How to take care of the family's health during the trip

Take care of health

During the summer, many people go on a trip, either alone, with their partner or as a family. Taking care of your own health and that of other members during the trip is an important part that we sometimes overlook with the excitement of embark on a new adventure. A bad experience due to a health problem can destroy good memories of the trip, which is why it is so important to take care of your health during the holidays.

There are many ways that we can take care of health while traveling. It is not only about making travel insurance or having health coverage, since this is basic to planning a trip, but also taking care of everything from meals to exposure to the sun or the moments in which due to the change in habits we may feel discomfort .

Health care

Take care of health

One of the first things we think about when taking care of our health during a trip is to have the health coverage insured wherever we go. This is very important, because if we do not do it and suffer any type of accident, the costs can be enormous. In case we do not move from Spain, our health card from the community of origin is sufficient. If we go on a trip to Europe, we will have to go through the process of obtaining the European health card, which is for a limited time. To do so, we can go to the Social Security centers and get informed through their website.

On the other hand, outside the European Community, it is already necessary take out private travel insurance. There are them with different prices and coverage, so we must look at all the contingencies that they cover just in case. Comparing and then choosing the one that best suits our trip is essential. Through search engines such as Rastreator we can get an idea of ​​the travel insurance that exists and thus inform ourselves about them. Nor should we forget to get the relevant vaccines in case it is necessary.


Take care of health

Those who are taking any medication should ensure that bring the necessary dose for the trip, since they may not find those medicines wherever they go. Also, it is good to carry some of those basic medications for different situations, such as pain relievers for the flu, paracetamol for pain or aspirin.

Care on the plane

During the plane trip, we can perform basic health care. A short plane trip makes almost no difference, and it is just a matter of sitting for a while. But if we spend hours by plane, we must bear in mind that it can be a circulation problem. Using an aspirin can help us with this, but we should also walk every half hour to move our legs. Carrying a cervical pillow can help us avoid neck pain if we also want to take a nap. On the other hand, chewing gum while the plane takes off or lands helps us avoid pressure changes in the ear and that it suffers some damage.

Food during the trip

On trips we like to try everything we see, because it is something new and because we may not see it again. That is why sometimes our stomach suffers. Carrying almax can help, but in general if we have a delicate stomach it is better opt for international menus of the hotels that have food that we are already used to. Changing our diet too much can make us spend days with a bad stomach and complicate the trip. In any case, we can try a little of these foods but eat only based on them. Especially when it comes to countries where they use many condiments and spices that our body is not used to.

Beware of the cold and the heat

Take care of health

We have to take into account the time we are going to have wherever we go. If we go to a place on the beach where it is very hot, we should always be hydrated and wear a hat to avoid sunstroke or heat stroke. This is especially important if we are traveling with children, who are more vulnerable. In addition, we must not forget sun protection always before exposing ourselves to the sun. In case we go to a place where it is cold, we must not forget the warm clothes. In the snow we will also need the solar factor, we must not forget it.

First aid

During travel we must bear in mind that we can cut ourselves or suffer falls as it happens to us on a day-to-day basis. There we do not have our medicine cabinet, but in the vast majority of hotels they usually do. If it is a small cut we can always take some emergency plasters and go to a pharmacy, and in case it is something older, go to the medical center. It does not hurt to know a little first aid both to go on a trip and in our day to day life.

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