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Best seas in the world

The planet Earth not only has incredible natural landscapes, such as the Borneo jungle or the beaches of tropical America, but it also has several inland seas where a great variety of animals live and where, in addition, you can enjoy seeing the towns that are on its coasts.

Would you like us to take a tour of some inland seas of the world? For now, you will not have to prepare your luggage, although you will surely want to see them on site later, from a boat.

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean sea beach

Let's start our tour by going to see the Mediterranean Sea. This »little» sea is fed by the waters of the Atlantic, which pass through the Strait of Gibraltar. It is about 2,5 million km2 and 3.860km long. It is, later, from the Caribbean, the second largest inland sea in the world. Its waters bathe southern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa.

Mar Egeo

Mountain in aegean sea

We continue our journey going towards the Mar Egeo, which is between Greece and Turkey. It has an area of ​​about 180.000km2, and a length of 600km from north to south, and 400km from east to west. In it you will find the Turkish islands of Bozcaada and Gökçceada, and the Greek ones of Crete or Kárpatos. The name comes from the Athenian king Aegean, who, believing that his son Theseus had died being eaten by the Minotaur, threw himself into the sea. A sad story for a sea as beautiful as the Aegean.

Marmara sea

marmara sea

Without going very far, we now come to Marmara sea, which is located between the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea, specifically where the Straits of Dardanelles and the Bosphorus lie. In case you did not know, we tell you that this sea is no less than 11.350km2 in length. Sailing through the sea we can get to know some islands such as Prince Islands and the Islands of Marmara.

Black Sea

black sea cliff

Could not miss the Black Sea. Located between southeastern Europe and Asia Minor, it is connected to the east with the Aegean Sea. It has an area of ​​436.000km2 and a volume of 547.000km. In this sea lie the countries of Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. Various cultures, different traditions, many incredible places to see and enjoy 😉.

Aral Sea

dead aral sea

El Aral Sea It was one of the largest lakes in the world, covering an area of ​​68.000km2. At the moment, it's practically dry. This is a disaster that has been described as one of the worst in recent history. To see it, you have to go to Central Asia, specifically to the countries of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Sea of ​​japan

japan sea

It is time to move towards the Sea of ​​japan, today considered a highly controversial sea due to the cruelty of the traditional hunting of dolphins in the coastal areas of this sea such as Taiji. This ancient tradition, which today is repudiated by animal protectors, is celebrated annually on September 1, during which time the sea is stained red by the blood of killed dolphins.

Sea of ​​Grau

sea ​​of ​​grau

Now we go to the other end of the world, to know the Sea of ​​Grau, in Peru. Grau is the name by which the part of the Pacific that goes to the coastal area of ​​the country is known. This sea extends from Boca de Capones to towards Concordia, so it bathes nothing less than 3.079 kilometers of beaches.

Caribbean Sea

Caribbean Sea

El Caribbean Sea it is one of the tropical seas that we can find in the world. It is located east of Central America and north of South America. With an area of ​​2.763.800km2, its waters bathe a multitude of countries, such as Cuba, Costa Rica, Barbados or Puerto Rico. If you want to enjoy crystalline beaches and a mild climate, here you will surely have a great time.

Greenland Sea

iceberg sea greenland

It's time to go a little (or a lot 🙂) cold. We go to Greenland Sea, which is located in the northernmost part of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is located between the eastern coast of Greenland, the Svalbard Islands, the island of Jan Mayen and Iceland. It comprises roughly 1.205.000km2. Despite the low temperatures that can be recorded here (below -10ºC), you will find several animals living in its waters, such as dolphins, seals, whales and seabirdss.

Beaufort Sea

sea ​​beaufort night

Another cool sea, the Beaufort Sea. It is located between Alaska and the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, the latter belonging to Canada. It has an area of ​​450.000km2, and owes its name to the Irish hydrographer Sir Francis Beaufort (1774-1857). This is where the Banks Island, named in honor of Sir Joseph Banks (1768-1771), naturalist, botanist and explorer who led the prestigious Royal Society in 1819 and who was the companion of James Cook on his first voyage.

And here our particular journey ends. Which sea did you like the most? And what less?

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