Flight and accommodation two nights in Marrakech for 60 euros

Trip to Marrakech

It is not always easy to find great deals when it comes to traveling. Hence, today we help you indulge yourself, but much cheaper than you might be thinking. Can you imagine leaving for a couple of days, away from your routine and to a spectacular destination?

Yes, it may sound a bit more expensive, but we can assure you that you are facing an offer that you should not miss. Because they are not the kind that last for many days, so you won't be able to think twice. The plane ticket to go to MarrakechAs well as accommodation for two nights are insured for 60 euros.

Flight offer plus accommodation in Marrakech

The offer consists of a single ticket to Marrakech for 29 euros. You will travel with the airline 'Ryanair' and it will depart from the 'El Prat' airport in Barcelona. When they are offers like this, they are always usually specific places, with no other option to have other points of departure. The day is Wednesday June 6 and the flight time is 8:00 in the morning. Arriving in Menara, Marrakech, at 8:25 a.m. local time. To get this great offer, you just have to book it via Skyscanner.

One-way ticket to Marrakech


Now that we have the flight ticket, we will have to make the reservation of our accommodation in Marrakech. To do this, we go to 'Ezzahia Hôtel'. There a room, for a single person and for two nights has a price of 34 euros. Although if you prefer to be accompanied, the price will rise to 42 euros. Of course, in both options we came out winning. Because said hotel is in Guéliz, near the Palacio de Congresos and only 1,3 kilometers from the center. It has three stars and has numerous services, such as Wi-Fi, swimming pool, dry cleaning services and cafeteria. Do you want to take advantage of this offer? Well, you just have to access hotels.com

Cheap accommodation in Marrakech

What to see in Marrakech in two days

We have little time, but we are in one of the most beautiful places. It will always be short for us to have only two days to visit it, but we will make the most of it. We can start our journey from the so-called 'Plaza de los Tinsmiths'. One of the most visited areas and located right in the center. Walking from here, we will go to another name square, 'Bab Mellah Bay'.

Badi Palace

If we look to the left, in that place, we can see the Bahia Palace. A beautiful succession of courtyards as well as rooms that make up the palace. But it is that on the opposite side, also in the square, we are going to enjoy a new palace, in this case, it will be the 'Badi Palace'. It had more than 300 rooms as well as patios. A little further on will be the 'Saadian tombs'. They are composed of three mausoleums where the main Saadian leaders rest.

In a place like Marrakech you won't have time to get lost. Because it is said that all streets lead to 'Jemaa El Fna Square'. There you can find numerous shows throughout the day. We cannot forget to visit the 'Koutoubia Mosque' nor the 'Menara Gardens'. Key points in our tour, although the latter is on the outskirts.

Koutoubia Mosque

If you want to continue your journey, you will also have to stop by 'Los Zocos'. Here is a good place to take endless photos, but we must not get too confused because there will still be much to see. Places like 'Ben Youssef Madrasa', the 'Museum of Marrakech' or the 'Almoravid Koubba' they are also essential. So, we must divide our time well. On second thought, for about 63 euros to be concise, it is a most complete trip. What are you waiting for to get carried away by all this?

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