Is it worth buying an iPhone 6 in New York?

Apple Store

The Apple Store, on 5th Avenue, a mandatory stop for technology lovers

If you are going to travel to New York, perhaps, if you are a technology lover, one of the questions that cross your mind is whether it would be worth buying the latest model of Apple's phone there. Well, before, the answer was a resounding yes; but, now, the truth is that with the decline in the value of the Euro, it is that nothing is paid to buy the iPhone in the Big Apple, but it is even more expensive.

The new Apple iPhone, the iPhone 6, is worth € 699 in Spain (with VAT included) and in New York it costs $ 699 (which is € 678,64 at the same rate and the fees would cost about 735,48€, approximately).

So, as you can see, buying an iPhone, during your trip to New York, is not profitable and if, in addition, you also have to take into account the issue of customs When buying your new iPhone in New York, so with all this, it will be more affordable, if you want to buy an Apple phone, than do it in Spain.

But hey, stop when the exchange rate varies and it is more advantageous for Europeans to buy in New York, the truth is that if the power of the Euro were greater, the truth is that the product would be much cheaper (around almost 200 euros, approximately) and, in addition, also It can be a nice memory of your trip to New York.

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