Los Caños de Meca in Cádiz

Trafalgar Beach

The province of Cádiz offers us kilometers of coastline and great towns to visit and enjoy its beaches. There are many corners in which to spend a few days with the good weather and its great lifestyle. We are going to see one of those small towns and what it has to offer us, the Caños de Meca, a town located in Barbate.

The Caños de Meca are located on the coast of the Andalusian province of Cádiz. Today this area is no longer a quiet coastal town, but has become a vacation spot due to its great beaches and landscapes. So without a doubt it can be a good place in which to enjoy our vacation time.

Get to know the Caños de Meca

Trafalgar Lighthouse

This population is located in the coastal area of ​​Barbate, in the province of Cádiz. It is located at the end of the coast of the La Breña and Marismas del Barbate Natural Park. The population is quite small, since it has a few hundred inhabitants, but today it is a tourist center that increases its population during the summer months. It is a town that is well connected with others that are also well known, since Conil de la Frontera is only eight kilometers away and Vejer de la Frontera is 14 kilometers away. It is a place that was depopulated for many years, due to the incursions of pirates in the area that did not provide security to the populations, although the nucleus was related to the Roman city of Baessipo in ancient times. Today it is part of the tourist towns on the coast of Barbate and offers great entertainment with its natural spaces and beaches. It was also a very important point of the hippie movement and its lifestyle, which is why today it is considered a bohemian and beach destination.

The town of Caños de Meca

Although the Caños de Meca is a small place that lacks monuments or points of interest, the truth is that the small town can be a place to visit and in which to stay. There are some accommodations to enjoy the nearby beaches. In this town we will find basic services, shops and other spaces with which to entertain ourselves. The most important thing is to be able to enjoy the closeness of its people and that special bohemian touch that the town has left. Being a tourist place, it is still a welcoming population. Do not miss the opportunity to take a quiet walk around the town encouraging local commerce.

The beaches of Caños de Meca

Mecca pipes

If there is something that stands out precisely in this area, it is the large number of beaches, since there are them for all tastes. Nudists, with waves for surfers, family, downtown and wild. One of the most popular is the one in Faro Trafalgar, the area where the Battle of Trafalgar took place. We find in this place a beautiful lighthouse and rocky areas. The beaches in this area are quite open and it must be said that they have a lot of waves. There are reefs and eddies form, so it is recommended not to go too far into the water and to stay on the shore if you need to take a bath. Due to the rocks and reefs it is a place avoided by boats and surfers but it is without a doubt a dream place for divers. From the nearby beach of the Banks you can enjoy a wonderful sunset.

Mecca pipes

La Marisucia beach is another of the best known in the Caños de Meca area. It is located next to the Trafalgar lighthouse road. It is a thick sand beach that on windless days is ideal for families because its waters are clear and calm. When there is an east wind, the waves appear and it is visited by kitesurfers. It is also a starting point for divers who want to see the Trafalgar lighthouse area.

The one known as Pirata beach is the main beach of Caños de Meca, because it is located next to the town, so it is the one with the easiest access and the most services nearby. It is a beach with calm waters that usually has families due to the tranquility of its waters. Near this beach, passing a rocky point, there are other small coves known as Los Castillejos that are under some cliffs. If we continue walking we will reach the famous nudist beach, which is still nudist and which was so important in the sixties. The nude beach is sandy and a place that we should definitely see. At the end of this the cliffs of the area begin. It is a part with rocks where you have to be careful for landslides. You have to be careful when walking but it is a very beautiful place.

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