone wants to put their car there, because in high season there is not much parking. But if we don't want to walk a lot it is the best option. Another option would be to continue a little further and park in the town, where there are also bars to have a snack.

Visit the Ézaro Waterfall

Ézaro waterfall

When visiting the waterfall we must know that we have to walk a bit, especially if we go from the town, but it is an easy journey. Near the waterfall there is a recreation area with lawn and a small park. As we head towards the waterfall we find an old building that today is the Museum and interpretation center of electricity. If we continue walking we will also see the building of the old Central de Castrelo. After this building the best begins, since we will walk through a series of walkways from which the waterfall can be seen. These metal walkways give way to wooden ones, which make up a much more beautiful landscape. There are certain projections to take beautiful photos with the waterfall in the background.

When we reach the end we can go down some stairs to the rocks closest to the waterfall, where we can take the best photographs although it is a place that is usually full of people who want to capture the best snapshot. You have to be very careful with the rocks since they are often wet and can slip. We must know that there is also another way to see the waterfalls. It involves hiring a kayak to get closer from the water to the waterfall. It is a fun and different experience that will be very special.

Other things to do in the surroundings

Ezaro viewpoint

This place is full of beautiful landscapes. Climb to the Ézaro viewpoint on Mount Pindo It is one of the best ideas, as there are spectacular views of the villa and the sea. We can also go back and go to the famous Carnota beach, a long beach of fine sand of great beauty. Following the coastal road we can see Mount Louro with its beach and lagoon, being another natural space that will leave us speechless. It is also recommended to stop at the town of Muros, because it is a small fishing village with a lot of character where we can have a drink and also enjoy wonderful views of the Muros and Noia estuary.

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