Gay-friendly countries to visit

Gay-friendly countries to visit

There will come a day when this type of list will be laughable, obsolete, out of fashion. But meanwhile many of the people in the group LGTBQ + They still prefer to travel to destinations that do not give them a single bad time.

That is, destinations where they do not have to think about issues such as security, inclusion, discrimination, oppressive religion, persecution or yes, too death penalty. So, here we have the list of gayfriendly countries to visit. Which prefer?


Gay-friendly countries to visit

That's right, Canada is at the top of the destinations queer-friendly in the world. It more than meets all the factors that someone in the community considers important.

And, going into history, there are some very interesting questions in relation to this North American country:

  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights are extensive. Between consenting adults Sex between people of the same gender has been legal since 1969.
  • Sexual orientation has been protected by the constitution since 1995.
  • Equal marriage has been legal since 2005.
  • la gender conversion therapy is prohibited in minors and adults from 2022 (that of adapting genitality to the gender with greater presence if, for example, the person is XY).

So, you have to go to Canada. Most Canadian cities have very active gay communities and every summer there is the Gay Pride's day in all of them, with the presence even of politicians and officials.


gayfriendly malta

Here LGTBQ+ rights are constitutionally protected. They usually call it "the island of tolerance, a title that he has managed to achieve with his achievements over the last 20 years.

Malta gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1964 and In 1973, sexual activity between people of the same gender was legalized., with 16 years as the age of consent. On par with heterosexual sex.

The 21st century sped things up, and so, it was The first country in the European Union is to ban sex conversion therapies in 2016. Today, equal rights are part of normal life in the country.

Gay-friendly countries to travel to

But the truth is that where there are lights there are shadows: despite everything in Malta abortion is still illegalFor example, still There is no law that prevents discrimination at work. or HIV prevention drugs that are taken when there has been a dangerous situation are only available at a high price.

New Zealand

New Zealand, gay friendly destination

It doesn't surprise me because I don't know about you, but I have the idea that this country is, as they say in English, very Easygoing.

The country has recognized the civil union between people of the same gender in 2004 and legalized in 2013 equal marriage. It is the first country in the Asia Pacific region to do so.

Also that year adoptions by same-sex couples are legal. Their armed forces I am also gay friendly, and all because of hard work to include gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transgender people in them.

It is one of the nations that has most understood how good it is to have a diverse and inclusive society. Long live the kiwis!


Portugal gayfriendly

One might think that being a country with a strong Christian imprint it would not be very gay-friendly, but apparently it is. At least its largest cities like Lisbon and Porto.

Portugal has legislation: equal marriage is legalThere laws preventing discrimination at work and you can even claim this type of discrimination to request asylum.

La Portugal's Gender Law was ratified in 2011, allowing people to change their gender on birth certificates and other documents.

Portugal gayfriendly

If you go on a trip to Portugal, try to enjoy Lisbon and its neighborhoods Príncipe Real and Bairro Alto, known for their gay nightlife in clubs and bars. There is also the Chiado area. Don't miss Pride Month in June with a special park in Terreiro do Paco.

In the case of Porto the move goes through Avenida dos Aliados, the Jardim do Passeio Alegre and any disco bar, restaurant or cafeteria that is around.

Finally, you can try Cascais Also, a coastal city near Lisbon with great beaches. For some time now too Algarve has entered the group, as has the university city of Coimbra, which even has its own annual LGTBQ+ event.


gay spain

It is incredible what Spanish society has changed from the '80s to this point. The people are more open-minded, at least in the cities.

Spain was one of the first countries in the world to legalize equal marriage in 2005, and is one of those who organizes celebrations of the Gay pride huge, with 1.5 million people every year.

But the best thing is that there is always a party. Other gay friendly countries are maybe colder, but not here. If you like to go out, you can do it any day. In addition, you can find gay-friendly places even in destinations that at first glance may make you doubt. For example, in A Coruña a foreign traveler with zero confidence there found a gay sauna and two gay bars...


gayfriendly Argentina

It is often said that it is one of the most gay friendly countries in South America and very rightly so. At least its capital, Buenos Aires, and other large cities.

Argentina leads in this part of America everything that has to do with rights LGTBQ+. The movements in this regard are strong and have achieved great things, being pioneers even in the world.

The country left behind decades of military governments in 1983 and like in other parts of the world, Spain, that meant an unparalleled open-mindedness. According to surveys more than 75% of its population accepts homosexuality, much more than in other Latin American countries.

Gayfriendly Argentina in America

Argentina It was the first country in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage in 2010., including adoption rights. First there was civil union, then equal marriage. But not only that, the best thing is its laws regarding transgender people: Since 2012, people can legally change their gender without undergoing surgery, hormone therapy or psychiatric evaluation.

And if the person wants to go through a gender reassignment procedure, the health insurance (here it can be private, public or union) must cover the costs. And obviously, you can change the name.

Now, naturally the best place to experience clubs, restaurants, bars, cafes and every type of gay-friendly business you can think of is Buenos Aires. Here takes place BA Pride Week, in November, conferences, film festival and much more.

Buenos Aires Gay Pride

The interior of the country is more conservative, although in recent years the cosmopolitan imprint of the capital has begun to permeate.

To finish, we can still name countries like Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Norway and Uruguay. Are you interested in knowing which ones are the least gaydfriendly of the world? Saudi Arabia, Iran, Chechnya and Afghanistan.

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