Where are the Iguazu Falls best seen: in Brazil or Argentina?


The Iguazú National Park is one of the wonders of nature that we can find in Latin America. So much so that it was recognized by UNESCO in 1986 as Outstanding Universal Value and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.

Its uniqueness not only lies in the fact that more than 480 species of animals and more than 2000 plant species live in it, but also that it is the shelter for a significant sample of the Paranaense Forest (part of the Atlantic Forest), one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world. planet and is home to one of the largest and most spectacular systems of waterfalls and rapids that attract thousands of tourists each year. What's more, Iguazú National Park acts as the natural border between Brazil and Argentina, so that it can be visited from either country.

Now, which country offers the best experience in the Iguazú National Park? This question is probably asked by all those travelers who expressly want to visit the famous Iguazu Falls.


Iguazu Falls

Tourists who come to Foz do Iguaçu first aim to get to know the Iguazu Falls. However, this city has other tourist attractions although none can compare with them.

The Brazilian side has only 20% of waterfalls in the entire National Park. The remaining 80% remains in Argentine territory, but this fact does not detract at all from the experience of knowing Iguazú from Brazil since It is on the Rio de Janeiro side where you can better visualize this beautiful spectacle of nature when facing the waterfalls.

In other words, the box of honor to see the Iguazu Falls is in Brazil. Here you can take those breathtaking panoramic photos to show your friends and family. The circuit of footbridges that allows observation measures around 1.200 meters, with ups and downs that invite the visitor to travel the entire space so as not to miss anything. Towards the end of the tour, you can appreciate the immensity of the water and all its strength when falling into the famous Devil's Throat.

In summary, from Brazil you admire the Iguazu Falls in all its splendor as if you were contemplating a postcard and the views from the corridor next to the Devil's Throat are wonderful. In addition, from the Brazilian side there is the possibility of enjoying the majesty of the waterfalls by means of an elevator with glass windows.


Iguazu Falls 1

From the Argentine side, you can access the Iguazú Natural Park through the city of Puerto Iguazú, which is better prepared for tourism than Foz do Iguaçu.

As I pointed out earlier, The best views of the Iguazú Falls are from Brazil but Argentines have 80% of waterfalls and can presume that on their side the falls cannot be seen but rather felt, since from the Argentine side you will see them fall next to you. The waterfalls are closer and you can feel the roar of the water falling into the void and the force with which it moves.

On the Argentine side, the tourist will also find a circuit of wooden walkways that lead to see the Iguazú Falls from above, from below and even to cross the Iguazú River to contemplate in a panoramic way the imposing Devil's Throat that is on the Brazilian side . There is a little train that makes this journey but the experience is more intense if you go on foot.

Ultimately, from Argentina you feel the power of the falls when walking next to them. You also cross the river and you can even see animals as peculiar as coatis.


Iguazu Falls

From which side are the Iguazu Falls best seen? This question has a difficult answer. It depends on what we are looking for when we arrive at the Iguazú Natural Park: if we want to contemplate the falls in a panoramic way as in a postcard, the best is Brazil. Now, if we want to vibrate next to the falls, the best is Argentina.

At this point, It should be noted that to live a complete experience in the Iguazú Falls, the most convenient thing is to go to both sides of the border and enjoy the advantages that each country has. Both parts complement each other and it is the traveler who will enjoy the reward.

In case you have decided to visit the Iguazu Falls from both places and on the same day, the most advisable thing is to start on the Brazilian side since the visit will only take two hours and will allow you to spend more time on the Argentine side which will take us four hours.

Price of admission

  • Puerto Iguazú: Argentine side 170 pesos per person (20 usd, 17 €)
  • Foz do Iguaçu: Brazilian side 50 Reales per person (25 usd, 20 €)

How to get to the Iguazu Falls

  • From Foz de Iguaçu: There is a public bus that takes you, it leaves every half hour and costs around 4 reais, that is, € 1.5 or 2 usd. It takes about half an hour to get there and it's the last stop so it's very easy.
  • From Puerto Iguazú: Buses leave every 30 minutes to the park, which is about 40 minutes away; the price is about 15 Argentine pesos.

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