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Plan a trip

In our posts we talk a lot about visiting places, areas to see and things to do in far and not so far places. But the truth is that you also have to take into account the most practical aspects of all this, and that is plan a trip it requires taking into account quite a few details. You have to be organized so that everything is planned and not take last minute surprises.

Even if it is a small trip or a long trip, the steps are usually the same, so we will give you some tips and ideas to plan a trip if you are not very used to it. There are many people who go to travel agencies, but the truth is that large amounts can be saved if we are the ones who plan everything, so be careful.

Looking for destiny


The first thing to do is choose a destination. There are many reasons to choose certain countries and avoid others. Obviously, there are very touristy places, and others that are less known but just as interesting. We must think about whether we want a vacation on the beach or discovering the corners of a city, in an exotic or nearby place. There are many possibilities at hand, although you also have to think about the destination depending on the budget. The issue of security is also present, and that is that there may be less safe countries or areas, something that we must make sure before.

Move at the best cost


Once we have chosen our destination, we must start looking for the best deals to get flights. Airlines such as Ryanair or Vueling are low cost, and offer trips to many destinations. If we have the advantage of traveling outside of the high season, we are sure to find many interesting offers. If they are taken in advance, a more adjusted price is usually obtained. In addition, today there are even mobile applications with which we can hunt the cheapest flight, such as Hopper, which tells us the days when flights are cheaper and if we put a date, it tells us the ideal time to buy and that it comes out at the best price. Skypicker is also very popular, and is ideal if we do not have specific dates, to catch a flight at a great price at any time.


When looking for accommodation we have great possibilities. On websites like Kayak we will find the best offers, comparing between several websites. Additionally, we may look up reviews and site statistics through places like Booking , so that we know the opinion of other users who have already been there. We can choose to stay in hotels or hostels, but there are also other possibilities. More and more people choose to stay in apartments, because being several people, the price can be much cheaper than in a hotel.

Details before arriving at destination


In each destination we are going to find new things that may surprise us, but being forewarned about certain details is important. To begin we must know what is the currency of the country, and where we can change it in case it is not ours. In many hotels they have a currency exchange service, although there are also specific places that do currency exchange. We must take into account the fees they charge and what we take to change to carry enough in cash and that it reaches us for the trip.


Furthermore, the language it can become a problem if we don't master it. Using one of the books in which we have the main expressions to do things like buying or ordering food in a restaurant is very valuable, so we can practice a little before going to our destination. In any case, nowadays the mobile is a great tool, since there are applications such as Word Lens that are very useful, since they can translate any text that we have on a poster, so it will be very useful if we do not know the language . There is also another called Speak and Translate, which translates what is said to it, to ask for something in a certain language.

El transport at destination it can also become a problem, and that is why we must look at the possibilities we have from home. Transportation from the airport, if you can use the metro or bus, and what is cheaper. In large cities we also find great initiatives such as transport cards, to pay a fixed amount and move all day on public transport, such as the famous London Oyster card.


As for the visits that we are going to do, it is better to look in advance at the monuments, their schedules and if they are paid or free. We can even save queues if we take advance tickets for certain things through the web. On the other hand, in some places there are also cards to save when visiting the most important monuments.

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