Gastronomy of Austria: typical dishes

Austrian gastronomy

Today we will wander our minds through the well-known Austrian gastronomy. This type of cuisine has many influences, including Jewish, Hungarian or Czech cuisine. It is a cuisine that is recognized for its main dishes, with rich meats and also for its cakes.

Let get to know some of the typical dishes of Austrian cuisine, a type of cuisine that offers us succulent dishes full of flavors. It is good to know the gastronomy of the places we visit because it is also part of their culture and history.



Surely this name already sounds familiar to you, and that is that this apple pie is also a typical dish of southern Germany. It's about a very thin roll of dough that is sometimes puff pastry. Inside we find applesauce, sugar, cinnamon, raisins and breadcrumbs. It is also common to add some nuts to give it more flavor. It is made in the oven and is usually served sprinkled with icing sugar and sometimes accompanied by a sweet cream with a vanilla aroma. In short, a dessert that you have to try and that we will almost certainly like.

Viener schnitzel


East vienna-style steak has Arab influences apparently. It is said that the Arabs took the recipe to Spain and then to Italy and finally it arrived here. Today it is one of the must-try dishes of Austrian cuisine. It is prepared with beef cut into a thin slice, since you have to add the batter. It is then dipped in flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs. It is an idea that matches the Spanish Milanese we know so much, so this dish will probably be familiar and delicious at the same time. However, in the Austrian cuisine it is usually fried in butter and not in olive oil. As for the way of serving it, they usually add French fries or a salad as a side.



This dish is made with Viennese style beef. This meat is cooked in a vegetable broth or water that gives it a certain flavor. When cooked it is cut into slices and served. It is usually accompanied by mashed potatoes and some compotes or sauces to take with the meat. Altogether it is a unique and very traditional dish that is worth trying, especially if you are meat lovers.

Viennese sausage

It can not be missing in the Austrian diet the famous Viennese sausages. It is quite true that meat plays an important role in its gastronomy, so this dish is another that we should not stop trying. They are usually boiled with beef or pork and then smoked. Finally, they are served in various ways, although they can be simply eaten with bread. We will surely find many restaurants in which to eat an authentic Viennese sausage.

beff stew typical of Hungary

This dish has its influences in Eastern Europe and it is very well known in places like Hungary. It is a dish considered humble, but nowadays it is part of the culture of this country and therefore we can find it in many restaurants and thus try it. It is a stewed meat whose preparation is easy. Potato and parsley salad is usually added. A simple dish but one that we should definitely try and enjoy.



This plate consists of meatballs that are cooked in salted water. Meatballs are different in all parts of the world but they are a staple of the Austrian diet. They can be made of potato, bread or flour or meat, being very similar in this case to the meatballs that can be seen almost everywhere in the world. But in Austria they can have different ingredients.


Our cookies that are called like that are typical of the Christmas season. Surely we have all seen these types of shaped cookies in other places, as they have become very popular. The recipe usually varies from one house to another, although what is clear is that it is sweet cookies made with shortcrust dough that is spread and then cut out with utensils with different shapes. Chocolate or pieces of dried fruit can be added to them. Be that as it may, if you visit Austria during Christmas you will see that these cookies are a classic.


Sacher cake

La Sacher cake is already a pastry classic in most of the world, one of those sweets that is so tasty that it has crossed borders. It is a chocolate cake, it is composed of two sheets of chocolate and butter sponge cake that are separated with apricot jam. The entire cake is covered with a dark chocolate frosting that gives it that delicious look.

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