Horse Lighthouse in Cantabria

Horse Lighthouse in Cantabria

Have you heard of Horse lighthouse in Cantabria? If you have visited the area, surely they will have recommended that you approach him. It is located in the municipality of Santoña, famous for its anchovies, but also for its coastal forts and other monuments.

All Cantabrian coast it's marvelous. But in the surroundings of the lighthouse of the Horse has spectacular landscapes. This is specifically in the mount Buciero, from which you can see imposing cliffs and beautiful beaches like Berria, with its more than two thousand meters in length and its fine sands. So that, if you don't know it yet, you decide to visit it, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the El Caballo lighthouse in Cantabria.

How to get to the Horse Lighthouse

Horse Lighthouse Cliff

Cliffs of Mount Buciero

The lighthouse itself was built in 1863 and is one of the great attractions of Santoña for its wonderful views. The first thing we should point out is that access to it is not easy. You will have to descend 763 steps that were built by the inmates of the Dueso prison within the framework of the Nácar project.

You can also access by sea if time allows it. In this case, you will arrive at a small pier from which you will have to climb 111 steps. The journey from the port of Santoña lasts approximately an hour and a half, but it offers you landscapes worthy of any travel magazine. For its part, the building consisted of two blocks. The first was the home of the lighthouse keeper, which has already been demolished. And the second is the lighthouse itself, which is no longer in use either.

But, returning to the access on foot, the path also offers you spectacular images. And you will see even more if you do any of the hiking trails who go to the place. Among them, we will highlight the one that comes from the urban center of Santoña and go through the already mentioned Berria beach, Dueso neighborhood, from which you have impressive views of the Victoria and Joyel marshes, and the Fisherman's lighthouse. In total, they are just over six and a half kilometers with a drop of 540 meters. This translates into about a hundred and twenty minutes on foot, although the route is of medium difficulty.

Other routes that take you to the lighthouse of the Horse are the one that goes through the fort saint martin and Friar's Rock or the one that goes until The Watchtower from Berria beach. The latter allows you to see the cave battery, who ordered to raise Napoleon Bonaparte in 1811, the Dueso powder keg, the marsh and the Atalaya itself, which was already used in the XNUMXth century to watch whales. As for the previous route, it is the shortest, with about three kilometers and eight hundred meters, although it is not easy either.

Tips for walking to the lighthouse

Berria Beach

Berria beach from Mount Buciero

In all cases, you should keep in mind that you are going to travel through paths of dirt and stones and that you do not have any type of services. There are no bars or restaurants, so we advise you to bring water and some food. There are also no aid stations, so you should also carry a first aid kit. Also, wear comfortable sports shoes.

On the other hand, the path is not lit. Consequently, do it when there is enough natural light. In addition, with it you will be able to appreciate in all its fullness the impressive views that you have from the lighthouse and that we have already mentioned. In this sense, do not forget to take your photo or video camera to capture that unique landscape.

Finally, the difficulty of the route makes not suitable for children or people with reduced mobility. Keep in mind that, in addition to the dirt roads, it has more than seven hundred steps that you must go down and then climb again, unless you return by sea. We do not even advise you to bring your pet. And, as for parking if you travel by car, the closest one is that of the fort of San Martin. But you can also leave the vehicle in Santoña, although you will have to walk more distance.

What to see on the way to the Horse Lighthouse in Cantabria

Marshes of Santoña

Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes Natural Park

Later, we will talk about what you can visit in Santoña. But now we are going to do it about the monuments that you have on the route to the lighthouse and deviating a little from it. Regarding the views, you will have a unique perspective of the Cantabrian coast both from the lighthouse itself and from the nearby viewpoints. Among these, you can choose those of the Virgen del Puerto, the Cruz de Buciero or the fort of San Felipe.

If you approach the latter, you will see the homonymous battery, built in the XNUMXth century and which once housed twenty soldiers. Also, on the route, you will see the Fisherman's lighthouse, which is located on the islet of Mount Buciero and which replaced that of Caballo. And also him St Martin's Fort, which we have already mentioned to you and which was built in the mid-XNUMXth century. It is an imposing construction of more than eight thousand square meters that was used to defend the coast.

We can tell you as much about mazo fort, which came to have a garrison of one hundred soldiers. But, if you like nature, be sure to visit the Marismas de Santoña, Joyel and Victoria Park. With almost seven thousand hectares, it is considered the most important wetland on the Cantabrian coast and is Special Protection Area for Birds. Don't stop approaching interpretation center building, which simulates the shapes of a ship. Also, enjoy the Berria beach, which bears the Blue Flag badge and is perfect for surfing.

What to see in Santoña

Chiloeches Palace

Chiloeches Palace

Naturally, if you visit the El Caballo lighthouse in Cantabria, you also have to visit the beautiful town of Santoña, which, as we told you, is world famous for its anchovies. But, in addition, it has much more to offer you. We have already told you about its privileged environment, with the Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes Natural Park.

Therefore, now we will mention some of its main monuments. Stands out on the outskirts Church of Santa Maria del Puerto, whose origin dates back to the thirteenth century. It was part of a Benedictine monastery and is wrapped in a beautiful legend. It says that it was created by the very Apostle James with cathedral rank. In addition, he would have appointed as bishop the future Saint Arcadius.

Legendary stories aside, it is a beautiful temple of romantic style. Specifically, it responds to the Burgundian model and has three naves supported by round pillars. Inside, it houses a Gothic carving of the Virgin of the Port, as well as two beautiful altarpieces. One is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew and the other to Saint Peter. Both are from the XNUMXth century and, a hundred years earlier, the free-standing arch was built through which the church courtyard is accessed.

On the other hand, Santoña has some stately mansions. The Chiloeches Palace It was built by order of the Marquis of the homonymous title in the XNUMXth century. It has an L-shaped floor plan and three floors, with a hipped roof. At the ends of the upper floor, two large baroque shields carved in stone. But, above all, it will catch your attention geometric ornamentation of one of its facades.

The other great palace of Santoña is that of the Marquis of Manzanedo, built in the XIX. It was designed by the architect Antonio Ruiz deSalces and respond to neoclassical. It has a square floor plan, with two buildings and garages and it is built with masonry in its upper part together with ashlar masonry in the base and corners. Currently, it is the headquarters of the Town hall.

Plaza de San Antonio

Plaza de San Antonio in Santoña

But this was not the only great construction commissioned by the Marquis of Manzanedo in the Cantabrian town. Likewise, he ordered to build a building for a secondary school which is also very nice. Larger than the previous one, it is also of neoclassical and includes a pantheon where members of his family are buried. Also, the building completes a clock tower and an astronomical observatory.

You also have to see in Santoña the Castañeda palace house, a beautiful construction from the beginning of the XNUMXth century. It is historicist and eclectic style, although, to keep harmony with the previous ones, it presents neoclassical features. In it stands out his great keep three-story square. On the way to this palace, you will find the popular San Antonio square, nerve center of life in a Cantabrian town. In this beautiful space, which has a bandstand and a fountain, you will find bars and restaurants where you can savor some anchovies as Santoña's farewell.

In conclusion, we have explained everything you need to know to visit the Horse lighthouse in Cantabria. In this wonderful natural space you will enjoy spectacular views of the coast, the marshes and the beaches of the area. In addition, you can take advantage of your visit to get to know Santoña, a beautiful villa. And, if you have time, do not stop approaching Santander, capital of the province. In this one you have monuments as spectacular as the Magdalena Palace, Gothic Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady, Great Sardinero Casino or Botín Center of art. Dare to make this beautiful trip and tell us about your experience.

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