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Universal Studios in Hollywood

One of the great Hollywood movie studios is Universal. It is part of the group of the four oldest film studios in the world since it dates back to the beginning of the XNUMXth century. He is responsible for many films that at this point are true classics of world cinema and of our own biography.

Officially Universal Studios was founded in 1912 and throughout its history it has had several owners, first from the United States and later, as businesses went global, from other parts of the world. For example, in the 90s it was in the hands of a Japanese company.

The truth is that nowadays we can soak up the world of Universal Studios with its amusement parks. If you like to enter a site full of games of all kinds, then you can not stop visit Universal Studios Hollywood. And the best you can do is plan your visit well to make it as complete as possible.

The world of cinema at Universal Studios


Here everything has to do with cinema and television and at the moment there are several open shows: Waterworld It is considered the best of all by the same public. It has lavish explosions, fights, jet ski races and even a plane crashing very close to the public. There is also a Transformers show in 3D, an experience full of sensations as it includes flight simulation and high definition audio that make you feel surrounded by transformable cars.

Minions at Universal Studios

The Minions are also present, in 3D again, with dancing, interactive travel and an adventure at Gru's house that kicks off a very cool journey. Following with yellow characters The Simpsons greet you in Krustyland. The HD projections are given on a 25 meter diameter dome. Imagine that! Safety pin.

The truth is that in relation to the movies you have shows that are based on blockbusters such as Fast and Furious, Super Silly Fun Land, Immortal King Kong, Revenge of the Mummy, Shrek and Jurassic Park.

Walks in Universal Studio

Universal Studios Tours

The studio has built next to its amusement park a special and very touristy area baptized as Universal CityWalk which is made up of shops, restaurants and entertainment. There are 30 restaurants, five nightclubs, 30 exclusive shops and 19 cinemas with IMAX technology, the one with the gi-gan-te screen. There is also a huge outdoor stage, the 5 Towers, which has over five thousand LED lights and a wonderful sound system. The shows here are something to remember.

This site is right next to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Visit Universal Studios


Universal Studios offers guided tours in several languages, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese among them. Judging by the published schedules, there are groups that go out very often. Beyond the visits this November, the park opens from 9 in the morning until 7 in the afternoon.

What can be said about the tickets? They can be purchased online and it is a great advantage because on the Universal Studios website you can find out the schedules of the events that will take place throughout the month. And there are offers.

There are different types of tickets. The day ticket includes admission and pass to all attractions, games and shows and costs  $ 95 for ages 10 and older and $ 87 for children ages three to nine. There is a 2-day offer for the same price but blackout dates apply for the second day.

Krusty Landia at Universal Studios

There is also an entrance preferential access that helps you save waiting in long lines. This ticket includes admission to the park with preferential access once for each attraction, show or ride. It can only be obtained online and not at the ticket offices in the park itself. It costs $ 149 for everyone over three years old.

Finally you have the VIP Experience, the most exclusive and the highest priority of entry always. Belonging is expensive so you must be willing to shell out the not inconsiderable figure of $ 299.

And if you have time and money, you can buy the SeaWorld Combo Ticket and kill two birds with one stone by visiting not one but two parks, Universal Studios Hollywood and SeaWorld San Diego. It costs $ 164 for those 10 and older and 152 if you are younger. Of course there are also Annual Passes but for foreign tourists I don't think it's worth it.

One detail: parking costs $ 18 and if you want preferential parking you must pay $ 25.

How to get to Universal Studios

Buses to Universal Studios

The exact address of this amusement park is 100, Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, 91608. If you rent a car it is easy to get there on the highway. The United States is the empire of the highways and it is common to have some fear, get lost, take the wrong exit and those things that when you drive in another country make your hair stand on end, but here it is easy. If you visit the website and go to the directions section, there is the full address and a link that sends you right to Google Maps with the corresponding indications.

What if you don't rent a car? Well there are many local bus lines that stop at the amusement park. It is best to visit the website of the transport company, www.metro-net. Service starts early at 7 a.m. and lasts up to two hours after Universal's doors close. There are also private buses.

Learn more about Universal Studios


We are getting closer to Christmas so it is to be expected that this amusement park offers something related to them. So, there is the christmas show of grinchmas, with songs, stories and the possibility of taking photos with the green man. The festivities are held from December 5 to January 3, 2016.

For Harry Potter fans, its author will continue to bill millions thanks to Universal Studios: in 2016 the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be open to the public, a 360º tour to explore Hogwarts Castle and the magical world of the little wizard.

Add Sprinfield, a visit to The Simpsons Town including Moe's Tavern, and a close encounter with a velociraptor scariest of Jurassic Park in the Raptor Encounter. As you can see, at Universal Studios Hollywood what is left over is fun.

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