Indian clothing

Indian clothing

When we travel to other countries that have a culture totally different from ours we like to observe everything, because it changes from gastronomy to uses and customs or clothing. Today we are going to talk about clothing in India. Although nowadays in most countries you can see similar clothing due to globalization, the truth is that in many places certain customs are still preserved with typical costumes and certain pieces that are still part of their culture.

All typical costumes are very representative of the culture of each place and that is why we find the clothing of India as something that is part of its culture. We are going to see something more about this type of clothing that is used in everyday life or that used in ceremonies and special occasions.

Travel to india

If we travel to India, as in any other place, we may have to adapt a little to their customs. The clothing is really colorful and we will see many incredible fabrics full of details, with light fabrics. It is something that will attract our attention. But it is also important to adapt to what they are used to. In general, it is not usual for women to fully show their legs or their shoulders, so it is always better to wear discreet clothing with shirts that cover the shoulders or perhaps a scarf in case we have to adapt it to cover ourselves. If we are respectful of their customs, the visit to India will undoubtedly be much easier and we will enjoy it more.

Women's clothing in India

Indian clothing

In India there is a clothing that is very characteristic and surely the typical women's sari comes to mind. This is definitely the garment best known and used by the women of India in a traditional way. It is a fabric that measures about five meters long and 1.2 wide. This fabric is wound around the body in a specific way, forming a dress. You can also add a blouse and a long skirt called a peikot. These are the garments that we will see the most and that we will undoubtedly like. Its designs and colors are endless and can be adapted to various occasions depending on the quality of the fabrics or their patterns. Many tourists come to buy a nice sari as a souvenir.

Indian dress for women

Another garment that used by Indian women is the Salwar kameez. Salwar is the name given to wide pants that fit at the ankles and are a really comfortable garment. This type of pants even became famous years ago in our culture. They are usually used in places where hard work is done such as in the mountains and it is a garment also suitable for men. A long-sleeved tunic that reaches the knee is added to these pants. In general, these garments usually go all the same as the sari.

Men's clothing in India

Dhoti from India

In men there are some typical clothing such as the dhoti. This is a very comfortable white pants that consists of a rectangular fabric of the length of the saree approximately and that is rolled at the waist, passed through the legs and fixed again at the waist. It is comfortable and light and is usually white in color, although there are also other shades such as cream. Although it is carried throughout India it is more typical of places like the state of Bengal.

Indian clothing

Another of the garments typical in India for men is the kurta. The kurta is also worn in places like Pakistan or Sri Lanka. It is a long shirt that falls to the knees or even a little lower. Sometimes women also wear it, although in a shorter version and with other more colorful fabrics or with other patterns, since they usually use many floral patterns. This kurta can be traditionally worn with salwar pants or dhoti.

There are clothes that are peculiar and that are not used the same everywhere, as is the case with the lungui, which we would see as a long skirt tied at the waist. This piece can be used in different ways and depending on the area it is worn by men, women or both. For example, in Panjab they are very colorful pieces and can be worn by both men and women, in Kerala it has the peculiarity that it is tied on the right side and both worn and in places like Tamil Nadu only men wear it and it is tied in the left side. It is a piece of cotton and depending on the area it can also be in a single color or have different patterns and colors.

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