Mojácar, charming destination in Almería


When you look at a map you see that Spain is a small country, that is why it is so wonderful when you discover the variety of landscapes, cultures, stories and gastronomy that it contains. Within the Autonomous Community of Andalusia is Almería, an ancient city that was founded by Abderramán II, emir and caliph, in 955 AD

If we think that from then until 1489 it was in Arab hands then the cultural richness it contains must be enormous. Culture, food, landscapes and corners that now that the good weather is beginning in earnest we can go to enjoy. For example, wait for us Mojacar.


It's a great summer destination, a charming town set on the coast, on different levels on the side of a hill. It seems like a white houses postcard scattered with a certain order over the Sierra Cabrera.

Mojácar is less than an hour's drive from Almería airport and due to its excellent central location it is a very good starting point for excursions. Do you plan to spend a few vacation as a couple or as a family? Well, Mojácar is a great destination, starting with its picturesque old town.

The old town is a network of cobbled streets that still retain the Moorish airs prior to the Christian conquest of the region. Added to this are the characteristics that its coastal location gave it from the XNUMXth to the late XNUMXth centuries, a period during which the Christians here had to contend with North African pirates and buccaneers.

The history of such ancient peoples is never a bed of roses so Mojácar has had plagues, wars, droughts as well as some prosperous period with the discovery of silver in the mountains of Almagrera. Emigration began in the twentieth century and at that time, I confess, my great-grandparents went to Argentina like many other neighbors. Spain in the 60s was not the country of today so Mojácar had neither electricity nor running water nor telephone at that time.

Little did it suggest that in a few more decades it would be a destination for domestic and international tourism. But that is what happened when the mayor began to offer the old ruined houses to people who wanted to restore them: journalists, artists and bohemian people came to enjoy a poor but still beautiful town with a lot of potential.

Thus, Mojácar shone again.

What to do in Mojácar

Well, the first thing to do is walk everywhere. It is a village that can be seen on foot and so you enjoy its sounds, its views, its streets. With a map of those that are provided in the tourist centers you have the routes in hand. You start at the fountain at the base of the village and can end at the panoramic observation point at the top.

Where do you get the map and more information? There is a Tourist Information Center on the beach, just in front of the Commercial Park and another in the town that is in the square next to the church tower. If you are in a car I warn you that parking is limited in the village, especially if you go in high season. There is only one entrance route and you can find the main parking lot about 300 meters after passing the Plaza Nueva.

The lower part of the town is the access door and the starting point of any hike or tour. In addition, it is the area that concentrates bars, cafes and gift shops. From here climb the route up the hill, towards the main part of the village, or you can also not go up and stay down. The Fuente de Moro is down here and in Moorish times it was the heart of the place.

The water is still drinkable so it is common for tourists or locals to recharge their bottles here. There are twelve jets of water and on them rests a plaque with the history of Mojácar. The City Gate or Puerta de la Almedina from the XNUMXth century, the building of the Mojácar City Council, the small square with its cafes, the narrow staircase that goes down to the Parterre Square, full of flowers and the Santa Maria Church, next to it, with that imposing appearance of strength.

You will also see the statue of the Mojáqueras, right in front of the church entrance. It is a marble monument that represents the Mojácar woman carrying water with her typical costume. Nearby is the Fronton Square and the New Square which is the main square of the village and opens into cobbled alleys with bars, cafes and more shops.

Here you can not miss the Mirador de la Plaza Nueva, a platform located at one end that offers wonderful panoramic views of the valley. Another is the Castle viewpoint although it requires a steep little climb up more cobblestone streets. But yes, from up here you can see the coast and the Mediterranean Sea. These are an example, but suffice it to say that with the map in hand you can come and go, cut the path, go up and down everywhere.

Mojácar beach

From the village itself, walking down the hill for half an hour or with the bus in a little trip of just five minutes, you arrive at the coastal area with its beaches and its hotels.  Mojácar Beach vibrates with activity in summer with its restaurants and bars and nightclubs, at sunset.

The rest of the beaches are very close and all can be reached by bus. There's a regular bus service that runs along the coastal highway providing access to the beaches but you can also join them by walking. There are Beaches of Marina de la Torre, La Rumina, Del Uncharger, Palmeral, Piedra Villazar, Vista de los Ángeles, Cantal, Cueva del Lobo, Las Ventanicas or Venta del Bancal, Por ejemplo.

They all offer space, sun, sea, water sports… If you like to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing then the best ones are the beaches of La Rumina and El Palmeral, further north. For quieter beaches and with less development you can line up to those of the Discharger and the Piedra Villazar. La del Cantal is very popular and has many beach bars, for example, although it is rather familiar.

Do you want a beach almost erased from the tourist map or a Nudist beach? Then you must head towards the Castillo de Macenas beach, the Sombrerico beach or the Granatilla beach. They are beaches located at the foot of the Sierra Cabrera, volcanic, without many services but for that reason very quiet. A little history and good gastronomy seasoned with great views and great beaches, you can make this summer 2017 a great summer, don't you think?

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