How to find a cheaper flight: 5 tricks


Many times I am surprised by the number of people around me who manage to flights comparing them with those that I am able to find. The tickets consulted for a simple flight to the Canary Islands, for example, were much more expensive than those that an acquaintance of mine finally took out, and almost on the same dates.

If this has also happened to you and you want to know how to find a cheaper flight, we share with you 5 tips that usually work quite well. We will only say that who seeks, finds!

Find tickets to hidden cities

What does this mean? Let's take an example that is best understood: Imagine that you have a flight from New York to Los Angeles, but you follow our advice and look for nearby cities, such as San Diego. In that you find a flight that goes from New York to San Diego but making a stopover in Los Angeles, and it is incredibly much cheaper than the first ... All you have to do is take the one from San Diego, save a few dollars and get off at the stopover he makes in Los Angeles.

Easy right? Put it into practice today and discover how much money you can save by doing this.

Pay with special credit cards to travel

There are many banks that offer us this type of credit card. What are they for? They are like normal credit cards, that is, you can pay with them for all your purchases (fashion, food, gasoline, etc.) and at the end of the month, depending on how you have spent more or less, you accumulate points that you use to fly. The longest destinations will logically be those that need the most points, and the shortest, the least ... But it is a good way to get flights without making additional efforts, simply paying for all your purchases.


There is a university that ...

Yes, oddly enough, there is a university based in the United States that organizes seminars to teach "future travelers" these tricks with the latest methods to travel more economically, comfortably and creatively.

If you want to know her or just know a little more about her, here is her link direct. And it never hurts to learn new things, right? Especially if that learning doesn't make us shake our pockets and purses at the end of the month.

Play with all your credit cards

These "tricks" that we offer below are offered by the blogger Stefan Krasowski that recommends us to do these 4 steps to play with your credit cards and thus obtain greater benefits when flying and getting cheaper hotels:

  • Get all the credit cards that banks can give you. If you handle them correctly, it is likely that even your credit status will improve.
  • Get a hotel credit card. There are several cards that give an elite status with that same hotel, you can give it a spin, go to another hotel and tell them: I have the status, can you give me the same?
  • Get a premium credit card and that you have access to VIP waiting rooms.
  • Let your family members do it too. If you travel with companions as a wife or another relative, it is ideal that they also have several credit cards with benefits in VIP lounges or hotels and they will double the benefits.


Seats are auctioned on flights

This is new! Or at least I didn't know him ... There are websites where you can find seat auctions that if you play well and are attentive, you can get quite cheap in price. Of course, it has a downside (in my opinion quite important: they are seat auctions 90 minutes before take off. Come on, what do I imagine at the airport itself, with the suitcase already packed and everything, and visiting those websites waiting to be lucky and auction a seat on the flight that I want ... We must be too lucky, right?

It will all be a matter of testing ... If the prize for this is finding cheaper flights and much cheaper hotel deals, we will try for sure!

I hope these five tips to save when traveling will be of great help to you and you put it into practice.

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