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Are you planning a family getaway? Haven't you decided the destination you want to visit yet? With the ideas that we propose below, children will have a great time: theme parks, animals and aquariums, dinosaurs, adventures in the sea and polo ... Get ready to live a unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime as that great family trip in which you enjoyed like never before. 

The first cruise

More and more travelers are choosing cruises to enjoy a few days of vacations as they offer the possibility of visiting several destinations at the same time on a boat full of amenities and with a wide range of leisure activities. Going on a family cruise is a good idea because the little ones will also enjoy the experience by having exclusive activities organized for them, such as shows and games.

In addition, most cruises have a kids corner where qualified staff supervise at all times that children are entertained in a safe environment for greater peace of mind and freedom for parents. Upon boarding, the family will receive security wristbands and can even rent pager devices or DECT phones for a small extra charge so that their members can stay in touch at all times.

Children may not be used to a getaway like this but they will surely live it as a very special adventure that they will remember for a lifetime, as it will allow them to contemplate the sea in all its splendor, discover what life is like on board a frame and meet different destinations one after another.

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Walking among dinosaurs

If your children have ever asked you what life was like on Earth millions of years ago, the best way to explain it is by visiting Dinópolis Teruel (Polígono los Plaos, S / N), a unique theme park in Europe specialized in dinosaurs that since its opening in 2001 has attracted thousands of people thanks to its perfect combination of science and leisure.

Entering Dinópolis Teruel means taking a trip back in time to prehistory. The adventure begins in the montage Time travel, where the origin of the planet and the dinosaurs are explained to us with the help of animatronic creatures and special effects that we run into on the way and even give us a surprise. Then the attraction The last minute try to answer why the dinosaurs became extinct and what happened afterwards.

Another of the most interesting spaces in Dinópolis Teruel is the museum, where the fossils of dinosaurs and other Jurassic creatures remain on display. A really exciting tour in which we can observe the gigantic skeletons of marine and terrestrial dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Speaking of this specimen, the T-Rex show realistically recreates a highly realistic specimen whose roar leaves you petrified.

The price of tickets to Dinópolis Teruel is 28 euros for adults and 22 euros for children and pensioners.

The Oceanogràfic of Valencia

Valencia is home to the largest aquarium in Europe, the Oceanogràfic of the City of Arts and Sciences (Carrer d'Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1B). Due to its design and dimensions, as well as its biological collection, we are facing an aquarium in which the main marine ecosystems of the planet are represented and in which species as diverse as dolphins, seals, sharks, sea lions or belugas and walruses coexist. , the only specimens that can be observed in a Spanish aquarium.

The buildings that make up the Oceanogràfic are identified with the following aquatic environments: temperate and tropical seas, Mediterranean, wetlands, oceans, Antarctic, Arctic, islands and Red Sea, in addition to the dolphinarium. The idea pursued by this unique space is that visitors to the Oceanogràfic, children and adults, learn the main characteristics of marine flora and fauna from a message of respect towards environmental conservation. The children's ticket costs 22,30 euros and the adult 29,70 euros.

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The home of Pippi Longstocking

The little ones may not be familiar with the story of the pizpireta Pippi Langstrump as much as parents, but they will be speechless when they visit the theme park which brings to life the stories of the writer Astrid Lindgren, in Vimmerby in southern Sweden.

Her name is Astrid Lindgren's World (598 85, Vimmerby) and in an area of ​​130.000 m2, the settings of his books have been recreated in detail. Visitors can tour them while enjoying shows based on their novels, their endearing characters and different play areas.

Within the park there are also different dining spaces, including an area of ​​small cabins and bougainvilleas on the outskirts that offer accommodation in case you want to spend more than a day here.

The prices to visit Pippi Longstocking Park are 15,34 euros for adults (from 15 years old) and 10,39 euros for children (between 3 and 14 years old). Go back to your childhood and plan a getaway with children to Sweden!

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Santa Nöel's Office

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit Father Nöel in his office (Joulumaantie 1, 96930 Rovaniemi)So the idea of ​​being one of those lucky ones will surely fill the little ones in the house with emotion. Its operations center is located in the heart of Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland.

Thousands of people from all over the world have visited Father Nöel, his reindeer and the elves, who tell the visitors about their work and some secret of the friendly old man.. In addition, they will immortalize the visit with high quality photos and videos to remember this day forever. They are open all year round.

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