How to travel with a pet, details and information

Travel by car

More and more people are choosing travel with pet when going somewhere, and that is why you have to know all the details of this. Pets cannot travel freely like us, but there are rules regarding that, and we also have the problem of accommodation, since not all hotels allow them.

Traveling with your pet is planning issue, since it will be necessary to see in advance the transport regulations and also the places where we can access them. As with us, they must have all their documentation, in this case made by the veterinarian, in order. So take note of all the little details to be able to travel without problems with the pet.

Dog or cat documentation

Traveling with the pet

So that a dog can travel must be documented like people. Now there are microchips, with which the pet is identified. It is a chip that is inserted into the skin, and when the reader passes it, a number appears. The system is kept separately in each community, so if it is lost in another place, they must call the community of origin to locate the owners and their data.

Addition microchip, dogs and cats will keep their cards up to date. That is, with all the necessary vaccinations that they have taken so far. With this we make sure that the dogs can pass any sanitary control that is done. If we are going to change countries, we must bear in mind that in many of them they keep the dog in quarantine, so it may not be a good idea to take it, unless we are going to live abroad. Within the European Community we only have to carry these identifications so that everything is in order. And if it is a PPP dog we must carry the license and insurance data.

Rules in transport

Dog in the car

If we go in our own car we will also have rules to abide by. The dog must be kept on a leash so that it does not reach the front. This can go in the back seat or in the trunk, and the ideal is that we put a grill or a separation for the pet, to avoid problems. The practical aspects tell us that it is best to cover the area with plastic, which are already sold to carry the dogs in the car. On the other hand, you have to make several stops so that the dog can drink and relieve himself. The same breaks that we need.

Dog in plane

Travel by airplane It is more complicated, since the pet can go in the cabin or in the hold, upon request to the reservations office. In the winery we must carry the transport container, although some companies have it. On the other hand, only dogs weighing less than eight kilos can travel in the cabin as a general rule, with the weight of the carrier included, from which they will not be able to leave for the entire trip. As we say, it is up to each company to set limitations, so we must read their conditions before taking out the tickets.

Dog in the subway

If we talk about public transportIt must be said that the rules are changing little by little. In some cities they already allow dogs to travel on the subway and city buses. In others it is possible to carry them but in a bag or carrier, and in others it is simply prohibited. It will depend on where we go, so before we can find information about the urban transport policy to know how to move around the city with our pet.

Pet accommodation


We come to the problem of pet accommodation. You may have noticed that there are many hotels that allow pets, but the truth is that if we read the small print we will realize that in many of them they limit the weight of the pet, sometimes up to five kilos, so the vast majority of dogs and even some cats would not enter those hotels . In addition, you have to look at whether they can be in the room with us or is it a common area where they have them, and if they can be in the common areas. It is essential to read all the fine print so as not to be surprised when we arrive.

In most hotels they need that let us notify in advance that we carry pets. However, there are few in which there is a culture of housing animals with comforts for them. Nowadays there are some hotels that even have a kennel for dogs, where they take care of them and can have fun with other pets while we see the surroundings. These kinds of hotels are always the best option for traveling with pets, as they offer great services for dogs and cats, so that they too can have fun on vacation.

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