How to choose hotels to go with children

Hotels for children

Planning a trip to do as a family can be very difficult due to all the variables that we must take into account. It is very important that both the destination and the accommodation suit children and adults equally so that the whole family can enjoy the trip. Choosing the best hotels for children is difficult, especially if we don't know what to look for.

Next we will tell you some of the things to look for in a good hotel for families with children. It is important to have these services and points very clear in order to do a specific search and to discard other hotels and accommodations in which to stay.

Choose the destination

Family Destinations

It is important to choose a good destination for the whole family. There are destinations that are very familiar and therefore it will be much easier for us to find hotels with this type of services aimed at the little ones. The destination should be interesting for everyone, either because of the activities or because of the places to see. In many cases, hotels are sought in which children are entertained without taking into account what there is to see in the destination. It all depends on the type of tourism we want to do with the family.

Discounts for children

In many hotels they offer discounts for children. There are many who also offer free accommodation for children under twelve. In any case, you must take a good look at the conditions in order to take advantage of the offers and travel at a lower price. In addition, in case of being a large family, things are complicated, since these offers are usually for families with only one child.


It is important to choose the rooms. These can be shared with their parents or they can also be communicated if the children are already older. It is necessary to see if they have extra beds in case of being more than one child and if they offer cots for babies, since this way it is possible to save traveling with a travel cot.

Children's facilities

Hotels with parks

In all family hotels they usually have some facilities for children to have fun and stay entertained. These facilities can be indoor and outdoor playgrounds, children's pools, water parks, television or video game rooms. You have to look for a hotel with entertainment for children and especially look at the comments of the travelers and the photographs to see if they are adequate facilities for the little ones.

Kid's club

Kid's club

Kids clubs are a great idea for kids to enjoy. In these they have activities designed for their age range, games and staff who take care of them while adults can enjoy the hotel facilities such as the spa. In many hotels, the clubs have age ranges, so that children can be separated by age so that they are offered activities according to their stage. This is one of the most interesting services when choosing a hotel.


Although in the vast majority of large hotels the menus are varied even in the buffetsIn many hotels that are family run they have children's menus. In this way, parents save themselves from having to face children who do not want to eat dishes they do not know. In some hotels there are even staff who take care of the children's area so that parents can eat in peace while the children enjoy the food in their area.

Special services

Many hotels offer special services for babies and also for teenagers. Services are usually focused on grown children, forgetting about babies or teenagers. However, some hotels that are more detailed offer baby shower baskets with items for them, cots or high chairs on request. There are also hotels where they think of teenagers and have specific activities for them such as video game areas, workshops or sports activities.

Hotel security

Beyond the activities that can be described in the hotels, it is necessary to take into account the security in the hotel. You have to look closely at the comments on the hygiene of the place, as well as in the photographs. That the balconies or windows are safe, the passageways and especially the children's areas, from the swimming pools to the play spaces. There are many hotels that offer services but do not look at these types of details that can become essential when traveling with young children.

Babysitting service

Babysitter in hotels

This is a service that many parents want to have at the hotel so that they can enjoy a day or night out without worrying about the children. You always have to make sure of the type of service What they offer, if it is by the hour and who takes care of the children. You can call the hotel for more information about this service.

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