8 fun museums in Madrid

Cuatro Vientos Aeronautics Museum

The fun museums in Madrid They are very numerous. The capital of Spain has a museum offering that has nothing to envy of other large cities in the world such as New York, London o Berlin.

Any painting fan must visit the Museo del Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofia Art Center. Likewise, every student of history must know the National Archaeological Museum or of Romanticism. Likewise, those who enjoy football have those who enjoy Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid or that of the Spanish selection. But, in addition, there are other fun museums in Madrid that are more original and less famous. Below, we show you eight of them.

Museo de Cera

Museo de Cera

El de Cera is one of the fun museums in Madrid

All the big cities in the world have their wax museum, in which characters from the most varied backgrounds and conditions are recreated. And Madrid was not going to be the exception. You will find it in the center Paseo de Recoletos, number 41, and is open from eleven in the morning.

It has about four hundred and fifty figures which, as we told you, belong to all social spaces. For example, as for politicians and leaders, there is the king Felipe VI o Barack Obama; Regarding literature, they have to Antonio Machado o Mario Vargas Llosa; science is represented by Ramón y Cajal o Margaret Salas and the show Plácido Domingo o Lola Flores.

There is also no shortage of a room dedicated to children's characters such as Mortadelo and Filemon, Harry Potter or the simpson family, and another to the historical ones like Napoleon, Catholic kings o Cleopatra.

Perez Mouse House Museum

House of the Tooth Fairy

Perez Mouse House Museum

No less successful than the previous one among the little ones is the museum dedicated to Little Mouse Perez, the fantasy figure who takes his missing teeth and replaces them with money. Its origin is attributed to the Baroness of Aulnoy, who, already in the 18th century, wrote a story titled The good mouse. However, its popularity in Spain is largely due to the Father Coloma, who created a similar tale for the future king Alfonso XIII when I was a child

In this he took up residence in a shoe box located in the Arenal street, number eight. And, right next door, is the Pérez Mouse Museum. Visiting it will fascinate children, because there they will learn everything related to this legendary figure and, in addition, they will be able to draw and even buy souvenirs in its store. It is open both in the morning and in the afternoon and also welcomes visits from schools and organizes workshops.

A professional exhibition on cinema among the fun museums in Madrid

Museum of Cinema

Life-size Oscar statuette at the Cinema Museum

Throughout the world there are numerous museums dedicated to cinema. But the one you can visit in Madrid has the particularity of being Experience. In other words, more than to the great myths of the seventh art, he is devoted to the ways in which illusion is created on screens.

It is due to the effort of Carlos Jimenez, a former film entrepreneur who put together a spectacular collection on this discipline and, finally, decided to exhibit it. You will find this other fun museum in Madrid located in Villarejo de Salvanés. Specifically, it occupies the old Paris cinema and consists of three large rooms with seven thematic exhibitions.

Among its star pieces, it has about twenty-two thousand posters y more than five hundred projectors. Likewise, it includes pieces that belonged to the lumiere brothers and other founders of the seventh art. Finally, it has a store where you can buy specialized books.

Firefighters Museum

Firefighters Museum

Vintage truck at the Firefighters Museum

Just as its own slogan says, visiting this museum is knowing the history of Madrid through the evolution of its fire department. You will find it in the Boada Street, number 4, from the neighborhood of Numancia, district of Vallecas Bridge and opens from twelve in the morning.

It was created in 1982 and, in fact, runs through the entire history of firefighters in Madrid from its origins, with the so-called "fire extinguisher" from the 1894th century, until the configuration of the body as such in XNUMX. There is a space for documents and explanatory panels of the major interventions. But above all, it shows you tools and vehicles that they used in all the mentioned periods. For example, if you take your young children, they can climb into an old truck and watch a recreation of the firefighters' movements from the moment the emergency siren sounds.

Air Museum

Air Museum

One of the airplanes in the Aeronautics Museum

It is, without a doubt, another of the fun museums in Madrid. You will find it near the Cuatro Vientos airfield, specifically, on the NV highway, kilometer 10,500. It occupies an area of ​​almost sixty-seven thousand square meters divided into seven hangars and exhibition areas. Likewise, it has about two hundred historic aircraft.

Among its most valuable pieces are the Vilanova Acedo which flew in 1910 over the Valencian beach of Malvarrosa; he Jesus of the Great Power, a Breguet 19 that crossed the Atlantic in 1929; a Heinkel He 111, German bomber of World War II, and a autogyro Cierva C.19 from the early thirties of the 20th century.

The museum is open daily between ten and fourteen and accepts group tours for which it offers a guide. But, in the latter case, you will have to reserve it by phone and include more than ten people.

Lunar Museum

Lunar Museum

Activity at the Fresnedilla de la Oliva installation, another of the fun museums in Madrid

As you know, on July 20, 1969, man set foot on the Moon for the first time. In that prodigious achievement, he played an essential role. Station for Special Manned Flights from Fresnedillas de la Oliva, a municipality in the east of the community of Madrid. From the center the crew of the Apollo XI that they had thirty seconds left to land on the moon. Likewise, many other flights were monitored from this place, including those of the ferries Columbia o Challenger.

To commemorate all this and spread the feat of Apollo XI, this Lunar Museum State Interpretation Center in the same locality. In it you can see astronaut suits, the original devices from which the aforementioned message was sent or documents with the flight plans. But, perhaps, the big stars of the show are spaceship models such as that of the Saturn V rocket or that of the Apollo XI module itself.

The museum is open on weekends between eleven and fourteen (the rest of the days it welcomes schools). Additionally, organize activities and workshops for the whole family whose mission is to entertain the little ones, but also to facilitate their knowledge of space and its exploration by human beings.

The Enchanted Forest, nature among the fun museums in Madrid

The Enchanted Forest

Snow White's Carriage in The Enchanted Forest

You may have seen the movie Edward Scissorhands. If so, you will get an idea of ​​what you are going to find in this facility. Because it is a botanical garden that exhibits about three hundred sculptures created with plant species. Among them, dragons, princesses or Snow White's carriage. Likewise, it has a very interesting area of bonsai y about five hundred species of plants and trees arrivals from all over the world.

This space, which is also among the fun museums in Madrid that we suggest, is in San Martín de Valdeiglesias. It opens at ten in the morning and you can even bring food to spend a day of family picnic. But we recommend that you wait until night to enjoy the great show of lights, colors and figures What they do every day in spring.

Museum of Drawing, Graphic Work and Contemporary Japanese Work

Japanese Art Museum

One of the rooms of the Museum of Japanese Drawing and Graphic Works

We finish our review of the fun museums in Madrid by telling you about this one that, in addition to being interesting, is curious. Because, a priori, no one would think of finding an exhibition center dedicated to Japanese culture in a small town in the province of Madrid. However, this is located in Puebla de la Sierra, which barely has ninety-nine inhabitants and is located about one hundred kilometers from the capital.

Its location alone makes it worth visiting this museum. Because the area is part of the Sierra del Rincóndeclared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. If you like hiking, you have magnificent routes to enjoy this activity. For example, those named Path through the Eras and the Irrigation Pile, with great views of La Hiruela or the upper Jarama valley; the Jobs of Life, which passes through mills and apiaries, or Fountain Path Place, among forests of birch, cherry and hazel trees.

Precisely, the origin of the exhibition center is in the valley of dreams, a one-kilometer route adorned with sculptures that harmoniously integrate with the natural environment. But, focusing now on the interior of the museum, it has paintings by contemporary Japanese authors.

However, it is not limited to them. It also has an interesting collection of 20th century Spanish painters such as Antoni Tapies, Picasso o Barceló. It even shows an interesting collection of drawings and sketches of Alejo Vera, one of the peaks of historical painting of the 19th century in Spain.

In conclusion, we have shown you eight fun museums in Madrid which constitute an alternative to the usual visits in the capital of Spain. But we could mention others such as, for example, the one with the robot, Ski Paquito Fernández Ochoa or the most curious of Melon, located, of course, in Villaconejos, a major producer of this fruit. Dare to meet them.

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