Iron Hill

Cerro del Hierro is an impressive natural monument located in the province of Sevilla already almost seven hundred meters above sea level. Exploited as a mine since Roman times, it forms, together with its surroundings, the Sierra Norte Natural Park.

As its name suggests, it was highly valued for the wealth in iron of its limestone rocks. But now its importance lies in the spectacular landscape that makes up its surface karst. And, above all, for its natural value and for being perfect for hiking and climbing. If you want to know Cerro del Hierro better, we encourage you to continue reading.

The conformation of Cerro del Hierro

The origin of Cerro del Hierro dates back to Cambrian period, that is to say about five hundred million years ago. It was formed from sea beds that were transmuted into limestone rocks. Subsequently, the land is karstified converting part of its iron richness into oxides and hydroxides that in turn formed veins.

All this led to the mining of Cerro del Hierro, which, as we told you, was started by the Romans. As early as the XNUMXth century, Scottish companies mined the mineral and created the town which is still inhabited and therefore you can still visit today. There was even a railway line that linked this area with the port of Seville for the transfer of iron.

And life in the area should not be easy, since it is called "the Sevillian Siberia", perhaps with a bit of exaggeration. However, the truth is that, in winter, temperatures of several degrees below zero occur.

View of the Cerro del Hierro

Iron Hill

Things to do in Cerro del Hierro

As we explained, this area is suitable for climbing and hiking. Regarding the latter, it has lush forests and several routes so beautiful that you cannot miss them. We are going to show you two of them as examples.

The greenway of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla

Precisely the railway layout that we mentioned before has now been transformed into a greenway that you can travel on foot or by mountain bike. Part of the mining town itself and, more specifically, of the so-called House of the English, which served as a residence for the engineers and managers of the old mine. Currently, it houses a interpretation Center on the Cerro del Hierro.

Cerro del Hierro trail

It is another route of enormous simplicity since it only has two kilometers. It is worth visiting it for its natural beauty, with rock formations as peculiar as the lapiaces and the needles. But also because it enters the tunnels and galleries of the old mine.

Rock climbing

Cerro del Hierro is also a perfect area for climbing. In fact, there is the most important place to practice this sport in the entire province of Seville. In total, it has some one hundred and twenty ways that include some of classic climbing but also others more modern and complex. If you like this sport, it is essential that you know Cerro del Hierro.

The mining town

In addition to enjoying nature, we advise you to visit the old mining town that we told you about earlier. In it, in addition to seeing the remains of the houses, you will also observe mining constructions, warehouses, a Anglican church and the old train station. You also have the interpretation center that we have mentioned and a restaurant where you can recharge your batteries.

Anglican church

Old Anglican church in the town of Cerro del Hierro

The two beautiful towns around Cerro del Hierro

But your visit to this natural wonder will be incomplete if you do not know the two beautiful towns that are close to it, just a few kilometers away, and that are between the most beautiful in the province of Seville. We are going to tell you about them.


Very close to Cerro del Hierro you will find this small white town of barely six thousand inhabitants nestled in the Sierra Morena. Declared Historic Artistic Set, the town of Constantina has a lot to offer you.

To get started, you can visit their castle. It was built in Arab times probably on the remains of an old fort. However, its latest modifications date from the XNUMXth century. It is an Asset of Cultural Interest and, although the passage of time has wreaked havoc on it, reforms have been undertaken a short time ago.

You should also visit in Constantina the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, a Mudejar temple from the XNUMXth century, although its spectacular tower-facade is from the XNUMXth century. Equally advisable is a visit to the churches of Nuestro Padre Jesús and La Concepción and the convents of Santa Clara and Tardón.

But perhaps the most beautiful thing about Constantina is his historic helmet, with the neoclassical building of the Town Hall and its many stately homes in the regionalist or equally neoclassical style. A good sample of them is the Casa palace of the counts of Fuente. Finally, we recommend that you walk through the Morería neighborhood and see the Clock Tower.

The castle of Constantine

Constantine Castle

Saint Nicholas of the Port

Also a few kilometers from Cerro del Hierro you will find this beautiful town even smaller than the previous one as it has about six hundred inhabitants. In it you can visit the beautiful Mudejar church of San Sebastián, inside which is the font where he was baptized San Diego de Alcala.

Just another of its monuments is the hermitage of San Diego, also Mudejar. And, alongside these, the Roman bridge over the Galindón river, a XNUMXth century stone transept and the remains of a Muslim tower.

But San Nicolás del Puerto still has another surprise for you. It's about the Huesna waterfalls, a natural monument that we advise you to see. It is made up of a group of small waterfalls and pools surrounded by forest and riverside vegetation.

How to get to Cerro del Hierro

The only way you have to get to this impressive natural space is the road. You can access it from Constantina to the south or from San Nicolás del Puerto to the north. In the first case, you must take the route A-455 And then the SE-163. On the other hand, if you travel from San Nicolás, the road is, directly, the SE-163.

In conclusion, Iron Hill It is a wonderful natural monument where you can go climbing and hiking. But also delight yourself with its landscapes and visit the two beautiful towns that we have mentioned. If you have the chance, visit it, you will not regret it.

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