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At first it may seem like a crazy idea given the magnitude of the trip, but touring the planet visiting countless countries, soaking up its culture and savoring its gastronomy is, for those who love to travel, a vital objective.

Whether for a long or short period of time, going around the world is a purpose that should be tried once in a lifetime. Not only because of the illusion of traveling beyond the holiday period or crossing a large number of countries off our list in one sitting, but because from a financial point of view, flying from one continent to another without returning home allows us to save money and weather. Now, how to organize the trip around the world?


Generally speaking, going around the world in a year usually costs between 11.000 and 20.000 euros depending on how many expensive or cheap countries are visited. Depending on other factors, the cost may increase or decrease. For example, there are people who, when organizing a trip around the world, prefer to have everything tied up and buy the so-called round-the-world tickets, while others take the opportunity to get carried away by flight offers. Likewise, opting for more basic accommodation or eating at fast food stands are options that can help us save.

However, some travelers choose to work while they go around the world to pay for the trip, either in exchange for money or room and board.

Travel time

There is no time limit to go around the world so the trip can be extended as long as your circumstances and your budget allow. However, the minimum time is usually approximately three months to visit several countries on all continents and get an idea of ​​each of them, feeling that you have truly gone around the world.

Ultimately, it is about living a unique and unforgettable experience tailored to your needs, not visiting more countries than anyone else as if it were a competition.

Best time of the year

Traveling with little luggage to go around the world is a good idea since it will allow you not to be unnecessarily loaded during the trip with the inconvenience that this entails. In this sense, it is convenient to design an itinerary that avoids extreme climates and allows you to carry a light suitcase. An example is the following: start the trip in the summer through Africa, continue through India and Southeast Asia, continue through Oceania and jump to South America, Chile or Argentina, to finally fly to the Caribbean when the temperatures drop to finish in Europe.


Travel safe

When traveling it is always important to have travel insurance but if it is one of this magnitude, even more so. It is advisable to find out about the coverage that your private insurance offers you abroad because most of them only provide protection for up to 3 months after leaving Spain. Another option is to check with the bank what coverage you have for paying for flights with the card.

Empower someone you trust

If you have decided to go around the world and are going to spend a long time abroad, a useful tip is to grant powers of attorney to someone you trust. so that you can do legal and banking procedures during your absence. Check with a notary for more security.


Buy local SIMs

If you don't want to go broke by assuming very high data and roaming costs while traveling around the world, get SIM cards from the destinations you visit. So you can buy data plans with which you can make calls and use the internet at a lower price.


Before starting around the world, it is advisable to visit an international vaccination center so that advise you on the medications and vaccines you will need according to the route you have planned.

Necessary documents

Some of the documents that you will need when going around the world are: the travel insurance policy, the international driving license, the international vaccination card or the passport. On the other hand, it is a good idea to scan those documents and upload them to the cloud in case of loss. Do not forget to check whether or not you will need a visa to enter certain countries.

Avoid bank fees

If you plan to travel for several months, carrying cash with you can be difficult. Find out about the bank fees that the bank could establish for paying in another currency or for withdrawing at foreign ATMs. It may be appropriate to open another account for the duration of the trip around the world because the bank could apply fewer commissions and because you could get another credit or debit card that is great in case you lose one.

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