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Taking a last minute trip is one of the most exciting experiences for any globetrotter. A getaway to an unexpected place, either remote or nearby. Who wouldn't want to sign up for something like this?

But even a last minute trip requires some planning. In the next post we will tell you some tricks to go out and explore the world on a last minute trip.

Until not so long ago, the best way to do such a trip was by last minute flight. Normally you would arrive at the airport and simply ask for a ticket at the airline counter. Yet so many people travel by air today that most flights are booked weeks in advance.

That is why the best thing to do for a last minute trip is to always be up to date with the activity on social networks of the different airlines as well as their newsletter. This option works great for charter flights, as they often have seats to fill and their newsletter will keep you up to date on last minute flight sales.

Another good way to find last minute flights is to sign up for pages to receive price alerts depending on where you want to fly. All you have to do is select a flight that interests you and you will receive e-mails with information on whether the price has decreased, increased or remains the same.

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Another idea is to search for canceled vacations. That is, some travel agencies sell last minute packages at a great discount when their clients for different reasons cannot enjoy them.

Visiting websites designed for last minute trips is also another option. Not only do they provide interesting information about last minute flights, but they describe the offer in detail.

Flexibility is also one of the factors to take into account when planning a last minute trip. Not only about the airport to fly to but also the season and even the destination. In this way, it will be easier to schedule a trip of these characteristics to a city where you had never thought to be.

Booking a flight in advance is another way to save money when planning a last minute trip. The point is that some airlines, especially in the Americas, reward their customers for booking in advance and offer extra kilometers. In case you do not dare to book months in advance, a good idea is to buy refundable tickets so that, if the price decreases, you can cancel and buy them again at a cheaper cost. 

Reserve plan

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Unless you stumble upon an irresistible offer that is not going to improve, when it comes to finding a bargain as a last minute trip it is essential to do your research and spend time searching. The difference between doing it and choosing the first offer that we find can mean losing a lot of euros or, on the contrary, saving them.

Another thing you can do is check with a trusted travel agency. Ask if they have a trip similar to the offer you have found. Sometimes they have access to exclusive information that cannot be found on other channels.

On the other hand, we must not forget the accommodation in the reservation plan. If you buy a plane ticket too fast and you have not previously looked at the accommodation, you may find yourself without availability or with prices through the roof. For that reason, the most advisable is to check the availability of the accommodation before the flight. In general, it will always be easier for you to cancel the hotel reservation than the flight reservation. 

However, if you do it the other way around, you can consider other options to stay that are not the traditional hotels: hostels, hostels, apartments, home exchange, coachsurfing ...

When you are going to check the availability of a place on the web at the last minute and you see that they do not have much or that the prices are high, it is advisable to call the hotel or hostel directly. There they usually have more up-to-date information.

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