Fragas do Eume, the Galician Atlantic Forest

Fragas do Eume

Our Fragas do Eume are a natural park located in the north of Spain, in the Galician autonomous community. This is the best-preserved Atlantic forest in all of Europe, despite the fact that in 2012 it suffered a terrible fire that burned some 750 hectares. Today it is still a protected and preserved natural place that has become a beautiful tourist attraction.

Here at the Galician community it is possible to discover all kinds of natural corners of great beauty, like the Fragas do Eume. This protected forest has places of interest, from the canyons to the mosteiros or monasteries. Discover everything you can see in the Fragas do Eume.

How to get to Fragas do Eume

Fragas do Eume

Las Fragas do Eume is one of the six natural parks in Galicia and is part of several municipalities: Cabanas, As Pontes de García Rodríguez, A Capela, Monfero and Pontedeume. It can be reached by local road from Pontedeume passing through Ombre to the Caaveiro monastery. Also along the local road that passes through the Monfero monastery and the Eume central, from the As Neves and Goente turnoffs.

Useful information

Suspension bridge

It is a natural park, so some basic rules must be respected. It is important to leave the vehicles in the authorized car parks. Traffic is more restricted during the high season, with shuttle buses running to the park. Must be walk the trails and do not pluck the flora nor disturb the animals. Nor is it possible to bring pets. Bathing is not allowed outside the designated areas. If you are going to do routes, do not leave the trails and always carry a battery-powered mobile phone with you. In the event of any incident that occurs, the park staff can be notified. There are recreational areas to rest, especially if we go as a family.

Hiking trails

One of the best things we can do in this park is sign up for some of the hiking trails enabled to see in detail the flora and fauna of the place. There are five routes that are the most popular.

Route two Encomendeiros

Mosteiro de Caaveiro

This is one of the most popular routes, because takes us to the monastery of Caaveiro and we can also go through several bridges and walk along the banks of the Eume. It begins at the Cal Grande suspension bridge, one of the most photographed, and continues for about three kilometers to the Fornelos suspension bridge. Continue to the Santa Cristina bridge and from this bridge to the Caaveiro monastery. It is a linear route, although you can return by the road on the other side of the river.

Os Cerqueiros path

This route It is located in the town hall of Monfero  and it is a circular route of 6,5 kilometers. The starting and ending point is in A Pontela de Montelongo, where you can park. It is something very comfortable because we always return to the same place. About three hours are invested if we want to see the ecosystems of the place well and enjoy the road. An obligatory stop is the viewpoint of Mount A Carboeira.

Camino da Ventureira

Fragas do Eume

This is a circular route that passes through the Eume canyon, one of the most beautiful and magical places in the entire park. That is why it is one of the most recommended. It is six kilometers long and you can start at the Santa Cristina de Caaveiro bridge, which belongs to the first of the routes we have talked about.

Route of the Altos de Fontardión

This is one of the routes with high medium difficulty and is linear, 5,5 kilometers long. Pass through the Altos del Fontardión, which are a recreational area, and also by the viewpoint of Teixido viewpoint. This route with ups and downs is more recommended for those who are in shape.

Sesín River Ethnographic Park

This route has low difficulty and cross the town hall of A Capela, by the fragas that go through the Sesín, a tributary of the Eume. On this tour you can see the Fervenza da Mazoca, a beautiful waterfall, and also a stone bridge and some old rehabilitated mills.

Other things to see in the Fragas do Eume


One of the things to see in this area is the beautiful monastery of San Xoán de Caaveiro, near one of the routes. This monastery has been rehabilitated and shows us beautiful Romanesque art. You can take a guided tour that lasts 45 minutes and the visit is free. It is also an interesting visit to the Monfero monastery, with a Baroque and Renaissance style, which had its origin in medieval times.

La town of Pontedeume It can be another visit of interest if we leave the natural park. In this town you can visit the Torreón de los Andrade, see the beautiful estuary of Ares or visit the castle of Nogueirosa.

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