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There are all kinds of travelers. I have met people who love to travel alone, make friends, connect with other travelers; but there are also people who can't do any of that and yes or yes need the presence of fellow travelers.

To talk, to share, to have fun, to dare to do things that are not in their nature... so if you like to travel accompanied, here are some tips on how to find travel companions.

Sites and applications in Spanish to find travel companions

fellow travelers

There are several and it all depends on what kind of travel companion you want, or you are yourself, and sometimes where you want to travel accompanied. There are applications and platforms in Spanish but there are also in English, if you want to expand the linguistic universe, so let's start with our mother tongue.

Nomadizers it's interesting. You just have to register for free and provide personal information to create a profile. I am talking about data such as name, interests, tastes, nationality and if you want, a photo. If you are more open and tell more, then I think the results will be better because if someone is going to contact you they will want to know a lot. Interests also play an important role because it is not the same if you really like gastronomy or if you are adventurous or on the contrary, you like luxuries and comfort.

Nomadizers app

Nomadizers has a graphic system that uses vans and the more you sum in each of those interests that the platform itself offers you, the higher your interest is there. You should also include information about the travel destination that interests you and the probable dates. As all registered users do the same, the system takes care of crossing data and offering the best «match«.

Many people are registered in Nomadizer and the database is super rich so interesting and compatible travel companions are found. And yes, there is premium version and they insistently suggest the upgrade. Nothing other apps don't do.

Travel companions on Facebook

our traveling friend Facebook is another option. It does not focus on this function but there are many «Facebook groups» who do that job. There are groups of travelers in general, without an exclusive destination, but there are other groups that are concentrated in certain regions or even specific countries. There are backpackers and people who travel with suitcases, there are those with a lot of money and others with a very hungry wallet.

Finding these groups on the social network is super easy. The good thing is that if you already have an account you don't need to download anything new and that if you're interested in someone you can search for information about that person on the social network itself.


The first time I heard about Couchsurfing it was so many years ago. It was a pioneer in traveling or staying with people you don't know and since then it has offered other interesting things like activities in your destination and stuff.

The interface is super simple and the profiles are verified, so it's safe. And there has also been a real user community, very active and friendly, which is precisely what has allowed the development of other services such as meetings, activities, outings and others. Have more than 14 million users in 200 thousand cities. The bad thing, it must be said, is that the evolution came from the hand of the payment for its use. It is a search engine in Spanish. It is not the most popular but it has many users posting their own trips so that others can get information. There is a free version and a paid version, but nothing expensive. Simple, and one of the first in Spanish to offer its own.

travel buddy apps

There is an Argentine network called Travelers United, very good to find companions for travel around Argentina particularly but also for South America, Central America and North America. And don't get left out Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Everything in Spanish. Here you can also share your travel experiences and get or give advice on how to photograph, what to pack, what to visit and much more.

Backpackers is a website that also has its years in this world of finding fellow travelers and sharing travel experiences and the same planbclub, where in addition to publishing available trips, users publish their intentions to set up travel groups or to find companions to go to certain destinations on certain dates.

travel group

If you are one of those who are looking for, for example, hotels for adults only or do not want children or families nearby, then one option is  Single Travelers, where small travel groups are organized for singles and single-parent couples. There are cruises, getaways and much more. In addition to publishing trips that you can join, you can make your own proposal.

Other sites in Spanish are mochiaddicts, Travelers forum, People to Travel forumThat of Backpackers, Around the World...

Sites and applications in English to find travel companions

app to find travel companion

Today all travelers speak English. Yes, yes, at different skill levels but we already know that English is the first tool when traveling. That is why I do not rule out websites or applications in English when planning my trips.

There penroads, a free service that connects travelers. A profile is created with details about the traveler and the trip and you can also search for a partner by first entering the destination that interests you. Reddit can also be used to find travel friends and the same SoloTravel subreddit. is a fairly new social network. You must enter the destination, dates and interests and the platform looks for the ideal companions. Before meeting in person, users can exchange messages and multimedia content or chat live through the site itself. It may not have many users because it's recent, but it's worth a look.

fellow travelers

HelloTelApp It is available for Android and iOS. Has already 150 thousand users which connect travelers who are in the same hotel or nearby. You can add photos, comments or make local recommendations, meet or make inquiries. It raises a good interaction between travelers.

And finally, Wingman: is an interesting application because it helps you find people either at the airport, on the flight or at your destination. Yes! A kind of Tinder in the sky... Up to here we leave you some of the options, both in Spanish and English, to find travel companions.


These technological tips should not ignore your own criteria and with that I speak of be aware and always consider issues such as compatibility (not because they go to the same destination they will be compatible in the rest), do not fall into lies in the network and blindly believe in what that person tells you, be careful with misunderstandings, be cautious when shouting from the rooftops that one travels alone, always be in public When you travel with someone you don't know, at least until you get to know them better, be proactive and not rush into making decisions because you want to travel together.

Step by step, checking everything, with good will, desire and a clear mind, you can find the best travel companions or become the best travel companion of another person you don't know today.

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